Is Kellyanne Conway Divorced?

Kellyanne and George Conway; Credits: Vanity Fair

There have been talks about Kellyanne Conway divorcing her husband, George Conway, since she authored her book Here’s the Deal: A Memoir this year. The Conways have been married since 2001 but do not seem to be going very strong.

Kellyanne Elizabeth Conway is a political adviser and public opinion researcher who served as Senior Counselor to the President in Donald Trump’s administration from 2017 until 2020. George Thomas Conway III, on the other hand, is a lawyer and activist from the United States.

Conway became a prominent opponent of Trump in 2018; during the 2020 presidential election, Conway worked with the Lincoln Project, a group of ex-Republicans committed to overthrowing Trump.

Anyone can realize from these circumstances that things at home can’t be pleasant. Having a politically different opinionated partner is not very easy emotionally. Here the two don’t have just different political opinions, and they are also rivals.

Kellyanne’s Opinions On Marriage:

Successful marriages today do not depend on sharply distinct gender roles. Also, men and women have the chance to achieve personal progress, and they both have equal freedom to voice their political and moral convictions. On the other side, the degree to which a couple shares values, interests, talents, and outlooks is now a significant determinant of the success or failure of a marriage.

Therefore, if the Conways are married, their relationship is in danger. Kellyanne Conway is aware of these differences herself and has acknowledged that her union with Republican lawyer George Conway, who opposes Trump, may not last.

Conway, a key adviser to the president during the Trump administration, said in an interview with People that she would always choose love above her career if she had to choose between it and her marriage. She said that love must be accompanied by respect and solitude. And it needs to have a semblance of dignity and class.

Conway claims in her book that her husband violated their marriage vows when she was working for Trump, even though he was the one who backed her and nearly urged that she give it a try. She said that her boss and her husband were the two tweeting guys in her life.

Her job is one, though. Her marriage is the other one. She didn’t want to mix them up because she didn’t have a similar relationship with them. That position has a set term. Presidency terms are finite. The vows she made and marriage are not meant to be.

Is George Conway a good Husband & Father?

Here is a thread of tweets sent out by both George Conway and Donald Trump that added spice to an already burning flame.

Trump on George Conway; Credits: Twitter

Kellyanne retaliated when questioned if it was okay for a supervisor to criticize an employee’s marriage and her husband, saying that Trump had every right to reply if someone, a non-medical professional, accused him of having a mental problem. Unfortunately, these are one of the very few times where we might agree with Trump.

Kellyanne and George’s daughter Claudia expressed in one of her TikToks that her father has worked out of the family. The girl claimed that her father left them for his work. Claudia also turned to Twitter to contact her father.

When people tweeted back with how she should text him, she revealed that he had blocked her. Disstred, she also told the public how much he talks to his dogs in two says is not even near to how much he has conversed in two years.

Claudia’s TikToks; Credits: TikTok

Kellyanne Divorce Status

The Conway’s daughter Claudia also revealed that her mother had decided to file for a divorce. When she confirmed this with Kellyanne herself, she said she was not happy with her husband. Though, it doesn’t look like they are going to go through with a separation. According to her, all of these fights are worthless, especially as they are over politics. She hopes for a better future where they will love and cherish each other.

Kellyanne even referred to Twitter as her husband’s ‘fling’ but can’t compete with it. So it looks like the couple is going to work on their differences and lead to a better future for themselves and their children. George Conway also took a hiatus from Lincoln Project and even Twitter. We wish them good luck and hope for Conways to live a happier life.