Who Is Natalia Szroeder Partner?

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Known for her music albums and hosting, Natalia Schroeder is one of the biggest names in the Polish music industry. Born to her parents Joanna and Jaromir on 20 April 1995 in the Pomeranian village of Parchowo, Poland. Being born into a musically inclined family was the biggest inspiration behind her successful career and sweet voice.

In her mid-20s, Natalia’s mother, Joanna, joined the folk group MODRAKI, which Waldemar Kapiszka created, Natalia’s grandfather. The Dialogues theatre was started by her father, Jaromir (2004). She has three siblings, Marcelina, Stanislaw, and Melchoir have performed with Rusland Trio.

Natalia made her television debut in the episode of Od przedszkola do Opola (From Kindergarten to Opole). During the beginning of her career, Liber, the rapper, was spotted working with Natalia. In 2012, she released the single Jane, which went viral in Poland right away.

Natalia Szroeder Career:

Natalia’s big break came when she competed in Chance for Success in 2011 and performed Maryla Rodowicz’s “Silent Water” to victory. This gave her professional career a boost. In addition to becoming a popular singer, Natalia has also composed songs, such as “Potrzebny je drech,” which was released in 2012 and was in the Kashubian language.
Later, she released the song Wszystkiego na Raz in collaboration with rapper Liber. This song was a smash on the charts of radio stations, including RMF FM and Radio Zet, where it was ranked fifth in Airplay-Top. Her previous songs, including Tczowy and Nie pytaj jak, shattered all sales records in Poland and the neighboring countries in 2013.
She also sang at the 2014 Young Stars Festival, the Jacek Cygan 25th Anniversary Festival, the Carpathia Festival, and other events. Additionally, she participated in the radio program RMF FM, where she represented Poland in the Eurovision Song Contest program up until the finals. She finished the competition in fifth place. Her 2016 album, NATinterpretacje, came in at number 15 on the Polish OLIS Charts.
In the Polish version of Dance With The Stars, Taniec zgwiazdami, Natalia demonstrated her dancing abilities in addition to being a talented singer, songwriter, and host. For the program, she collaborated with Jan Kliment. In 2017, The Duo defeated Cichosz and Stefano Terrazzino to win the competition. She performed in a movie in 2020 as the wife of the main character, Magda.
In 2020, She did a Movie where she played the role of the protagonist’s wife, Magda. She also hosted a TV Program known as Polsat The Four. Bitwa o sławę. Natalia has told in many of her former interviews that she has been a big fan of Micheal Jackson, Justin Timberlake, and Rihanna. Her net worth is estimated to be between $1 Million -$5 Million as of 2021.

Dating History of Natalia Szroeder

Natalia Szroeder and Liber

Natalia’s name was associated with the singer, writer, and musician Liber, who is well famous for his innovative rapping style and pop music. Liber, whose real name is Marcin Piotrowski, is a famous musician who originally belonged to the band Ascetoholix.

He performed in several music concerts and festivals all around Poland. It was rumored that he was in a relationship in the early years of 2013-2014. But the relationship status among both of them has never been confirmed by any one of them. The rapper is now happily married to Sylwia Grzeszczak and has a daughter too. 

In 2016, Again, news surfaced that said Natalia was in a relationship with actor Adam Fidusiewicz. Adam is a famous Polish Actor who has appeared in movies and TV Shows. He has also taught Drama in Metro studio for five years. The actor was said to be in a romantic relationship with Natalia, but never they both never confirmed their relationship.

Who is Natalia Szroeder Partner?

Natalia has been a very private person when it comes to her love life. Natalia is rumored to be dating Kuba Grabowski, who is well known by his stage name Quebonafide and Jakob Grabowski in the Polish Industry. He is a Polish singer, songwriter, and musician.

He founded the Label Quequality. He has a record of selling around 350 thousand albums. His albums have won Gold, Silver, and Platinum awards. He was a member of Yochimu. Natalia has made many of those guest appearances in his songs and stage shows. The couple began dating in 2018 and is suspected to be still together.

natalia szroeder and quebonafide

Most celebrities try to keep their personal life very private, but many times, the expectations of fans also affect their private lives. It’s okay to keep their love life and family life personal. We, as fans, should support our favorite artists’ disregard for the field they belong to. We should always try to respect their decisions. We wish Natalia a lot of happiness in her relationship and all the best for her future endeavors too.