Who Is Indian Politician And Businessman Galla Jayadev’s Wife?

Galla Jayadev
Galla Jayadev

The well-known politician of India, who is also a managing director of a prominent company, Amara Raja Group, Galla Jayadev, also known as Jay Galla, is known for his significant role in Indian politics, representing Guntur Lok Sabha in 16th and 17th Lok Sabha. Galla Jaydev is also a member of the Telugu Desam Party.

With his influence in Indian politics, this passionate and ambitious political figure inspired a lot of people. Although he was fortunate to grow up in a wealthy family, his career path was not straightforward for him. After working as a sales executive in the US, he came down and began working for the Amara Raja Group. He struggled, but he demonstrated his talent and ambition.

As a wealthy politician and an ambitious industrialist, he has always fulfilled his duties toward people and his company. Hence, in the same way, he also fulfills his responsibilities toward his family. A father of two sons, Galla Jaydev, with his wife, is currently leading a happy married life.

Galla Jayadev – Early Life, Biography, Career

Having been born into a family fully involved in politics, Galla Jayadev was also very interested in politics and economics, and the same led him to learn Economics at a prominent university in the USA. Galla Jayadev, at a very young age, left India and spent 22 years of his life in the United States of America. However, he was born in Andhra Pradesh in Ramachandra Naidu’s family.

Galla Jayadev is fortunate to be born to the most influential figures in India, Ramachandra Naidu, the founder of Amara Raja Group, and Aruna Kumari, MLA and minister of Andhra Pradesh. Since childhood, Galla Jayadev found so much to learn from his politics and business-influenced family as he decided to learn politics, business, and economics at Illinois University- Urbana Champaign in the USA.

Jayadev galla
Managing Director of Amara Raja Group – Jayadev Galla

As his father is a businessman and his mother is a politician, his interest lies in both business and politics. Galla Jayadev, who studied in the US, also worked there in a battery company called GNB Batteries Technologies as an international sales executive. Having learned everything about sales and battery business, Galla Jayadev was fully ready to manage the sales department at Amara Raja Group.

Galla Jayadev has also played a very significant role in expanding the Amara Raja Group. He was the key person who found profits in the automotive battery industry and collaborated with US-based company Johnson Controls and started the new venture Amara Raja Batteries Private Limited. Currently, Galla Jayadev is also a managing director of Amara Raja Group.

Along with working as a managing director in his family business, Galla Jayadev played a significant role in parliament, raising several issues related to his state, Andhra Pradesh. The way of explaining each issue and his speech in the parliament are very well appreciated by the political leaders and citizens of India. Galla Jayadev is also very active when it comes to charity work, as he donated more than two crores to Guntur General Hospital.

Who Is Galla Jayadev’s Wife?

Galla Jayadev’s wife is the ideal illustration of the adage that “there is always a woman behind a successful man.” Galla Jaydev has always been a one-woman man. From handling political and business matters to being the best husband and best father, Galla Jayadev is the best man that one could ask for, and Galla Jayadev’s wife has always added more to their relationship, making their relationship an ideal one.

Padmavati Ghattamaneni is Galla Jayadev’s wife as well as the mother of his two kids. Came from a family of artists and politicians, Padmavati Ghattamaneni herself has interests in both politics and the acting world. She has always fulfilled her responsibilities as the daughter-in-law of a wealthy and influential business and political family.

Galla Jayadev with is wife and son
Galla Jayadev with his wife and son.

Padmavati Ghattamaneni, who was born on September 6th, 1969, in Tamil Nadu, is Galla Jayadeva’s wife and is 53 years old at the moment. In 1991, Galla Jayadeva and Padmavati Ghattamaneni exchanged vows, and their marriage has been without conflict ever since. Padmavati Ghattamaneni supported her husband, Galla Jayadeva, in all aspects of life. Galla Jayadeva’s wife has consistently been spotted with him, whether it is a favorable or unfavorable circumstance.

Even Galla Jayadeva never leaves an opportunity to appreciate his beloved wife. He always shares their pictures on social media, especially on Facebook writing the most appreciating captions. In 2016, on their silver jubilee anniversary, he wrote posting a picture of them on Facebook, “Silver inside, outside and all over!!! And the bonding lasts… really long… forever!!!!”

Padmavati Ghattamaneni is the daughter of a famous Indian actor, Krishna Ghattamaneni, who is popularly known for Telegu films. Her father has worked in more than 350 films and produced and directed numerous movies.

Along with her father, her brother, Mahesh babu, is also a famous actor in the Tollywood industry, and Galla Jayadeva is very close to his brother-in-law. As Galla Jayadeva’s all-in-laws are totally into acting and the Tollywood industry, Mahesh Babu is the one who gained a lot of fame for the films he appeared in.

Galla Jayadev and his brother in law - Mahesh Babu
Galla Jayadev and his brother in law – Mahesh Babu

Most recently, Padmavati Ghattamaneni’s mother, Indira Devi, died in the month of September 2022. Following her death, Padmavati’s father, Krishna Ghattamaneni, also lived his last moments of life and died on 15th November 2022 due to cardiac arrest. As it is a crucial time for the whole Ghattamaneni family, as the main pillars of their lives have left this world, this heartbreaking news left Krishna Ghattamaneni’s fans in big tears.

Ashok and Siddharth Galla, the couple’s two charming sons, are both handsome. Siddharth Galla is currently working with his father in the political sector, while Ashok Galla is doing his best in the film industry as an actor. As their parents, these two talented men will undoubtedly succeed in the future because they are both still battling with their careers and ambitiously working in their respective professions.

Most recently, Padmavati Ghattamaneni’s production of the movie Hero, starring her son Ashok Galla and female lead Nidhi Aggrawal, was put into theatres. Ashok Galla would gradually win over people’s hearts as the film received a little praise in the Tollywood industry.

Galla Jayadeva, a managing director of a company, and Padmavati Ghattamaneni, a producer of films, have always been ambitious individuals who have successfully managed to balance their personal and professional lives. The marriage of Galla Jayadeva and Padmavati Ghattamaneni, which has been going strong for 31 years, is doing well. We hope that their relationship develops and overcomes any challenges that this lovely life may have in store for them.

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