Inside Debby Ryan And Josh Dun’s Marriage: Find Out How Long The Couple Has Been Dating, Their Plans For Kids, And More.

Inside Debby Ryan And Josh Dun's Marriage: Find Out How Long The Couple Has Been Dating, Their Plans For Kids, And More.

Hollywood and young couples have hardly ever made a successful love story. We do, however, occasionally witness a number of these relationships succeed. Josh Dun and Debby Ryan are good examples of this. You undoubtedly recall Debby from her work on the Disney Channel if you were a viewer when you were younger. Although “older” fans may recall her as Cole Sprouse’s lover on “Suite Life on Deck,” newer folks may only know her as the rick kid babysitter on “Jessie.”

Josh Dun, her husband, plays in the well-known alternative rock group Twenty One Pilots. He decided to join the band House of Heroes earlier this year when their drummer Colin Rigsby made the decision that he wished to dedicate more time to his family.

Debby Ryan And Josh Dun

Josh proposed to Debby in a treehouse while they were on vacation in New Zealand a year before the pair exchanged vows. Even after popping the question to the actress, he invited their entire family out to celebrate. “I said yes! Actually, I yelled ‘NO WAY’ twice, but I meant ‘YES,'” Debby joked at the time, posting lovely pictures of the exchange along with her tweet. Josh was seen getting down on one knee in the pictures, and she appeared utterly shocked and in love. We discovered that the two lovers have a very long history together, so we thought it was time to go back in time and review everything they experienced together.

The actress mentioned in one of her interviews that the couple did not want their wedding to be in a ballroom; instead, they were looking for a place that symbolizes the sanctity of their union. She further added that she and Joshua had been to all the churches and finally found two churches to choose from. Josh chose the church for their wedding ceremony. The couple’s dog, Jim, brought the two their wedding rings during the nuptials, Debby revealed to Vogue. “Joshua called him, and he sprinted down the aisle. Then, Jim watched as we rang each other and kissed.”

How Did Debby Ryan And Josh Dun Met?

Debby and Joshua have been dating since 2013, which means the pair has been together for almost 10 years. Early on, the couple kept things low-key, but as they made their accounts on Instagram in September of the same year, they couldn’t stop posting pictures of their endearing PDA to Instagram. It’s still unclear when exactly Debby and Josh met, even though we know they began dating in or around 2013. Numerous accounts claim that they briefly split up in 2014 before getting back together a short time later. Although these specifics have not been verified, neither of the pair has rejected the split rumors.

However, something must have gone awry along the way because Debby finally acknowledged her single status in 2015. She admitted during a Twitter chat with her followers that she wasn’t only alone at the time—she wasn’t even seeking a boyfriend. She wrote, “Single and not trying to mingle.” Moreover, after being seen together at a holiday party in 2016, the actress and the drummer raised speculation about a possible reconciliation. The Christmas party was organized by music producer John Feldmann, and the couple appeared in numerous photographs, which shocked fans.

When Debby posted the cutest birthday post to the musician on Instagram in June 2018, reports that they were quickly reuniting spread. “Hbd, dude,” she captioned a photo of the two on their first date. I’d like to thank you for teaching me how to tie a bowtie on our first date and for everything we’ve worked out since. Before I colored your hair here, you were only 24 years old, and you taught me how to love.” And a month afterward, the actress announced that she and Josh were back together and happier than before while chatting with The Sydney Morning Herald. “I’m in love and content.”

Inside Debby Ryan And Josh Dun's Marriage: Find Out How Long The Couple Has Been Dating, Their Plans For Kids, And More.

“Since we initially met, we have changed and progressed significantly in our professions, our relationships, and as individuals,” she added. We are each other’s biggest supporters, so having that support system is cool and special. On December 22, 2018, four months after the first announcement, the pair made their engagement official.

After spotting Josh sporting a silver ring on that finger in the music video for his song “Level of Concern,” fans began to believe that Debby and Josh had secretly wed. And it fanned rumors even more, when Debby appeared in the video and was seen donning a matching ring on her finger.
At the 2021 iHeartRadio Awards, the couple had their debut red carpet-appearance as a married couple. Josh kissed Debby on the top of her head.

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