Who is Tig Notaro’s Wife? Everything About Their Relationship


Mathilde O’Callaghan Notaro or also know as “Tig Notaro” was born on 24 March 1971 in Jackson, Mississippi. She is a 51 years old standup comedian who also pursues other professions like writing, acting, and radio. Tig has three members in her family apart from her, her mother, Mathilde O’Callaghan; her father, Pat Notaro; and her brother, who is one year older than Tig, Renaud Notaro. Just like her, Renaud is also involved in talk shows as a host. And it was revealed that it was Renaud who gave her the nickname “Tig” when they were kids, and since then, her nickname has become her original identity.

Tig didn’t enjoy her time during school. She was not fond of all the things she had to learn during that time; because of this, she failed a total of three grades, and after getting fed off it, she even dropped out of high school. But even after her dislikeness, she enjoyed her time in the band club. She shared that she loved to play guitar, drums, and other musical instruments during that time. When her family moved to Texas, there in 1990, she obtained her diploma for general equivalency.

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Now let’s talk a bit about her professional life. Her first profession was as a band manager, where she worked under Tignation Promotions. And with the help of the networking she receives as the band manager, she was introduced to standup comedy. And since then, she has worked in, This American Life, Comedy Central Presents, The Sarah Silverman Program, Inside Amy Schumer, and many more. She described herself as a very flexible standup comedian, and whether it was a dark comedy or she had to make comedy out of furniture, she was always ready to do it.

In July 2012, news regarding Notaro’s health. She was diagnosed with breath cancer, and since then, she has had to change her lifestyle to help her condition. In an interview, she also disclosed her certification, which she received on completing the course in plant-based nutrition.

Tig Notaro’s Wife

Tig Notaro’s not-so-secret wife is Stephanie Allynne. She is an actress, writer, and, just like Tig, a comedian. She has been part of major films and television shows like, In a World, Dream Corp, LLC, and The L Word: Generation Q. Tig and Stephanie both were part of One Mississippi, which is a semi-biography based on Tig Notaro.

Though there is not much information about her early life of Stephanie, however, we know that she used to live in southern California and later moved to New York. Apart from the shows I’ve mentioned above, she has worked in The League, Happy Endings, 2 Broke Girls, and also the very famous comedy central show Key & Peele. As of now, it is revealed that she has been working on a project in which she is a co-writer and producer. It is also revealed that in that project, we’ll see Jennifer Aniston and Notaro in the cast.

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About Tig Notaro and Stephanie Allynne’s Relationship

The couple was first introduced to each other on the set of In a World, in which both were starring. After dating for a time, they engaged on 1 January 2015, and only after 7 months did they get married. In June 2016, good news was shared with the public regarding their newborns. The twins, namely Max and Finn, were able to be born through a surrogate, in which the doctors had to use Stephanie’s eggs.

Stephanie shared how she was asked whether she was gay, bi, or straight. Before, she used to spend a lot of time on these things and worry about other opinions. But now, after marrying Tig and raising twins, she does not care about these labels, and she is not accountable to any of these people who demand her identity. And just like Stephanie, Tig can live happily and enjoy the true meaning of love. She described Allynne as an extraordinary person who has helped her in opening up with others and that she is grateful that their paths crossed.

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