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Jerry Falwell Jr’s Wife Affair: Who Was The 20 Year Old Man?


Jerry Lamon Falwell Jr is the son of the famous Jerry Falwell Sr. On June 1962, he was born in  Lynchburg, Virginia. Throughout his lifetime, he has been in different occupations, serving as a member of the Evangelical Christian community and a former academic administrator. However, currently, he is working as an attorney. After his father died in 2007, he took the spot as the president of Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia.

He was raised by Jerry Falwell Sr. and Macel Pate Falwell. Jerry Falwell Sr, was the founder of Liberty Christian Academy, which he founded in 1967 along with Moral Majority in 1979. And her mother Macel Pate died at the age of 82 due to an illness. She was also a very supportive mother and wife, who used to aid in his husband’s profession.

He receive his education from a private school and graduated from Liberty Christian Academy in the year 1980. After high school, he went on to attend Liberty University, where he opted for a Bachelor of Arts in history and religious studies. And after his bachelor’s, he obtained a Juris Doctor from the University of Virginia School of Law.

After his father died in 2007, he inherited Liberty University, while his brother Jonathan Falwell took the ministry at Thomas Road Baptist Church.

Jerry Falwell

All About Jerry Falwell Jr’s Wife Affair

What exactly happened between them? The beginning of affair took place in the year 2012 in front of the pool of the Ritzy Fontainebleau Miami Beach hotel. A young 20-year-old Giancarlo Granda just like any other day was minding his duty as the pool boy.

Everything was going smoothly until Becki Falwell approached the young boy in a bikini, sat down where he was working, and started flirting. Just before we move any further I want you to know that all the information is available in Granda’s book “Off the Deep End: Jerry and Becki Falwell and the Collapse of an Evangelical Dynasty.” In the book, he explained more thoroughly about the incident.

As soon as Becki started flirting with him, the 20-year-old boy was going through mixed feelings. On one side he was shocked, as he never could have imagined a beautiful woman approaching him and flirting with him. And on the other side, he was getting aroused from her flirting. This only happens in movies, Granda recall.


Soon the situation gets more erotic when Becki asked him to finish off his work quickly and join her in her room. Granda, at that time, didn’t know who was Becki and who was his husband. For him, they were just like any other customer. Before he reply to Becki’s proposal, she made one more request. She told him, while we do our business in my room, my husband will watch us. Granda was confused.

I mean who wouldn’t be? First, a woman approaches him to have sex in her room, and then she tells him, but only when his husband is allowed to watch them. To be frank, if I was in his shoes, I would have found this whole scenario a total setup. Never mind, let’s get back to the story. After he was told about her husband, Granda took some time and asked for a few minutes before he can give a definite answer. After a few minutes, Jerry came down and introduced himself to Granda. They both greeted each other and explained the whole thing to Granda.

Before Granda went any further, he asked the opinions of his co-workers and his sister, just in case he is set up to be some serial killer. Granda and Becki met each other in the lobby. He described her to be nervous. They talk for a while and then head to her room. When they enter the room, he noticed Jerry who was drunk lying on the bed. Before they move any further, Granda who was nervous asked Jerry if he wanted him to stop. Without any hesitation, Jerry told them to do what they are there for.

Jerry Falwell Jr

But there would be no sexual intercourse. So they began their oral sex. While they were doing their business, Jerry used to shift angles for a better view. Granda recalled there was a time when Jerry came too close, and he had to tell him to back off. Just so there are some boundaries. Jerry apologized and move to a different angle.

After few days after the incident, Granda told us he got a phone call from Becki. She asked him if he wanted to meet her again. Granda who has the freshness of the recent incident, took his time and replied, “Why not?” After that, it is revealed the affair lasted till 2018. Because the incident went public a few years after, Jerry was forced to resign from the presidential seat at Liberty University.

At last, I would recommend you watch “God Forbid: The Sex Scandal That Brought Down a Dynasty” for a better understanding of the situation.

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