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Did Ethan And Hila Klein From H3H3 Productions Break Up?

Did Ethan and Hila Klein From H3H3 Productions Break Up?

Ethan Klein and Hila Klein’s divorce rumors have surfaced again. For the past couple of years, these rumors have been brewing that the couple is on their way to breaking up. The first time it came up was in 2019 because of their clickbait-centered video ‘We broke up,’ in which Ethan orchestrated a prank on the guests in his podcast saying that he and Hila had broken up. But is it clickbait this time as well? Or have they parted ways for real?

For those who don’t know about the couple, Ethan and Hila run a YouTube channel together called h3h3 production. The pair met each other in Israel, and they got hitched after dating for a few months in 2011.

They currently have over 6 million subscribers to the aforementioned channel, and their other YouTube channel, h3 podcast, has more than a million subscribers. As the Kleins made developed more content, they made more YouTube channels,’ Ethan and Hila’ and ‘h3 podcast highlights’, which have garnered a total of 2.5 million subscribers. Hila also owns a clothing line named Teddy Fresh.

Many people have questioned the pair’s relationship and suspected they are acting on camera. Viewers have also gone to such an extent by asking them to provide proof of their marriage because of the rumors that were spreading around the internet in their H3H3 Q/A video, in which Hila provided pictures of their wedding day and showed her wedding ring.

The truth behind Hila’s accusation of Ethan’s infidelity

In one of the podcast episodes that aired in 2019, Hila confronted Ethan about the infidelity allegations. A fan expressed their interest in Dan (the producer of the h3 podcast) in an admiration mail, Following which, Ethan looked up the fan in question on Instagram and further added that if the mail was about him, he would have checked their Instagram profile.

This started a heated debate with the team, to which Hila responded, “if you take the step of checking their Instagram profile, it is a problem.” The pair shares core beliefs and fundamental values, but in the video, they had a disagreement on what can be considered Infidelity because Hila strongly opined that his behavior goes against her principle.

On the contrary, Ethan took this matter very lightly, which fueled many viewers as they commented, “If your wife has a problem with your behavior, does that mean nothing to you” and “Ethan missed the point when he tried to highlight Dan responding to the letter writer as if it were the same as checking her profile to see what she looks like.

Responding to her email was treating her like a human being – googling her Instagram is treating her like an opportunity”. By the way, this was a completely hypothetical situation, but we got to see how Ethan would act if something similar happened in real.

Hila Serves Ethan’s Divorce Papers


In 2019, the couple’s divorce rumors spread all around the internet. During one of the podcast shoots, Hila handed divorce papers to Ethan, stating that his habit of consuming diarrhea-inducing food in the name of a taste test has caused immense trouble for her. It was evidently a joke to which Ethan gave a lot of reasoning, mentioning that it was for the show and the viewers loved this segment in their podcast.

What is the truth, then?


The rumors of the pair divorcing each other were stoked as the YouTube channel ‘The Quartering’ released a video ‘Is this THE END for H3 podcast’ two days back. Many viewers considered this video to be true and commented, “It’s no wonder Hila ALWAYS looked unenthusiastic and depressed when sitting next to him” another YouTube user commented, “Ethan is the definition of “He became the very thing he swore to destroy.”

Amidst all this trolling, Hila shared a post on Instagram two days ago celebrating their anniversary, which means that the couple is still very much married. The pair has two children, two pets, and lots of exciting things coming along for them. After an exhaustive study of their relationship, we can safely conclude that Hila and Ethan are NOT getting divorced.

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