Ed Craven Net Worth & Total Wealth

Edward Craven Net Worth

If you are not aware of who Ed Craven is, you are missing out on something. But don’t worry, we won’t let that happen. This article will cover all the details about Ed Craven that are must to know and, most importantly, his net worth. There must be something about this genius that made him worthy of a huge net worth, and we are going to satisfy this curiosity. Born on July 4, 1918, in India, Ed Craven is a famous entrepreneur. His full name is Edward Craven Walker, and is known for his invention – Lava Lamp. This invention of his made him reach heights that one could only dream of.

He took the idea of Thomas Elva Addison’s idea of the light bulb and took it to new psychedelic heights. To date, his company produces these lava lamps. Unfortunately, this great inventor is not among us anymore, he was 82 years old when he passed away. The man earned a great name and respect for himself not only with his invention but also with his dedication and determination towards his work.

Life Of Ed Craven

Ed Craven has married a total of four times and had three children with his wife, Marjorie. Before he became famous, Craven worked as a photographer in World War II and was also a Pilot. He was known to be a man of interest by his co-workers. Being a naturist, he owned a camp in Dorset, United Kingdom, and also shot naturist films named Travelling Light, Sunswept, and Eves on Skis. All of his films were a huge success. This being said, one of his many other talents included underwater filmmaking. Not only this, he had different modes of transport like a helicopter and a fire engine. Furthermore,  his go-to ride was a British-made Jaguar.

Edward Craven Net Worth


Ed Craven’s Net Worth Before His Death

As we know, the major source of Craven’s income was the sale of his lava lamps. The production of these lamps fairly increased in 1963. He also worked with his company, Mathmos as a consultant to improve the formula of the lamps. His talents and hobbies also earned him a handsome amount of money. All this made him a rich entrepreneur who was not wealthy only money-wise but also in respect and fame-wise. He was also ranked on the list of the most popular entrepreneurs.

At the time of his death, Edward had a net worth ranging from $1 – $2 million. There are not many details about his houses, cars, and lifestyle, but he was indeed a rich English inventor. Edward fought cancer for many years but ultimately lost his battle on August 15, 2000. His demise has been a huge loss for the industry, but it wouldn’t hurt to say that he made a worthy living life and is an inspiration to many of us.