Is Scottie Pippen’s Ex-wife Dating Anyone? Here’s Everything You Need To Know


Scottie Pippen has received more media attention recently from Larsa Pippen than he has from himself. On December 15, 2021, their divorce became legally binding. However, Larsa was known to have been involved with a number of other men even before the divorce was official.

After speaking at BravoCon and discussing her OnlyFans, she recently made headlines once more. Larsa had previously discussed how her sexuality had been taken away by her father’s request that she delete her page from the website.

Scottie Pippen and Larsa Pippen

She caused a stir earlier this year when it seemed that she was out with Marcus Jordan, Michael Jordan’s son, on two separate dates. Their relationship seemed to have gone beyond simple friendship at that moment when she reiterated that they were “only friends.”

Let’s find out whether or if Scottie Pippen’s ex-wife is in a relationship since it appears that their longtime friendship has taken a whole new turn as they have been photographed together more frequently.

Scottie Pippen and Larsa Pippen’s relationship

Pippen started dating Scottie Pippen in the 1990s, which marked the beginning of her longest and most renowned marriage. Four children—Scotty Jr., Preston, Justin, and Sophia—were born to the couple after their 1997 wedding (Scottie also has three other kids from prior unions.) The long-standing couple separated in 2015, but they reunited in 2017.

After Larsa filed for divorce in 2018, alleging “irreconcilable disagreements,” they permanently broke up. Larsa relocated to Los Angeles after her divorce from Scottie and grew close to Kim Kardashian of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Scottie Pippen, Along With His Then Wife

On December 15, 2021, the divorce between Larsa and Scottie became final after three years. To share legal and physical custody of their two youngest children, they made a deal in January 2022. Without a doubt, their divorce had its share of difficulties.

The split was still going on during the previous season of Real Housewives of Miami. Scottie reacted against Larsa for trying to get him to sell their Miami home by demanding that their youngest kid, Sophia, return to Los Angeles.

Is Scottie Pippen’s Ex-Wife Dating Anyone?

Larsa was hitched to Scottie Pippen from 1997 to 2021. Albeit the separation was settled in 2021, the two were isolated a couple of years prior. During this time, Larsa Pippen entered the dating scene indeed.

The 48-year-old TV character has been engaged with a few high-profile competitors and famous people, including Malik Beasley. She was first seen with Marcus Jordan a couple of months prior, and this is the point at which the bits of gossip about their dating began.


Scottie Pippen’s ex-wife, who is still in touch with the previous b-ball star, added salt to Scottie’s injury by seeing Marcus. As numerous NBA fans know, Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan haven’t been in great condition of late. Although they had shared six titles, with the publication of “The Last Dance,” the two have become estranged. Larsa’s most recent remarks, nevertheless, could help him relax.

High-profile celebrities are renowned for dating Larsa Pippen. There were reports about her dating the well-known rapper Future a few years back. The television personality acknowledged that it has been difficult for her to find a replacement for Scottie Pippen. Finding a replacement, however, has proven to be impossible.


Positively speaking, Scottie and Larsa do a fantastic job of co-parenting their kids. Scottie Pippen Jr., their first child, was born in 2000, and they have four other children altogether. In 2002, the couple gave birth to Preston, their second child, and in 2005, Justin, their third child. Another daughter was born to Larsa and Scottie. 2008 marked the year of Sophia’s birth.

Is Scottie Pippen’s Ex-Wife Dating Michael Jordan Or Are They Just “Friends”?

On reality television, Larsa Pippen is well-known for her role on Real Housewives of Miami. Along with the Kardashians, she appeared in a lot of episodes. She started off as an entrepreneur by starting a fitness firm and a premium jewelry line. At the same time, Marcus Jordan has his own business. Sports memorabilia is the focus of his business, the Trophy Room. Prior to entering the business, he was a collegiate basketball player.


In September 2022, Larsa and Marcus were observed dining out. After spotting the two together, rumors of a date began to circulate, driving fans into a frenzy. After their quiet supper, they appeared a couple more times, which fueled the rumors even more.

“We’re close buddies. That’s actually what it is; we’ve been friends for a while”, quoted Scottie Pippen’s ex-wife in an interview. Larsa and Marcus Jordan, however, appeared to have put a stop to their friendship in favor of a serious relationship since they became even closer over a day at the beach this past weekend.

On Sunday, Larsa, the ex-wife of Scottie Pippen, and Marcus, Michael Jordan’s 31-year-old son, took advantage of the warm weather in South Beach. Marcus wore a patterned pair of trunks and a black Jordan Brand cap that was worn backward, while Larsa was seen sporting a bikini.

They certainly appeared to be in a relationship when he threw his arm around her on the beach day, despite 48-year-old Larsa’s prior claims that she and Jordan were simply pals. As they hid from the sun under an umbrella, the two also became quite affectionate, and at one point, according to some onlookers, they were making out.