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Why Did Avi Kaplan Leave Pentatonix?

Avi Kaplan
Avi Kaplan

Avriel Benjamin Kaplan, aka Avi Kaplan, is an American musician and songwriter, best known as a vocal bass of the well-known Capella group Pentatonix. He joined Pentatonix in the year 2011 and, since then, launched five albums with the group and won several Grammy awards.

However, Avi quit Pentatonix in 2017 and has subsequently released solo albums. Fans were really fascinated to discover the reasons behind Avi’s tragic decision to leave Pentatonix and why he began releasing solo albums after that.

Who is Avi Kaplan?

American musician Avi Kaplan was born in 1989 and is now 33 years old. He has released numerous studio albums with the group Pentatonix and is highly known for his vocal bass. Avi has enjoyed folk music since he was a young child, and as a result, he earned a degree in opera and choral studies from a prestigious university.

Avi Kaplan

Avi Kaplan ( Credit: Avi Kaplan’s YouTube)

He had received numerous honors prior to joining Pentatonix. He gained popularity by creating music of the highest calibre while still in college as a skilled Cappella performer. All of his fans adore his music, and in 2011 he joined the Pentatonix group. However, in 2017, for various reasons, he was required to leave the group, and since then, he has been working on his solo album. His most recent release is Floating on a Dream.

Avi Kaplan and Pentatonix:

In the year 2011, as an experienced vocal bass and Capella artist, Avi joined Pentatonix, the pop group. While the group was searching for the vocal bass and beatboxer, three members of the group were able to find Avi as a prospective group member a day before the beginning of the third season of Sing-off. The group successfully auditioned and then even won the show.

Since then, as a group of 5, Avriel, along with his group member Scott Hoying, Kirstin Maldonado, Mitch Grassi, and Kevin Olusola, produced five world-class studio albums and won 3 Grammy awards.


Pentatonix with Avi Kaplan (Credit: Pentatonix YouTube)

The trio gained fame when they won in the sing-off, and ever since then, they have been creating incredible music. Pentatonix continued to win over its fans’ hearts, and even though some of the members—including Avi Kaplan—have now gone solo, their fans would always love to see all of the members together.

What led Avi to leave Pentatonix?

The group was functioning perfectly. However, there are internal issues that are hidden from the public. For musical groups like Pentatonix, keeping up with the group, comprehending each member’s issues, and teamwork are crucial. Pentatonix was already a famous group, but when Avi left the group, it must have been difficult for the group to find a replacement, but apparently, they were able to find a new vocal bass.

In a video, Avi said that he was unable to keep up with the group’s rigorous schedule, which made it difficult for him to spend as much time with his loved ones. Although he loved being in a group, he had no option but to leave Pentatonix.

Pentatonix pop group

Pentatonix music video with Avi Kaplan (Credit: Pentatonix YouTube)

It was also alleged that he had some personal issues with the girl group member, Kirstin. He used to think that she was not a deserving member and did not deserve to be in the group. As a result, he asked the group to choose between him and Kirstina when they were in the middle of launching their Christmas album.

After giving it a thought, the group voted for Kirstina, and she continued to produce albums with the group. On May 12, 2017, Avi Kaplan announced that he was leaving the group.

 Will Avi Kaplan join Pentatonix again?

Although Avi mentioned that he loved to be in a group, there are no signs that he will become a part of Pentatonix again. After leaving Pentatonix, Avi Kaplan has gone solo, and since then, he has been creating hit solo albums.

It seems that Avi would not like to join any group again, as he is very busy creating solo albums and going on solo music tours. His social media is also showing signs of him being prepared for a lot of amazing solo albums in the future, and his admirers are also waiting for him to produce a new album after Floating on a dream.

Avi Kaplan's New album Floating on Dreams

Avi Kaplan’s New album Floating on Dreams (Avi Kaplan’s YouTube)

Avi Kaplan will continue to win our hearts as the best vocal bass and Capella musician. We can only hope that Avi and Pentatonix will meet once more and pleasantly surprise all of the Pentatonix fans.




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