Who Is Julia Roberts Married To? Read How The Long Term Couple Keep Up The Spark In A Long Term Marriage

Who Is Julia Roberts Married To? Read How The Long Term Couple Keep Up The Spark In A Long Term Marriage

Iconic love stories are nothing new to Julia Roberts, and no, we’re not only referring to her female lead roles in classic rom-com. It appears that Danny Moder, Roberts’ husband, is still creating a lot of romantic moments with the celebrity in real life. Though they may not have first met in a travel bookstore like in Notting Hill, Danny Moder and Julia Roberts are unquestionably a perfect match. Hazel and Phinnaeus, twins who are 17 years old, and Henry, 14, are the couple’s children. The pair got married in July 2002. Despite having been married for more than 20 years, Julia Roberts and Danny Moder’s marriage is more solid than ever.

How Did The Couple Meet? A Timeline Of Their Relationship

In 2000, Roberts and Daniel Moder met while producing The Mexican. Both Roberts and Moder were involved in other relationships at the time; Roberts was dating actor Benjamin Bratt, while Moder was wed to make-up artist Vera Steimberg. Early in 2002, when Moder and Steimberg parted ways, he married Roberts in a ceremony performed at her New Mexico ranch in July of that same year. And although Roberts stated in the aftermath that she was not the cause of the couple’s breakup, rumors about the incident followed the actress for a really long time.

Who Is Julia Roberts Married To? Read How The Long Term Couple Keep Up The Spark In A Long Term Marriage

Roberts was seen in a presently iconic photograph wearing a T-shirt that stated “a low Vera” across the front after the couple split up. However, during Oprah’s interview, she steadfastly declined to discuss the purpose behind the widely discussed tee. She described the fashion statement as being personal. After Moder’s divorce was confirmed, Roberts immediately got engaged, and on July 4, 2022, of the same year, they were married.

Roberts said in an interview with The Sun in 2019 that Marrying Danny was without a doubt one of the three pivotal moments in her life since she finally met her ideal spouse. She also added in the interview that she’s very proud of Danny… She added that she  doesn’t change anything about herself whenever she’s with Moder, and her husband draws attention to both her positive and poor qualities.”

Apart from how it started, Roberts and Moder’s relationship was quite unlike any she had ever experienced because the cameraman was much more popular and known than his wife. She had a brief engagement to Kiefer Sutherland, her co-star in the film Flatliners, but they split up a few days before their marriage was set to take place in 1991. She decided to marry the country singer Lyle Lovett in 1993, only three weeks after they first met. In 1995, they broke up. The Closer star has also been previously linked to Liam Neeson, Matthew Perry, Dylan McDermott, and others.

Roberts co-starred with Moder in the HBO film The Normal Heart, which received an Emmy nomination. Over the years, the couple has collaborated on various projects. When Roberts was working as a cinematographer on the set of The Mexican, he first met Moder. In 2003, the actress called her lover. She also asserted again that she doesn’t feel the need to change herself in front of him as she feels quite comfortable.

Who Is Julia Roberts Married To? Read How The Long Term Couple Keep Up The Spark In A Long Term Marriage

On July 4, the pair exchanged vows in a simple ceremony on Roberts’ farm outside Taos, New Mexico. Two years after their marriage, the couple welcomed Phinnaeus and Hazel. Henry, the third child of the couple, moved in with his sister & brother in 2007. Roberts claimed in a later interview that her kids don’t completely understand her celebrity life and the fact that she was and still is a heartthrob in the industry. Despite claims that the couple had broken up after not being seen together for several months, Julia dispelled the allegations by posting a beautiful picture of herself spending time with her spouse.

What Profession Does Moder Hold?

Speaking about such a power duo in Hollywood! Moder is a scriptwriter and director of photography. Along with such movies as Tuesdays With Morrie, Enemy of the State, and The Brave, he has also contributed to TV shows like The Normal Heart, in which Julia Roberts also featured. Roberts and Moder collaborated once more for the 2015 movie The Secret in Their Eyes, closing the cycle.

What’s The Secret To Maintaining Spark In A Long-Term Marriage: A Tiny Advice By Julia Roberts

Who Is Julia Roberts Married To? Read How The Long Term Couple Keep Up The Spark In A Long Term Marriage

When asked about how Julia and Moder keep their marriage private, Roberts has revealed the key to their lengthy marriage, even though the couple has maintained their marriage fairly private: lots of kissing. In April 2022, she commented on Sirius XM, “That’s the secret—never stop kissing. “Restroom with two sinks, tons of kissing.”

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