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Why Did Lindiwe Leave Scandal? Reason Behind It

Is Lindiwe Leaving Scandal? Lindiwe is finally leaving the program, and her followers are unsure about the answer to the question, “Is Lindiwe Leaving Scandal?” However, the following information outlines Lindiwe’s feelings toward her departure from the program. The information regarding Is Lindiwe Leaving Scandal has been finished in this article.

The article “Is Lindiwe Leaving Scandal” will be the first one we discuss after that. After a spectacular 9-year tenure, television actress Nomvelo Makhanya will make her final appearance this Thursday on Etv’s Scandal. Nomvelo rose to fame after securing the part of Lindiwe Ngema in the program, and she hasn’t looked back since.

Her profession has practically developed throughout the years, going from being a high school student to running a club and being married to Nhlamulo. Without question, Nomvelo has a promising career in the sector ahead of her.

Over the years, she has developed into one of Mzansi’s most in-demand young actors and actresses. The Citizen reports that Scandal stated Nomvelo Makhanya’s role. In the statement, it has predicted that she would become worse and pass away during the Thursday night program.

As her situation deteriorated, she has left with no alternative but to choose an abortion to save her own life or to protect the survival of her unborn child. After everything she had been through, Lindiwe decided to take the chance of keeping her child and fight to the finish. At first, there were rumors that Nomvelo quit the program because she wanted to put her relationship first.

According to speculations, the actress has engaged in a serious, long-term relationship that might end in marriage. She has reportedly seen kissing and having intercourse with other guys in uncomfortable situations on television, and her spouse is reportedly unbothered by this. Social media has flooded with complaints that her relationship hurt her brilliant career.

According to rumors, she ended their relationship because her boyfriend was uncomfortable with her new plot’s closeness. The actress has not yet commented on whether or not the rumors are accurate in the context of the situation. The rumor mill has succeeded in putting the pieces together on the cause of her much-discussed departure, albeit in the aftermath of her leaving.

Lindiwe: Is She Quitting Scandal?

Finally, to the devoted fan of the Scandal television series, this may seem like more bad news. It had announced on November 10 that Lindiwe would no longer be seen by viewers after that day. She stated that she was quitting the program for “greener pastures” when questioned about her decision to do so, although she did not elaborate.

On Instagram, she discussed this and said that she was aware of the show’s plans for her leave and that she had read about them beforehand. We discussed these points after consulting news24. Actress Lindiwe Ngema ‘Nomvelo Makhanya’s departure from the television series Scandal had explained.

After it has revealed that Nomvelo Makhanya, who plays Lindiwe on the television show Scandal, was kissing her on-screen character goodbye, Mzansi was perplexed. She played Lindiwe Ngema on television for eleven years after leaving the role, and they have been doing an excellent job. She has swiftly evolved into the Hollywood celebrity whom we all adore hating.

After the news of her departure was made public, she undoubtedly started to seem in several headlines. Mzansi has been curious about the circumstances surrounding her abrupt departure from the drama series amid everything. Everyone can agree that the vibrant actress has rapidly moved up the list of Mzansis’ finest.

Why Did Lindiwe Quit the Scandal?

In 2016, Lindiwe joined the Scandal. The Scandal, an eTV drama, featured Nomvelo in the part of “Lindiwe Ngema.” Her adventure continues as a high school student and has been in the safe hands of the Soweto family, where she has undergone extraordinary character growth over the years.

Unfortunately, Lindiwe became unwell after becoming pregnant. She had left with two options: she could try to stay alive, but doing so might lead to the abortion of her unborn child.

To preserve her kid, though, she chooses to go to the end. Lindiwe supposedly passes away in Zinzile’s arms, according to the assumption of the drama. After consulting news24, we were able to address this understanding. To obtain these insights, we turned to the populace. We read these observations from citizens.

The reasons for Scandal actress Lindiwe Ngema’s departure left Mzansi in shock

Because she had not been intimate recently, Mzansi was skeptical of the reasons for her leaving. All of us may agree that the shift in the narrative and storyline may have influenced her character. Her on-screen spouse, Nhlamulo, and her character, Lindiwe, haven’t had a lot of passionate kisses.

The show’s sworn enemy Mandala has expected to get out of jail and kill her in a vehicle accident while she is still pregnant, as prophesied by fans, who believe she will leave the show through death. She has won many awards in the entertainment business throughout her long, successful career.

When she was 16 years old, she began acting in the drama series and later rose to the top of Mzansi. She has become the actress everyone loves to despise due to her unrivaled acting talent. Since then, her departure has been accepted by reliable sources.

Phil Mphela, a social media blogger, uploaded a thread on Twitter revealing the details of her leaving. She could have won another part, according to rumors. Some people are still unsure whether she is permanently kissing her on-screen persona or because her leave is only temporary.

Nomvelo Makhanya: Who Is She?

Nomvelo Makhanya, an accomplished actress and singer with a base in South Africa, was born on April 24, 1996. Her performances in the television show Scandal and Isibaya, Soul City, have earned her a large following.

She recently started acting in the “I Am All Girls” Netflix movie. She received an anxiety and depression diagnosis in 2016 but eventually recovered from her mental condition. After several counseling sessions, she was able to confront her worst-case scenario.

Nomvelo Makhanya: Husband

The husband of Nomvelo Makhanya Nomvelo Makhanya has experienced a lot in her personal life, and her troubles on the television show Scandal were well-expressed in her persona. She made her final appearance on November 10 before sadly announcing her departure from the series.

You might be curious about Nomvelo’s personal life outside of the spotlight and whether she is married. There is no evidence to suggest that Nomvelo Makhanya is married at this time; she is currently unmarried. After referring to the Citizen, we were able to address these observations.

Nomvelo Makhanya: Age

You might be curious to know Nomvelo Makhanya’s age because age is undoubtedly a component in determining one’s youth and maturity. Nomvelo Makhanya may have appeared in a few younger iterations, but time passes, and people become older. Nomvelo Makhanya’s age may be something you’ve wondered about or speculated.

However, let’s wait and see whether your estimate holds for Nomvelo Makhanya’s age in 2022. At the beginning of 2022, Nomvelo Makhanya will be 26 years old. When we get more information, we’ll update this page with a more accurate analysis of Nomvelo Makhanya.


In terms of their citizenship, Nomvelo Makhanya is a South African; in terms of their line of work, she is an actress and a singer. She has engaged in the acting world since 2012; after taking a sabbatical for a year, she resumed her acting career in 2013. She also maintains a busy singing career. She has a SAFTA award under her belt and is currently 26 years old. Mvelo Makhanya is another name by which she has known.

Mvelo Makhanya Reaction On Leaving Scandal’s Lindiwe

The most well-known performance of Nomvelo Makhanya is that of Lindiwe Ngema on Scandal on The woman who would later play her was young and had green eyes when she first appeared in front of our eyes.

However, she has made great strides in the years following her debut. From the originally disobedient character who was infamous for making hasty and hazardous decisions to a character who welcomed her progress, in the end, they became a fan-favorite character on the soap opera.

So, when Makhanya said goodbye to her favorite character, Lindiwe, it was an emotional goodbye. Nomvelo Makhanya’s portrayal of Lindiwe had looked to be one of the fan favorites with a seemingly permanent role on the soap opera. It was unexpected that she would leave the show permanently. So, after her heartbreaking and emotional farewell, the most pressing issue was: Why did she decide to quit the soap opera?

Makhanya did not allow the issue to continue to be the elephant in the room, in contrast to several previous departures, such as Lawrence Maleka of The River and his enigmatic leaving. This may be the case because, at the time, it was said that her leaving the role was motivated by her friendship with influencer and fashionista Simiso Ngwenya and his purported envy of her for kissing her male co-stars.

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