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Who Is Matthew Booth’s Wife? Everything You Need To Know About Her

Cheating is one of the most heinous acts one can commit in a relationship. Cheating affects the mental and physical health of the victim. Over the years, we have seen many celebrity cheating scandals that have faced severe backlash from the general public for their actions.

Recently another such scandal has come to light with South African football player Matthew Booth at its center with his wife Sonia Booth accusing him of cheating on social media. Before diving into the details of the situation, let us get to know about Matthew Booth and his wife, Sonia Booth.

All about Matthew Booth

Matthew Booth is a professional footballer hailing from South Africa who was born on 14 March 1977 and played the position of center-back. Matthew Booth played in Russia for about six years of his career and in England for about three months. However, he spent most of his career in South Africa and was a fan favorite among South African football fans.

Matthew Booth was born in the coastal town of Fish Hoek to Paul Booth and Anthea Booth. Matthew Booth started playing for Fish Hoek AFC in 1982 at the age of five. He was spotted by Cape Town Spurs coach Richard Gomes at Bayhill Under 19 Tournament in 1993, where he was playing for Fish Hoek and was invited to train with Cape Town Spurs’ youth club.

Matthew Booth cheating

Matthew Booth and Sonia Booth, courtesy of news24

However, in 1994, as he turned 17, he was invited to play with the senior squad and won the league and BobSave Superbowl that same year with the team. However, as Cape Town Spurs and Seven Stars merged to form Ajax Cape Town football club in 1999, the club tried to offload him as he was proving surplus to the club’s requirements and wanted to sell him to the newly formed Mother City against his wishes and after a lot of turmoil, he joined Mamelodi Sundowns where he played for the next three seasons.

In 2001, he was loaned to the first-division football side Wimbledon in England. However, he never made an appearance for the first team and mostly played the reserve team matches. In 2002, he moved to Russia as he was unhappy in England and started playing for the Russian side Rostov and later joined Krylia Sovetov.

Matthew Booth made his debut for the South African National team on 20 February 1999 against Botswana at the Cosafa Castle Cup and was considered an important player against teams with tall players due to his height. Booth made a total of thirty-seven appearances for the South African National Team. He missed the 2002 World Cup due to a knee injury but was part of the 2010 World Cup squad.

However, he remained on the bench for all three group-stage matches. Matthew Booth also played in the 2000 Summer Olympics with the Under 23 team and was their captain. Even though Matthew Booth had the option to renew his contract, he decided to retire from professional football and did so on 19 June 2014.

Matthew Booth cheating

Matthew Booth and Sonia Booth, courtesy of news24

Who is Matthew Booth’s Wife?

Matthew Booth is married to Sonia Bonneventia Pule, also known as Sonia Booth, and is a model and entrepreneur, and author. The couple married in 2006 and have two sons together, Nathan Katlego Booth and Noah Neo Booth. Sonia Booth had a great and prosperous career in modeling before marrying Matthew Booth. Sonia Booth started her career in modeling in 1998.

She was declared as a Miss South Africa in 2001 and was the 2nd runners up in the competition. Sonia Booth’s age is not known for sure, but it is pretty certain that she is in her 40s. Sonia Booth was born in Pimville, Soweto, in South Africa, and lived in Orange Farm during her school years. She is capable of speaking six different languages and has a Bachelors of Commerce degree graduating in 2006.

She also has a major in Marketing and Business Management. She is also credited for being a successful businesswoman after the success of Booth Education and Sports Trust in 2008. She has also won quite some awards for her business. She is the co-founder of the organization and manages the books clubs and spelling bees within the trust.

Matthew Booth cheating

Sonia Booth

She also is an author, as mentioned earlier, and has published three books to date, with her first book, “How to Re-invent Yourself and Stay Relevant,” published in 2014. She published her second book in 2017, titled “ Surviving ICU,” and was about a burst cyst and four fibroids that she had in 2015.

Soon after this, she had to undergo surgery. Her third and final book, titled  “2 Years Of Bliss 18 Years Of Batter,” was published in 2021. She has recently been trending and has become the talk of the town after hiring a private investigator and exposing her husband on her Instagram profile on 7 November, accusing him of having an affair with Bongani Mthombeni-Möller.

Matthew Booth cheating

Matthew Booth, courtesy news24

Cheatings accusation on Matthew Booth

As mentioned earlier, Matthew Booth’s wife, Sonia Booth, accused him of cheating in a series of social media posts on 7 November 2022. She stated that her husband, Matthew Booth, was having an affair with Bongani Mthombeni-Möller while having a husband named Klaus Moller.

She justified her accusations by sharing different incidents and supporting information that she gathered with the help of a private investigator. Sonia had also met with Bongani Mthombeni-Möller’s husband, Klaus Moller, who also is said to have suspicions about the activities of his wife.

As soon as she posted the claims, words like cheesecake, Booth, and Gucci Guilty were in trend as people were discussing Sonia’s claims. Let us now discuss the claims she has made. Sonia initiated her posts with a video where Matthew Booth was being asked about his plans on Valentine’s day.

Sonia Booth alleges later on the same day, Matthew Booth went to pick up Bogani Moller, and then they spent the night together in Polokwane. She then states that the following day, Matthew Booth dropped Bogani Moller at her house, and then Matthew returns home with an exquisitely wrapped gift box with one of the perfumes being ” Guilty” and goes on to point out the wicked sense of humor Bogani Moller has.

Matthew Booth cheating

Bogani Moller

Next, in her posts, Sonia accuses her husband of using her car to go on a three-day trip with Bogani Moller and shares a screenshot of her car’s journey details, which she received from her car’s tracker, to validate her claim.

She states that how her bank detail statements show that Matthew had bought flowers for Bogani, after which the two had lunch at Fish Monger, after which they go Empangeni, a seven-hour drive, and stayed there for three days.

She then goes on to logically dismiss the counter-narrative of Bogani going with Matthew for business purposes, stating that if it were so, why was not she, being the co-founder and Trustee of the organization, not introduced to Bogani Moller and that Bogani could have used the trust’s website in order to peruse the trust’s past initiatives.

She follows next with the claim that Matthew baked a cheesecake for Bogani Moller on his son’s birthday eve while everyone was asleep. She states that the next morning when they woke up, the cake was nowhere to be found, and they later discovered that the cake was at Bogani’s house.

She then went to Bogani’s house to fetch her Tupperware cake carrier, where she had a chat with Klaus Moller, who admitted to eating it and that it tasted good. Next, she alleges Matthew had been taking money from their children’s college fund for years as he was struggling financially because of his lifestyle, which was way beyond his monetary capacity.

Sonia states that she came to know about it just a week before, as she had a talk with their investment banker. She then goes on to take a dig at Bogani, stating that Matthew Booth is not as rich as he portrays, implying that he is in a relationship with him because of his money and that she just sees Matthew as her “sugar daddy.”

Matthew Booth cheating

Matthew Booth and Bogani Moller, courtesy of Instagram

Finally, a fifth and last allegation that she puts on Matthew is that he and Bogani Moller used work as a front to just spend together. Throughout her posts, Sonia reveals that Bogani and Matthew were pursuing a romantic relationship in place of working.

Along with this, she posts some photos from Bogani Moller’s Instagram page, which shows Bogani and Matthew in the gym, also while taking a dig at Bogani, questioning how she finds the time to work after spending loads of time with Matthew Booth.

Response to the allegations by Sonia Booth

Bogani posted two stories on Instagram soon after the allegations showing her exercising in the gym while emphasizing a healthy body, healthy mind, and healthy heart and saying that whatever the circumstances are, moving on is the key. However, she also has not made any comment regarding Sonia Booth’s allegations. However, Matthew Booth has broken his silence over the allegations.

He stated that his lawyers are deciding the steps to be taken and dealing with the situation. In his social media post, he states that it has caused him utmost disappointment and sadness that his wife has resorted to such false allegations in order to tarnish his name publicly without even discussing it with him first and has not taken into consideration the sheer damage that these posts may cause him or his sons who are in the middle of their exams or the Moller family.

He then states that he has handed over the matter to his attorneys, who have been instructed to take vigorous steps to claim the necessary relief, and he will leave the matter to the legal system and let the truth prevail. He then ends the note by appealing to Mrs. Mthobeni-Moller, the corporates and sponsors who have partnered with the Booth Trust for the advancement of soccer development initiatives.

Such family matters should not hinder the good work that is being done or will be done. Social media users have been spamming the comment sections of both Matthew Booth’s and Bogani Moller’s posts and slamming them for their actions. What happens next is yet to be seen.

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