All About Daniella Navarro and Her Remarkable Net Worth

daniela navarro net worth

Daniella Navarro is a famous Venezuelan celebrity known for her work in the television industry. Here, we’ll share all there is to know about her biggest career points and net worth. Navarro was born in Caracas, Venezuala on February 27, 1984. The 38-year-old originally went by the name Daniella Navarro Santodomingo in her childhood. Navarro has also been a part of the modeling industry for a while, in addition to her acting career. The biggest highlight of her modeling career was the face of a particular Urbe issue in 2010. Urbe has been a Venezuelan men’s magazine in circulation since its launch in late 2003.

The Career of Daniella Navarro

Daniela Navarro Shows

Daniela started as a child actress in the late 90s with Venevision’s teen drama Así es la Vida. The toll of acting so young in the industry led Navarro to quit the industry for a while. She then moved to her grandmother’s place to complete her education. She went back to acting in 2009 with the lesser-known telenovela Tomasa te Quiero. However, this project did not seem as fruitful as she had hoped.

It wasn’t until two years later that Navarro found the break she was looking for. In 2011, Daniela became a part of the hit telenovela Corazón apasionado. The show led Navarro to be a household name in Venezuela and also made her an international star. She was cast as Mariela, the sister of lead character Patricia Campos. Venevision ran the show for ten months in 2012.

In 2012, Navarro acted as an antagonist in Telemundo’s Relaciones Peligrosas. She also appeared in over 10 other telenovelas, including Corazón Valiente and Marido en Alquiler. Her latest project happened to be 2020, and it was an American dramedy series titled 100 días para enamorarnos.

Other Facts About Daniella Navarro

Daniella Navarro had a brief marriage with actor Carlos Arreaza. The two got married in September 2011 but split up in 2014. She then dated Gonzalo Garcia Vivanco the next year. As for her most recent romance, Navarro has been in the news for her long-distance relationship with actor slash model Ignacio “Nacho” Casano.

She recently departed from The House of the Famous over various controversies, and one of them included her ties to Nacho Casano. However, she managed to get over 1.3 million followers on her Instagram following the event. She also has a great following on her other social media accounts, including Twitter and TikTok.

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The Net Worth of Daniella Navarro

Daniela Navarro

Considering all her earnings from her telenovelas and other works, Daniella Navarro is estimated to have a net worth of $1.5 Million. Although subject to change if the actress takes up more successful projects in the future, this is her current and updated net worth in 2022. We’ll be on the lookout for updated information once it drops.