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Did Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi Break up?


The star of The famous American daytime show Ellen DeGeneres is known all around the world. Apart from being a host and comedian, Ellen is loved for her truthful and endearing nature. A few years back, when Ellen revealed her sexuality, it became a big issue, Since the time Ellen tied the knot with the love of her life and The Finding Nemo fame Portia de Rossi.

Since then, every now and then, the news of their break up seems to be all around online and in media, but as usual, most of the time, it comes out as a lie that is spread by some people to gain the popularity and attention of others. A few days the same issue was trending all around that said Ellen and Portia had broken up. Is it true that Ellen and Portia broke up? Let’s have a look-

Sweet and Cute Love Story of DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi

Everyone always wonders if their love stories are the best of all. And most of us, in our minds, do imagine having a love story like a Fairytale. Seems Ellen and Portia were able to have one. Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi have been together for the past two decades. Rossi first saw Ellen at RockVote Concert in 2001.

Rossi has described the encounter in her autobiography with the term “Unbearable Lightning.” Rossi further told in her Interview with Oprah Winfrey how she was running behind Ellen backstage at the concert, and the duo was able to build an Instant connection.

Rossi revealed how she was afraid to tell about her sexuality for years, and she kept her feelings hidden from the comedian for about 3-4 years. She further stated- Revealing her identity was the End of her career back in those days. For quite a time, the duo kept their feelings hidden, and both of them lost hope in each other.


But as it said, We can deny everything, but if Destiny plans something, we cannot deny it. It seems that happened with the duo. Destiny had some other plans for them. Portia again met Ellen on a Photoshoot in 2004. She was instantly feeling so weak and got butterflies. That was the time when Portia decided to take a firm stand for her feelings for Ellen.

Portia needed a lot of courage and acceptance to accept her feelings and reality for herself, Said Ellen in an Interview. With the passage of time, they both decided to accept the feelings they had for each other and the love they shared for each other too.


The beautiful duo accepted their feelings in 2005 and confessed to each other. The same year the power couple was spotted at an event holding hands and walking to the red carpet with all their confidence and love in their eyes.

It was the first time when the world saw them as a couple. It was 16 August 2008, The year when California recognized Same-sex marriage. The duo got married to 19 guests in Attendance. Since then, the couple has been together in every thick and thin of their each other lives. From the passing of their dogs to the health issues they faced. They have been together for each other firmly.

Jennifer Aniston and Ellen’s Kiss

In Nov 2020, A report that came into the limelight catch attention of lots of viewers. The news was published by National Enquirer After Jen and Ellen kissed on their show. The report further said how the comedian couldn’t stop talking about the Friends star. Jennifer also, in her interviews, mentioned soft lips of Ellen. It was said that Porta de Rossi was anxious because of the incident.
The tension among the duo got worsened, and it bought the happy years of their marriage crumbling down. Many people and trollers started to troll Ellen and Jennifer on the same. Many of the users also commented It would have been better if Portia had now left Ellen because no one wants to be cheated by their partner, and Ellen did it on national television. An Insider later clarified the issue and said that this story was totally false.
Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi are still together, and the story is totally false. In fact, as everyone can see, Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi are still together and living happily together. None of the effect the kiss had on their marriage. It was a normal encounter with close friends Jen and Ellen. Portia is an understanding partner who loves Ellen with all her heart.
She has always been supportive of her wife, Ellen. Despite all the allegations and rumors, the couple still stays strong and is loved by all their fans. Both Ellen and Portia de Rossi have shown that true love and commitment always win. Love and support can help two people to grow individually into big stars, and they can do wonders.

Keeping up with the commitment, Ellen herself told in an Interview – Both Ellen and Portia are growing together, and they will be continuing it further. all the news about their split up is false and wrong. We wish a happy life for both Ellen and Portia.

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