Who Is ‘Aashiqui’ Star Rahul Roy’s Wife? All You Need To Know About His Dating History

Who is Rahul Roy's Wife
Who is Rahul Roy's Wife?

The well-known Indian actor, producer, and model, who is popularly known for his blockbuster movie of 1990, Aashiqui, Rahul Roy, is one of the most handsome actors in India. Rahul Roy currently has worked in more than 30 films, and he also owns a production company, Rahul Roy productions. This famous Indian actor has made a special space in Indian fans’ hearts since the movie Aashiqui.

After Aashiqui, he also started appearing in back-to-back hit films, which included Sapne Saajan Ke and Naseeb. Currently, Rahul Roy is celebrating 30 years of his most loved movie, which all Indian fans know, is Aashiqui, the film known for its intriguing romantic and emotional plot and mesmerizing music.

Rahul Roy, who frequently had the opportunity to collaborate with incredible female actors, was also rumored to be involved in some of Bollywood’s most passionate relationships. He married once and dated some of the most beautiful women during his acting career. So is Rahul Roy married? If not, then who is his current partner?

Rahul Roy Dating History:

Ever since Rahul Roy started his career in the Bollywood industry, he has been seen snuggling with some of the prettiest Indian actresses and models. As Rahul Roy is also an actor, they may have met during work and may have begun dating. As everyone was so curious about Rahul Roy’s past relationships, here is the curated list of all his girlfriends who dated or were rumored to be dated in the past.

Pooja Bhatt (Rumoured)

As Pooja Bhatt and Rahul Roy had done several films together that, included Junoon, Phir Teri Kahani Yaad Aaye, and Jaanam, their romantic relationships in the movies started appearing in real life as well. Fans were pretty sure about their behavior with each other and assumed they were dating because they never acknowledged their relationship.

Pooja Bhatt and Rahul Roy in movie Jaanam
Pooja Bhatt and Rahul Roy in movie Jaanam

Spending a lot of time with each other, Pooja Bhatt and Rahul Roy got close and began meeting even during shoots and offshoots. Despite being seen having romantic encounters, they consistently assured fans that they were just friends. Fans were already aware that whatever existed between them went beyond friendship.

Suman Ranganathan

Suman Ranganathan, an actress, and a South Indian model was Rahul’s only girlfriend that stayed with him for two years. They supposedly met through a mutual friend and fell for each other. After meeting and dating for a while, Suman and Rahul decided to live together.

As Suman was a South Indian actress, she faced a hard time in the Hindi Bollywood industry. However, his loving boyfriend Rahul helped her to make her Hindi film debut in the movie, Fareb.

Suman Ranganathan
South Indian actress and Rahul Roy’s first girlfriend, Suman Ranganathan

Suman and Rahul were so in love that they even decided to get married. However, things did not work in their favor leading them to leave each other. Fans, however, became so enamored with this couple that they began to view them as the perfect couple, and heartbreaking news of their breakup soon surfaced.

Manisha Koirala

The 52-year-old Nepali actress Manisha Koirala is known for some of her best Tamil and Hindi films. Ever since she started appearing on screen, she was admired the most for her beauty and the Nepalese charm that made her fans drool over her. However, Manisha Koirala fell for Rahul Roy.

Nepali Actress Manisha Koirala
Nepali Actress Manisha Koirala

After spending so much time during shoots, for their films, Majhdar and Achanak, Manisha and Rahul got pretty close. However, due to their busy work schedules, they were unable to spend the necessary amount of time together, which weakened their bond and ultimately caused them to break up.

Sadhna Singh

As an actor and a passionate model, Rahul Roy has been seen with a number of pretty girls in the industry. Even Sadhna Singh is a model whom he dated back in 2016. Rahul Roy and Sadhna’s relationship was quite strong as no one ever believed that Rahul would find love again after getting separated after 14 years of marriage.

Sadhna Singh and Rahul Roy
Sadhna Singh and Rahul Roy

Even Rahul Roy admitted that he was in love with Sadhna and that he was hoping for a more sincere and long-lasting relationship. They allegedly started dating after connecting at a fashion show where they met. Soon after, he made public the fact that he was dating Sadhna.

Who was Rahul Roy’s wife?: The reason behind their separation

Rahul Roy has been one of the most charming actors who gained so much popularity since his first blockbuster film, Aashiqui. Since then, people started noticing him, and girls started falling for him. However, Rahul Roy fell for the most beautiful woman, Rajlaxmi Khanvilkar. The woman who stole Rahul’s heart and made him her other half.

Supposedly, Rajlaxmi and Rahul met at a party in Mumbai. When they first met, Rajlaxmi was going through a fresh divorce. She was married for six months, but unfortunately, their marriage did not work out. Consequently, Rahul and Rajlaxmi started dating, and they were pretty sure about the future that they had been contemplating spending together.

After meeting and going out, Rajlaxmi and Rahul began dating. After dating from 1998 to 2000, they announced the news of getting married. As everyone was more than happy hearing the news, everyone started blessing them with a long life of togetherness. Even though they conducted a subtle wedding, when they started appearing in public, their chemistry was something that other couples would have been jealous of.

Rahul Roy’s ex-wife, Rajlaxmi Khanvilkar

Rajlaxmi Khanvilkar spent the majority of her time in Australia because she works as a beautician there. Rajlaxmi also had a dream of starting her own beauty line in Australia, so she spent most of her time there working towards her biggest dreams and ambitions.

Rahul also mentioned in an interview that they used to meet only four times a year, and when she used to visit India, she used to spend more than a month with him. As they were in a long-distance relationship for two years, because of Rajlaxmi’s career, they had to continue their long-distance marriage also. Even though both of them were in a long-distance relationship, their love for each other and strongest bond led them to spend 14 years tied in the knot.

Due to the fact that Rahul and Rajalaxmi were not accustomed to spending a lot of time together, they mutually decided to end things. It must have been difficult for them to end the most beautiful relationship after 14 years of long-distance marriage. Rahul and Rajlaxmi, however, decided to get a divorce because they were so invested in their careers and because even Rajlaxmi had no intention of commuting to India.

Rahul Roy with Rajlaxmi Khanvilkar
Rahul Roy with Rajlaxmi Khanvilkar

When Rahul was asked about the divorce, he appreciated Rajlaxmi saying she was a crucial part of his life. She did not meet him when he was at the peak of his career, and she met him when he was at his lowest. He also mentioned that even if they had 11 years of age gap, he never felt that, as she was the one who always motivated him. Rahul said her family will always remain his family, and Rajlaxmi will always be an integral part of his life.

When Rahul’s Ex-Girlfriend, Suman, was asked how she felt about Rahul’s divorce, she said it was unfortunate to know that they divorced, and she hoped that things would get better between them in the future. It was very heartbreaking to know that Rajlaxmi and Rahul separated after 14 years of happy marriage, but Rajlaxmi and Rahul did what seemed right and favorable for their future life.

It is good to know that they mutually ended things and they still appreciate and respect each other’s professions and decisions. Fans could see their love for each other when they set each other free, breaking a taboo around marriage in Indian society. After breaking things with Rajlaxmi, Rahul Roy again fell in love with Sadhna Singh. He said that he could not believe that he would fall in love again.

However, eventually, even they broke up, and Sadhna married Rajkumar Shahabadi. As of now, Rahul Roy is not dating anyone and is still single. After Suhana, Rahul has not been with anyone else. Throughout his career, Rahul has been in some of the most romantic relationships in Bollywood. Whether it is on-screen or off-screen, Rahul Roy showed how romantic he is towards his partners.


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