Who Is John Henry Wife: Everything You Need To Know

John Henry is a fan name in baseball. He owns the Boston Red Sox and MLB teams. In addition to baseball, the businessman also owns a majority stake in Liverpool Football Club. In addition to work, he is known as the wife of Linda Pizzuti Henry, who is almost thirty years younger.

In addition to his friendship with Linda, he is also known as a director. His performance received several nominations and won an Emmy award. It should be a lot of fun. For example, he is the CEO of the Boston Globe. Let’s find out more about Linda, John Henry’s wife, in this story.

John Henry with his Wife. Credits: Sports Illustrated

Who Is John Henry’s Wife?

Linda Pizzuti Henry is an investor, television producer, community activist, and proud of Boston. In the television world, Linda has co-created and co-produced local television shows, one for Emma, ​​one for the local sports network, and one for the MLB network. Linda is a community activist and trustee of the Liverpool FC Foundation, director of the Red Sox Foundation, and the John Henry Family Foundation.

The Red Sox Foundation is named after the company’s core business and focuses on the New England area. The LFC Foundation is established around the world, and the Family Foundation supports a wide range of charities. Especially in Boston, New England, and Florida. In addition, Linda is a member of the Boston Business Council and the MIT Guest Committee.

As an active investor in various product design and real estate companies, she is interested in for-profit companies looking to achieve non-profit goals to increase their support and funding portfolio in this sector. Linda has over ten years of experience in the development and investment industry, successfully specializing in the construction industry.

She holds a BA from Basson University and an MA from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. John Henry was previously married to his first wife, Mae Henry, but their marriage ended within a few months. He later tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend ‘Peggy Sue Henry’ in Hawaii, USA, in 1998. However, they officially separated in 2008 due to personal issues.

John and Linda. Source: Twitter

Linda is 44 years old and is known as “John Henry’s wife.” Her husband is an American business magnate and investor who owns several sports teams. The age difference/gap between Pizzuti and John is about 29 years.

John Henry’s Wife’s Net Worth & Career:

The businessman John Henry has worked in many fields over the years. From newspapers to filmmaking to investing in companies, he has done it all. As a result, Linda Pizzuti Henry’s net worth from all her business lessons should be huge. Speaking of earnings, Linda Pizzuti Henry’s husband, John W. Henry, is considered one of baseball’s billionaires.

He originally bought the Boston Red Sox for $380 million in 2002. Now the value of the baseball team has increased to $3.465 billion. In addition, Liverpool FC, As of September 2021, is estimated to cost 4.1 billion dollars.

So, according to Forbes, John Henry’s net worth, all these resources combined, is $3.6 billion. Some other MLB team owners who have amassed large fortunes include Jerry Reinsdorf, Christopher Ilitch, and Bob Castellini. Linda Pizzuti Henry’s net worth has grown alongside her thriving career. Her net worth as of 2022 is estimated to be $85 million.

Business investments in real estate

Linda Pizzuti Henry started her career as a real estate agent. She probably first went to work at his father Don’s company. In addition, the business tycoon specializes in energy-saving buildings and sustainable projects. She was involved in the Green Townhouses project in Linfield.

Linda Henry. Source: The Boston Globe

After John got married, the broker worked in different sectors. He is active in things related to the Red Sox and Fenway Park. Additionally, the businessman helped create Fenway Farms and the Red Sox mascot, Tessie the Green Monster. Linda also worked at Fenway Sports Group, the parent company of the Red Sox. He used his years of real estate experience to help the company negotiate new land deals.

As a result, Pizzuti became part owner of the Red Sox in 2018. In addition, she became the first woman to pitch for the Sox since 1992. Additionally, Linda Henry joined Boston Globe Media Partners as a Managing Director. After seven years on the job, she finally became CEO of the agency in November 2020, which includes affiliates The Boston Globe, Boston.Com, and STAT News.