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Who Is Dutch Actor Thijs Romer’s Current Partner? Details On His Previous Relationships

Thijs Romer
Who is Thijs Romer's current partner?

The 44 years old Dutch actor born in the Netherlands, Thijs Romer, is one of the greatest actors in Europe. Thijs Romer is known for appearing in some of the best films in the world, and with his killer looks and mind-blowing acting, he managed to entice his millions of fans all around the world.

He acted in numerous films and series directed by Theo Van Gogh. Thijs Romer’s’ best films include Family Way (2012), May 6th (2004), and The Neighbours (2014). Thijs Romer, in more than 20 films he worked, never failed to provide his fans with a watch-worthy movie experience.

This handsome actor, during his acting career, has dated two amazing ladies from Europe. Since his love life has never been so sorted, currently Thijs Romer is supposedly not dating anyone because he married Igone De Jongh; however, the story of all his relationships is worth knowing about!

Thijs Romer: Relationship History

Thijs Romer has always wooed his viewers with a romance with his attractive female protagonists in the movies, and he has also been spotted in real life with two young women, Igone De Jongh and Katja Schuurman. Romer fell deeply in love with both of them and had the most romantic time with them, making him weak in the knees for them.

So, Here’s what you need to know about Thijs Romer’s love life and relationship history because everyone is so interested in learning about his relationship history with these two women.

  • Thijs Romer and Katja Schuurman

Thijs Romer and Katja Schuurman, these Dutch actors, have gained an abundance of popularity throughout their acting careers all around the world. Thijs Romer and Katja Schuurman were also fortunate to work together in movies like, Cool, the 2004 musical drama movie, and Kapitein Rob en het Geheim van Professor Lupardi, 2007, a thriller drama film that gained a lot of fame all around the world. As in both the films, Thijs Romer and Katja Schuurman were among the main cast, and they may have spent considerable time together during the shoots.

Thijs Romer and Katja Schuurman

Thijs Romer and Katja Schuurman

Since they both work in the entertainment industry, their frequent encounters may have piqued their interest in one another. Additionally, since they were together a lot during the filming of the movies in which they both acted, it was a good opportunity for them to get to know one another very well.

In December 2005, Thijs Romer and Katja Schuurman announced their engagement. They publicly announced their engagement and lived together for eight months before exchanging vows in August 2006. Onscreen, this loving couple has consistently been seen cuddling, holding hands, and gushing about how much they adore one another.

In spite of good or bad circumstances, Thijs Romer and Katja Schuurman never missed an opportunity to be together during their eight years of marriage. Their romantic pictures of them cuddling up to one another demonstrate how deeply in love they were. Since they are both well-known actors in the Netherlands and throughout Europe, Thijs and Katja’s fans have frequently asked for updates on their marriage. They have always provided these updates by sharing romantic photos of the couple and their adorable daughter.

Thijs and Katja had their beautiful daughter, Sammy, during their 8-year marriage. When they decided to end their marriage, things went wrong because they were both equally responsible for caring for her. The biggest question arrived that how they were going to parent Sammie. Consequently, Katja Schuurman decided to take their child with her, and she is now happily taking care of Sammie and Sammie’s step-sister.

Thijs Romer and Katja Schuurman's daughter Sammie

Thijs Romer and Katja Schuurman’s daughter Sammie

Thijs and Katja announced their separation in February 2015, breaking the hearts of their fans. Fans had already suspected that their relationship was about to end because it was already generally assumed that they had been dating someone else before ending their marriage and that they were not living together.

Both of them then made it clear that even if they broke their relationship, they continue to admire each other and their daughter Sammie. They also said that it would be a new beginning for them as both would move on with their lives and maybe will find someone new. However, they will never leave Sammie alone.

  • Thijs Romer And Igone De Jongh

Have you ever sent a celebrity crush a text in anticipation of his response and began fantasizing about dating him? Igone De Jongh did that. Despite not anticipating things to progress to this point, Igone De Jongh followed a hunch and texted her Instagram crush. Igone De Jongh and he met on Instagram and struck up a conversation as Thijs Romer appeared to be interested in her as well.

Since everything was going well for both of them, they made the decision to go on a date. Igone De Jongh is also a very well-known ballerina dancer, so whenever they were spotted together, Thijs Romer could always be easily identified by fans.

Thijs Romer and Igone De Jongh

Thijs Romer and Igone De Jongh

Thijs Romer after Katja Schuurman, tied a knot with Igone De Jongh in 2019. No one knew that they were married until they officially announced it. They arranged a very low-key marriage ceremony and invited a few people. They secretly married and later announced the same to their fans. As Romer, even Igone De Jongh married previously and has a child. Supposedly, both of them also invited their children to their marriage.

When asked about their secret marriage, Igone De Jongh Said, “That was very sweet with the children and very secret, and we really liked doing it that way.” She also added, “But we wanted to do it; we really wanted to do it for the kids. So we’re really happy that we did it in this humble way – our way.”

Thijs Romer and Igone De Jongh Marriage

Thijs Romer and Igone De Jongh Marriage

She seemed so happy, calling Thijs her husband, and now that she can finally introduce herself as Thijs’s’ wife, Igone De Jongh’s’ happiness was out of this world. She also mentioned that she does not believe in true love because she and Thijs have gone through a divorce once. However, she said that they are together because they love to do it, and being in a marriage is not an assignment. Every couple should love each other wholeheartedly so the relationship will last long.

As Thijs Romer is currently going through a lot of controversy and hardships, Igone De Jongh’s’ support will play a crucial part in his hard time.

Thijs Romer’s’ Recent Controversy – Indication Of His Divorce With Igone De Jongh

While Thijs Romer and his wife Igone De Jongh’s relationship was going great, Thijs Romer encountered the biggest issue. Teenage girls were the targets of three online sex crimes for which he was prosecuted. Critics claim that the crime took place in 2014–2015, during Thijs Romer and Katja Schuurman’s marriage.

The whole issue arose when a girl on tweeter posted a tweet claiming Thijs Romer’s’ transgressive behavior towards her. The 21-year-old girl mentioned that when she was 14 years old, Thijs Romer forced her to send nudes and also physically forced her. While he is still under trial, the investigation and evidence collection is still going on, and the investigators found that there was not any physical contact between Thijs Romer and those teenage girls; however, his online sex offense investigation is still going on.

Thijs Romer and Igone De Jongh Controversy

Thijs Romer controversy – Igone De Jongh did not respond

While Thijs Romer has denied all the allegations, Thijs Romer’s’ wife, Igone De Jongh, is very quiet about the whole situation that happened. When asked the Igone De Jongh’s’ management, there was no response from her and from her management. Even Thijs Romer’s’ lawyer said that until the case is ongoing, every related person to Thijs Romer will stay quiet.

It was also alleged that Igone De Jongh and Thijs Romer currently do not live under the same roof, as their relationship problems have increased recently. When asked, she said, “I am not going to say anything at all about this.” After this statement, her fans have already anticipated their separation going to happen soon; however, there is no official announcement.

Fans should wait until both Igone De Jhong and Thijs Romer make the announcement because it is not yet known if either of them will divorce one other. Only time will tell what will happen to this adorable couple, especially Thijs Romer, though we hope that everything is fine for him and Igone De Jongh.



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