Is Bella Poarch Married? Everything You Need To Know About Her Husband And Divorce

Bella Poarch
Is Bella Poarch Married?

An American Filipino singer and everyone’s favorite social media personality, popularly known for her viral Tik Tok videos, Bella Poarch, is currently 25 years old. Known for her Build a Bi**h solo, Bella Poarch has been winning the hearts of her fans ever since she uploaded her first Tik Tok video. After gaining huge popularity for her lip-sync video on Tik Tok.

She decided to create her own YouTube channel, where she constantly started posting and enticing her fans. Along with that, she became so active on Twitter as well. From living in slums for three years to getting adopted by an abusive family, Bella Poarch has gone through a lot of hurdles in her life.

Overcoming those, she is now a fan favorite and the owner of the RIPNDIP X Paca collaboration limited clothing line. Just recently, social media was flooded with the news of Bella Poarch getting divorced, and the discussion started over her husband and the reason for her getting divorced.

Who is Bella Poarch?

On 17 August 2020, a 22-year-old woman named Bella Poarch lip-synced a song called M to the B by British singer Millie B. Luckily the Lip Sync video was a huge success for Bella, and her fanbase has grown drastically since then. As her appealing looks and charming attitude caught everyone’s eye, Bella opened her YouTube and Twitter account as well.

Soon after gaining huge success on social media, she debuted in the music industry by releasing her first song, Build a B*tch. Her first song gained so much popularity that it became a trending music on Tik Tok and Instagram, and the same led her to create more music pieces for her fans.

Bella Poarch
An American- Filipino social media personality and singer Bella Poarch

Bella Poarch is a Filipino who was born on 9 February 1997. She was living in slums with her grandmother until the Filipino – American couple adopted her. While hoping for a nice and loving family, when she was a child, she got mentally and physically abused by her adoptive father. She even had two sisters, both of whom were adopted, and one brother.

She faced a lot of hurdles while living with this adoptive family, and then she moved to Texas to live at her aunt’s place. Bella Poarch has been quite vocal about the abuse she experienced as a child and her desire to put an end to it. Bella discussed the trauma she had as a youngster in a podcast by 100 Thieves, as well as how she overcame it. She also makes reference to the abuse she endured in her song, and she lets her heart speak aloud about it.

Bella Poarch talks about childhood abuse
Bella Poarch talks about childhood abuse in a podcast (Credit: H3 Podcast Highlights)

After so many years of abuse and difficulties, she enrolled in a military school and enlisted in 2017. She served in the Navy for three years, and then because of unforeseen circumstances, she left her military career. She talked about how one of the boys cheated on her because he did not want to have any kind of relationship with her anymore and moved on with other girls.

The funniest part was she talked about saying he broke up with her via email. He sent her an email mentioning he wanted to break up, apparently after Bella left her Navy career. As she dreamed of becoming a singer since childhood, but because of the abuse, she could not do anything to achieve her dreams back then.

However, she soon became a Tik Tok star, and her passion led her to become a fan-favorite singer. As she is still working on her career and passion, she has already released four albums. Two were launched in 2021, and two of them were released in 2022, including her latest album, Living Hell.

Bella Poarch - Living Hell
Bella Poarch’s latest album Living Hell (Credit- Bella Poarch’s YouTube Channel)

Unfortunately, Bella Poarch was also caught up in a controversy over the tattoo that she made on her arm. The Japanese rising sun tattoo was offensive to south Koreans as the tattoo depicts Japan’s war flag till world war II. Since South Korea was a victim of Japanese Imperialism, it was hurtful to the people of South Korea. As it seems, Bella Porch had no idea about the tattoo. She later covered it and consequently removed it.

As everything with her career was going perfectly, Bella caught up in a rumor of divorcing her husband, and that was soon confirmed. Every one of her fans was in shock knowing about Bella Poarch having a husband and not even knowing anything about it ever since she started her career, and fans were so surprised directly knowing about her divorce. So who is Bella Poarch’s Husband, and when did they get married?

Who is Bella Poarch’s Husband?

In the year 2020, Bella Poarch started her creator life on Tik Tok. She got famous, and everyone started dreaming about her. She is cute and pretty. She also has an appealing appearance that attracts her fans. With her adorable Tik Tok videos, her fanbase increased drastically, and even she decided to make it a career and started focusing on growing her YouTube channel.

As everyone was busy appreciating what she does, her fans assumed she was single until it was confirmed that she got married four years ago. Yes, Bella Poarch got married in 2019, and almost no one had an idea about it. She managed so well to keep her private life apart from her professional life that no one suspected her of her having a partner for four years.

Bella Poarch's Husband Tyler Poarch
Bella Poarch’s Husband, Tyler Poarch

The name of the man with whom Bella Poarch was in love is Tyler Poarch. Until 2022, when Bella Poarch’s divorce was revealed, she never mentioned anything about her husband, their love life, and their relationship. The whole social media is in shock and now finding out more about Bella Poarch’s husband, who is soon going to become her ex-husband.

However, it is becoming very difficult to find out anything about Tyler as there was no sign of Tyler on the whole internet until their divorce thing became trending. Bella also mentioned in an interview in 2021 that she was single and had two relationships when she was in the military, but because of mental health issues, when she decided to leave the military, her boyfriend broke up with her.

Because of this statement of her, no one was even anticipating anything about Bella Poarch’s Personal Life. As she has already been doing great in her musical career, the whole thing about her husband and divorce is going to be a huge turn for her professional life.

Consequently, talks about Bella Poarch taking over the internet and controversy about her personal life are increasing day by day. Now, only time will tell how Bella Poarch is going to overcome all of this to become a successful singer.

Bella Poarch and Tyler Poarch’s Divorce Revealed

Bella Poarch has been entertaining her 13.7 million fanbases on Instagram with her upcoming events and her daily life. However, shockingly, no one ever found out about her husband, Tyler Poarch.

It was then revealed on social media that Bella Poarch had filed a divorce in Los Angeles County because of “irreconcilable differences,” and she wanted to break the knot with Tyler Poarch. It was also revealed that she does not have any child with Tyler, and she does not even want any kind of spousal support from Tyler.

Bella Poarch on Tik Tok
Bella Poarch’ videos on Tik Tok

The secretly married couple, while secretly ending their marriage, got caught by people, and now the whole internet is flooded with discussions about their marriage. Now the big question that every other fan of Bella is anxious about is whether Bella is going to ditch her surname or not. Which obviously came from Tyler’s surname. Well, the time will make everything clear for us.

We just need to wait for the updates and how Bella clears everything with her fans. As there are no more updates still on Bella and Tyler’s divorce and even Bella has not discussed anything about it yet, soon might she open her heart in front of her fans, explaining everything about her marriage and relationship.

As we also want Bella to come back with tonnes of fresh stuff to entice us, Let’s listen to Bella’s most recent music in the meantime while adoring her and sending her our best wishes for her future endeavors.


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