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Why Did Kim Kardashian And Reggie Bush Break Up?

Why Did Kim Kardashian And Reggie Bush Break Up

A long time ago, before the birth of Kimye and before Kim’s marriage to Kris Humphries, she had a twinkle in the television executive’s eye that she might have found her one true love with an NFL player named Reggie Bush.

Kim And Reggie Photographed Together After an Event

Before Kim stepped into the glamour industry, she transformed herself from a girl with no talent to a remarkable billionaire CEO and a global identity who marked herself as an icon and trendsetter. Kim was known for many things but mostly for her hard-earned fame.

Knowing Kimberly Noel Kardashian

The widespread personality born on October 21, 1980, is an American media personality, model, businesswoman, and socialite. She got her exposure to the media as a friend and personal stylist of Paris Hilton, not just that her popularity got a boom in 2007 when her sex tape with boyfriend Ray J leaked on the internet, which was shot in 2003.

Her family came into the limelight when they started a reality television show on E! named Keeping Up With The Kardashians, which aired from 2007 to 2021 and was a famous streamed show of that era. It gave birth to the spin-off Kourtney & Kim Take Ney York from 2011-2012, Kourtney & Kim Take Miami from 2009-2013, and Hulu’s The Kardashians in 2022.

Kim At The Met Gala

She has her own photobook by the name of Selfish and appeared as an actress in Disaster Movie, Deep In The Valley, and Confessions Of A Marriage Counsellor. She has also launched many successful businesses, such as KKW Beauty, KKW Fragrance, and Skims, a shapewear company.

The Love That Once Bloomed Between Kim & Reggie

We all know Kim as the former lover of Kanye West, but way before that, she was stuck to one such man that made her feel like the only gorgeous girl on the planet. In order to keep her fame and glamour in line, she might have prioritized her career above all, which as a result, doomed her chance at being in love and also maybe getting the romance she was looking for in her life.

Reginald Alfread Bush Jr., who was born on March 2, 1985, is a former American Football running back who currently serves on Fox Sports as an on-air college football analyst. He played college football at USC, and also he earned all conscious American honors twice and won the Heisman Trophy as the most outstanding player in the nation.

Reggie Bush

He was the greatest footballer of all time. He was also named All-pro punt returner in 2008, and he won the Superbowl XLIV in 2010. He won the Doak Walker And Walter Cramp awards too. He got popular with Kim in the mid-2000s.

As they say, it comes with the Kardashian curse to date athletes. Reggie was always polite and kind towards Kim, even after their breakup. But what was the deal that broke those two? In an interview, when Reggie was asked about the relationship, he said that he still remembers the first time that he saw her, and he would just have picked up a handful of tabloids to browse on a long ride on the train to his home.

From visiting the college in New York, he was stopped by the image of Paris Hilton on his tracks on the beach. A brunette was showing off her coordinated metallic Louis Vuitton tote bags for the paparazzi, and he gushed out loud, “Who the Hell is that?!” There was no sense of that image jumping out of its way at Reggie.

Kim’s Mother Trying To Convince Her To Move On, Post Breakup (Source: KUWTK)

Paris was surrounded by a wide group of It Girls who were angling to be her next Nichole and were betting on who would get the chance to work with her. But keeping all of that in mind, he wonders what part of Kim intrigued him and initiated his interest in her. Maybe it was an unapologetic thirst of her with which she upholds her fame.

Kim was the first one to speak that fame and popularity don’t just come to anyone as gifts, and we can see what it took for her to establish that forte of hers. The A-list celebrity has always been Ms. Right about all her choices in life. She has had the right business, boyfriend, brand, and of course, her deadly scandalous selfies.

She says in one of her interviews that for someone who was confident that her voice should be heard by the masses and be out loud to the world but also she was uncertain about the things she had to say or the way to say them.

Shortly after her leaked sex tape, she began dating Reggie Bush. The reality queen and New Orleans Saints met for the first time through a mutual friend in 2007 at the ESPY Awards and were quick to begin their dating life.

Kim Cheering For Reggie At a Match (Source: Hayu)

Over the course of her relationship, the majority of which was available for the viewers in her reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, it seemed like Kim and Reggie were both deeply drowned in the ocean of love and might even end up getting married. They were often teased for their impending engagement.

But the storms hit their love boat pretty hard when to maintain his football commitments, and in the line of Kim’s expanding career success, they both had their careers to support, and they ended up calling the quits in 2009 to focus on both of their careers and excel at those.

The duo was later seen getting back together in 2010 before breaking it off again. It is said that the second breakup was regarding Reggie not feeling to be all in for marriage, as it was something Kim pushed him for.

She felt that it was the next step for their relationship and they should get married at the right time, but Reggie, in his heart, didn’t want to marry her as he had a different vision for his partner and wanted someone who could be there, be a housewife and take care of his children. They briefly reconnected with one another after Kim’s divorce from Humphrie, which is when Bush stepped in to provide comfort to the distressed Kim.

But once again, they parted ways to go and marry their respective partners. A source said that their first breakup happened as none of them had the time to provide for one another and that they had really busy schedules to keep up to. But the sources also mentioned that the Selfish’s notorious author with a skyrocketing success ladder to climb, it was her fame that got in between those two.

It got too much for Reggie to handle, and he was unable to keep up with it. She had to go around the world and create the name for her brand. It was overwhelming for the footballer. There came out a clip from Keeping Up With The Kardashians following their breakup. Kim was saying that if her fame was the only reason they weren’t together, she was ready to give it all up for Reggie.

Meanwhile, she broke down in tears in the middle of a photoshoot confessing to her mother that she just wanted to sob every second and do nothing else. She feels like the world around her has collapsed, and she doesn’t really care about her career anymore as she feels that it already has cost her Reggie.

Kim Broke Down In One Of Her Shoots Missing Reggie (Source: Hayu)

In 2014 Reggie gave out his answers in order to confess the suspicions by telling ESPN when he started dating Kim, that moment was when he was exposed highly to the media but also that he became a part of their territory, and he believes that all that happens, happens for a reason. There were things that came on one after another.

There were gossip magazines and all other bad things on the other side, but he says that he would never have changed anything because that helped him mold and take shape as the man he is today, and he feels much better about the fact.

Even four years later his relationship Reggie has nothing but kind words for Kim and her successes. He says that they might not be in contact, but he is stunned and appreciates the life Kim built for herself. He commends her on the great work that she has been doing, for her brand, for herself, and for her family, and says that she is very smart.

However, Kim never spoke anything about Reggie in public at all after their breakup. It was the same year of their split that she married Kanye West, the renowned rapper, and Bush married Lilit Avagyan, who resembles Kim a little and is of Armenian heritage. She also is an Entrepreneur that shares spirits, fitness, her husband, and her children as the center of her universe.

Kanye Giving Kim’s Wardrobe A Makeover

As it is said that not everyone gets what they wish for, but some people do. Kim was invited by Jennifer Lawrence to an interview where she was asked if Kim thinks it is a coincidence that Reggie Bush’s wife looks like her and what she thinks about it. Kim made a statement, “I knew this was gonna be fun.”

When asked about the reasons for his breakup, Reggie also mentioned an incident that occurred during their trip to Miami when they left on vacation to spend a little quality time with each other, and Kim was thrilled about the trip. He said that though Kim was very comfortable with the spotlight and cameras, he wasn’t.

As most Football players are camera shy, he did make efforts to survive continuous break-ins with the paparazzi in order to be together with Kim. He explained his working schedule and that he juggled so much between Mondays and Saturdays that he had to invest around 14 to 16 hours a day into his work. But, he managed to make time for Kim in the off-season by doing things that pleased her.


Reggie Bush With his Wife Lilit Avagyan

Reggie got married in 2o14 and has three gorgeous kids Uriah, Briseis, and Agyemang. He stopped playing for the NFL in 2017 as he was happy in his place and wanted to spend more time with his wife and kids. He missed the family quality time and just being there for them. While Kim married Kanye in 2014, and they have four kids together North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm.




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