Is Pete Davidson Really Dating Emily Ratajkowski?

Pete Davidson and Emily Ratajkowski seem to really like each other. They have seemingly been seen holding hands in public. This is the breaking news that is coming up after his split with Kim Kardashian. Here is all the information related to Pete Davidson and his dating life.

Are Pete Davidson And Emily Ratajkowski Really Dating?

The answer is, well, it is not officially confirmed by either of them. But it is what we can conclude from their recent spotting, and they are, in fact, DATING! Pete and Emily have been seen talking with each other for some months now. It is also coming out that their relationship is in the very early stages, but they both seem to like each other very much.

Both of them concluded their past relationships in 2022 summer. Pete Davidson was in a relationship with another famous celebrity Kim Kardashian. They have both been in a relationship for ten months. They have decided to mutually end their relationship in August 2022. On the other hand, Emily Ratajkowski was married to a renowned film producer Sebastian Bear-McClard. The two parted ways this year in July after being married for four years. They filed for divorce officially in September. There are rumors that their divorce became imminent because of his extramarital affair. The ex-couple also shares a son named Sylvester, who is just 20 months old.

Pete Davidson Dating
Pete Davidson and Emily Ratajkowski (Credits: Yahoo)

Some sources revealed that Emily loves the fact that Pete can make her laugh. Pete seems to love Emily’s intelligence. Despite the divorce, Ratajkowski seems to love dating again.

Emily has also been spotted getting very comfortable with Brad Pitt. But the sources have confirmed that they are, in fact, friends at this moment. There is nothing going on between them as of now.

The actor and comedian Pete Davidson has kept a very low profile after the breakup with Kim Kardashian. Pete is giving all his attention and focus to his career and therapy. He has sought professional help for his trauma regarding his past. And the aggressive posts made by Kanye West over time could have a big impact on Pete’s mental wellness and well-being. Kanye West is the ex-husband of Kim Kardashian.

Pete Davidson had been in many relationships before he met Emily. Now let’s discuss the dating history of Pete Davidson.

Pete Davidson Dating Profile

Pete Davidson’s first known relationship was with the American comedian Carly Aquilino. They went into a relationship in the year 2014. But they eventually broke up in 2015, and he started dating the daughter of Larry David, Cazzie David. Cazzie is an American actress, and they both dated each other for a couple of years. They went into a relationship in 2016, and they split in the year 2018.

Pete Davidson Dating
Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande (Credits: Gotham / GC Images)

He was also openly dating the very talented and widely famous singer Ariana Grande. Pete confirmed that he and Grande were engaged in June 2018. But to everyone’s surprise, their engagement dropped in October 2018. Grande also sang a song about Pete named “Pete Davidson.” It was featured on her album titled Sweetener” in 2018.

After his breakup with Ariana Grande, he was seen with English actress Kate Beckinsale. They were reportedly in a relationship in the year 2019. She is twenty years older than him. They went into a relationship in January 2019, but they parted ways in April 2019.

Pete Davidson Dating
Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian (Credits: Paul Morigi / Getty Images)

After this very short-lived relationship, he met Kim Kardashian. They both were seen together in October 2021. She hosted an episode of SNL. And Pete kissed Kim on-screen in a sketch. The sketch was Disney-themed, and they played the character of Jasmine and Aladdin. They started dating in November 2021. She had already filed for divorce from her then-husband Kanye West.

In February 2021, the case was filed, and they made the breakup very public. Kim was declared officially single in March 2022 by the judge. Kanye was not very happy with the relationship between Pete and Kim. In his track titled “Eazy,” West mentions the relationship. He had threatened Pete Davidson in numerous ways in his track. His video featured a clay figure of Pete. He showed that the clay figure of Davidson was kidnapped, and his head was decapitated.

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