Rasheeda Net Worth And Much More


Wondering what Rasheeda’s net worth is? If yes, we’ve got you covered. But, before diving straight into the net worth of Rasheeda, first, let us get to know her better. Rasheeda is an American rapper and a popular reality TV star. The first recognization she ever had in the industry was back when she was still a teenager. She had joined the hip-hop group called Da Kaperz and had started producing songs with them. Eventually, she started composing her songs and rose to fame with her first single- titled “Got That Good (My Bubble Gum).” The artist often refers to herself as Queen of Crunk or Georgia Peach. She originates from  Decatur, Georgia- where she was born and raised in a small family.


Rasheeda got married to  Kirk Frost in 1999. Together, the couple has two beautiful sons. One was born in 2000, while the other was born in 2013. They are named Ky and Karter. Her husband owns a record-dealing company called D-Lo Entertainment- through which Rasheeda released six studio albums. Many people highly praised her work, which is how she rose to fame. That is why it was a shock when she quit and retired from the music industry in 2015. Continue reading to know Rasheeda’s net worth and much more.

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Rasheeda Net Worth

Rasheeda’s net worth is mainly sourced through her profession of being a rapper who is focused on the genre of hip-hop. But, after she quit the music industry- she started appearing in a reality TV show on VH1. The artist was introduced in the show  Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta as an underground rapper. In the show, the star was struggling to enter the mainstream music industry, while her husband was her manager. Though, the storyline does not have just one centric focus. This show was often compared to the famous series Keeping Up With The Kardashians, as just like that- the everyday life of Rasheeda was recorded, and profit was made out of her misery.

She struggled to get her firstborn out of false allegations in the hit reality show. Then, when she got pregnant for the second time, her husband told her to get an abortion on live TV. Throughout all this, Rasheeda’s husband cheated on her with two other women. What is even worse is the fact that this was on camera. This deeply traumatized the artist, but she seems to be doing better now. There are quite a few achievements and ventures that contribute to Rasheeda’s net worth- keep on reading to find them out.

Rasheeda and Kirk

Achievements and ventures

Some of the albums that have risen Rasheeda to fame and have also affected her net worth, along with some of her other ventures, are:

  • “Dirty South” in 2001 gained a lot of attention
  •  “Ghetto Dream” was known to be the best album of her time
  •  “GA Peach” earned her even more club fans
  • CEO of  imBossy.com, a successful online clothing website

Net Worth Of Rasheeda

As mentioned above, Rasheeda’s net worth is mainly sourced through her profession. Now that we have discussed everything we know about Rasheeda let us reveal her net worth. In conclusion, by calculating the star’s achievements, ventures, earnings, and all the ownerships- Rasheeda’s net worth stands at $600 Thousand as of August 2022.