Did Mattie Westbrouck And Isabella Avila Break Up? Everything You Need To Know About Their Relationship

Isabella Avila and Mattie Westbrouk
Isabella Avila and Mattie Westbrouk

Tik Tok since its arrival in the digital world, has given opportunities to many creators to show their talent to the world. Mattie and Bella are two of them. Ever since they posted their first video on Tik Tok, they gained huge popularity, leading them to entice their fans on Instagram and YouTube as well.

Mattie and Bella might have met through Tik Tok, and there is not much information available about their relationship and love life as they did a very good job of keeping their relationship history secret from the public until they confirmed the same.

Both of them got individually famous growing their fanbase dramatically on Tik Tok, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat as well. After confirming their relationship, their social media was loaded with their love photos and videos until they caught up in the break-up rumor.

Who Is Mattie Westbrouck?

If you are a huge Tik Tok fan, you have at least once come across Mattie’s adorable video doing something that funnily makes sense but still does not. Mattie Westbrouk is a 22-year-old adorable Tik Tok star who has constantly been working hard to deliver entertaining content for her fans through trending Tik Tok videos and Instagram reels.

You can see her posting POV content, content on some trending topics, and whatever that her fans may find creative and appealing. This 22-year-old social media creator was born on 3rd September 2000 in the United States of America.

Even though she was not got accepted at first because of her sexuality when she was 13, gradually, her parents accepted the same, and now she has a happy family life with her parents and siblings. As Mattie is a girl, she has no problem if someone addresses her, he or she. She is okay with any of the pronouns and admires both. She is also active in LGBTQ communities participating in and talking about the same.

Mattie Westbrouk
Mattie Westbrouk

Along with having a successful businessman as a father and a passionate mother, Mattie Westbrook also has two siblings. As Mattie, even both of them are filled with talent and doing their best in their respective fields of work.

Mattie’s older brother Nolan is a voice actor, and her sister is a Tik Tok star. As a Tik Tok star and social media sensation, Mattie has been working hard and earning well throughout her career. Her videos are funny, and her adorable appearance always catches her fan’s eyes.

Who Is Isabella Avila?

Enticing her fans on a daily basis, Isabella Avila, also known as Onlyjayus, has millions of fans following on Tik Tok and social media. Isabella Avila is also an influencer and a model. She is one of the well-known influencers on Instagram and has also appeared in some TV shows and series.

Isabella Avila was born on 12th April 1999 and is currently 23 years old. Isabella is famous for making POV videos, talking about her personal life, delivers trending content on both Tik Tok and Instagram.

Isabella Avila
Isabella Avila

You may also see her constantly admiring her tattoos and always having one on Instagram. She loves having tattoos and sharing them with her fans. You may also see her in different kinds of haircuts as she loves experimenting with her hair and always transforming her looks.

As Mattie and Isabella seem to be met through social media, this cute couple, after dating for some time, also confirmed to be in a relationship. Fans were so happy knowing about their relationship, and their cute romantic videos gave me butterflies to the viewers.

Mattie And Bella: Relationship History 

When Mattie and Bella confirmed their relationship, their fans were so happy celebrating their love and expecting more content from them. So, as their fans requested, Mattie and Bella went on posting their cute videos on Instagram and Tik Tok. It made their fans happy, and everyone could see their love blooming for each other.

In the month of March 2022, Mattie posted a short video on YouTube explaining she was in love with four people at the same time. The four people were apparently Bella. However, the way she expresses her love for Bella was so romantic and charming.

Mattie called Bella her best friend, her crush, and Astro’s dad (Bella’s pet). She also mentioned that along with all these roles that Mattie loves about Bella, Mattie is also in love with Bella’s true self. Even Bella posted the same video on Instagram, mentioning Mattie as her best friend and crush.

Mattie and Bella
Mattie and Bella ‘in Most likely to” video (Credit: Onlyjayus YouTube Channel)

While constantly snuggling and kissing each other in the video, Mattie and Bella compiled their old funny and romantic videos and made a short love video of them that was admired by their fans a lot. Fans started commenting and wishing them happy life of togetherness.

As Mattie is quite shorter than Bella, Mattie standing up on the table to kiss and hug Bella was one of the dreamy moments in the video that fans constantly talk about. Additionally, six months ago, Mattie posted a video on YouTube claiming that Mattie had been in love with Bella since she was 20.

Even in this video of her, Mattie explained everything about Bella and what she admires the most about her. Mattie and Bella’s admiration for each other can be seen from those compiled videos that Mattie made and posted across all her social media handles.

Mattie and Bella on YouTube
Mattie and Bella playing “siblings or dating” guessing game on YouTube (Credit: OnlyJayus YouTube Channel)

Even Bella became quite active in posting reaction videos, guessing videos with her that their fans loved a lot. Fans were blessing this cute couple, constantly waiting for them to upload o new videos of them in which they slay, cuddle and admire each other.

Mattie and Bella used to call each other ‘them,’ respecting each other’s sexuality and loving each other the way they were. Their love has inspired their fanbase, and even the whole fanbase now prefers ‘they or them’ over ‘he or she.’ Fans have been inspired by Mattie and Bella to embrace, enjoy, and admire love.

However, the recent Mattie and Bella separation rumors have devastated millions of admirers because their split was completely unanticipated given that, up until last month, everything was going swimmingly, and they were extremely active on social media, sharing their love videos. So, is it true that they have split up, or is it just a rumor?

Mattie And Bella Break Up: All You Need To Know

Mattie and Bella, one of the cutest couples ever to exist in the social media creators’ world, were admired by the fans a lot. Their romantic videos always made viewers happy. While looking forward to their new videos together and enjoying every part of it, fans wanted to stay with them together forever. However, just recently, Isabella and Mattie’s break up is taking over social media.

After dating for more than a year, their break up was unexpected for their fans, and everyone got surprised about the same. While Mattie and Bella’s fans are still hoping for their reunion, only time will tell if they are going to get back together or not.

Mattie and Bella on YouTube Shorts
Mattie confirms that she has been in love with Bella since she was 20 (Credit: Mattie Westbrouk YouTube Channel)

According to the fans and Tik Tok users, Mattie has cheated on Bella, and their relationship problems have increased. Along with these relationship problems, Mattie is also facing backlash from the fans because they suspect that Mattie has cheated on Bella. Although nothing has been confirmed yet, Mattie’s fan following has been impacted because of this whole scenario.

Mattie and Bella’s fans are currently hating Mattie for what she may have done to Bella, and their fans are also very concerned about Bella’s mental health if they really have broken up. Their separation has not been officially announced, but fans seem to have acknowledged the same. Their fans are in sorrow and have started expressing it via edits of their previous videos.

As everyone wants them to get back together, It will totally be Bella and Mattie’s decision, and we need to accept the same. Some of the fans have already accepted that they broke up; however, there are some who are waiting for their final confirmation. As they have not confirmed any rumors about them getting separated or if Mattie really has cheated on Bella, fans must wait until the final confirmation from this couple.

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