Patrick Dempsey Net Worth In 2022

Patrick Dempsey is a successful actor who, from a young age, was bad at his studies. And later, when he was 12 years old, it was discovered that he was suffering from dyslexia. But that didn’t stop him from achieving his dreams. And surprisingly, he gives the credit for his success to dyslexia because it gave him the mindset that — no matter what, you just have to work extra hard.

During his spare time, Patrick shared that he loves to do car racing and often participates in professional competitions. He grew up with his two elder sisters and one half-brother in the city of Lewiston, Maine. His mother, Amanda, and father, William, were both working. Although he didn’t like studying, he still used to participate in juggling competitions.

And one of the interesting things is during his school days, he used to take part in juggling competitions under the juniors category, and in one of the competitions, he even secured second place just behind Anthony Gatto (best technical juggler of all time).


Patrick Dempsey made his earnings from selling his home for $15 million, which he bought for $7 million, making him a profit of $8 million. He also earned a lot of buck from Grey’s Anatomy. In that television series, his earnings were $350,000 per episode or $8 million a season. From movies like Enchanted, he made around $750,000; from Freedom Writers, he made $500,000; and from Made of Honor, he made $4 million.

Patrick Dempsey’s Net Worth

As of November 2022, Patrick Dempsey has accumulated a net worth of $85 million. As disclosed earlier, the majority of his earnings came from television series and movies. Grey’s Anatomy is one of the most contributing to his net worth. He was there from the beginning till the 11th season. It is not given how much he made during his every season. But an estimate of $50 million will not be too far.

After this, he also had some huge movies like Freedom Writers, Enchanted, and Transformers: Dark of the Moon. We also know he often deals in real estate, with him making $8 million in just one sale. And he also exchanged one other real estate, which ended up in a loss. But from this, we can conclude that he and his wife have a keen interest in the real estate business too.

Patrick Dempsey’s Top Movies

In his career as an actor, Patrick is able to rack up an insane amount of achievements. He got his first prize in 1988 for the Best Young Actor in a Motion Picture – Comedy, in 2001, for Best Guest Actor in a Comedy Series (Will & Grace0, in 2002, for the Best Guest Actor in a Drama Series (Once and Again), in 2007 and 2008, he won Favorite Male TV Star,  in 2015, he won the title of Favorite Dramatic TV Actor. Below are some of Patrick Dempsey’s top movies.

Outbreak – 10 March 1995


A deadly airborne virus that threats the entire civilization has been discovered in the jungle of Africa. Two Army officers, Donald McClintock and William Ford are sent to gather more details regarding the virus and were also ordered to kill any soldiers or humans who have been in contact. Since then, 28 years have passed, and thankfully till now, the virus has been kept away from the reach of the public.

But it didn’t last any longer. Because the monkey that was transported into the country through illegal means was infected with the virus, and when the caretaker of the monkey got bitten, he, too, got infected. And soon, the infection started to spread from him to others and from others to many others.

But things started to get even worse when it was revealed that the higher officials already knew about this and didn’t initiate any action to prevent it. What was the reason for the higher officials to take this risky step? Which could end up eliminating the entire civilization.

Enchanted – 21 November 2007


In the world of a fairy tale, Narissa, who is the queen of Andalasia, is in worry about losing her throne to her stepson, Edward, once he marries his true love. To prevent this from happening, she sent her loyal servant, Nathaniel, to keep a check on him and to make sure he didn’t meet any girls.

But on his way to his hunt, he meets Giselle, who is a commoner hoping to meet her true love and to live a happy life after it. After meeting Giselle, they planned to marry each other the following day. The news reached the queen’s ears and magically sent Giselle to the real world. There she meets Robert and Morgan, who are father and daughter.

Seeing how lost Giselle is, they invite her to stay at their home. Soon Edward also reaches the real world and finds Giselle. He tries to convince her to get back to Andalasia, but she wants to first date him. Meanwhile, Nathaniel, who was asked to follow Edward, also reaches the real world, and just like Narissa’s orders, he tries to poison Giselle. But failed.

So, Narissa himself came to the real world and poisoned her. Giselle goes unconscious and lies down. But there was one trick to wake her. If Giselle is kissed by her true love before twelve, the poison will be cured. At first, everyone thought it was Edward, but when he was unsuccessful, Robert was forced to kiss her. And luckily, she woke up. Altogether, they defeat Narissa, and everyone lives a happy life after it.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon – 29 June 2011

transformers dark of the moon

Cybertronian spacecraft crash-landed on the dark sides of the earth’s moon in 1961. The news soon reaches out to NASA. To get more details about the crash, President John F. Kennedy commands NASA to send their men to the dark region of the moon. And all the details regarding this mission shouldn’t be disclosed to the public. Sam Witwicky has a new girlfriend now.

The Decepticons are planning to finish their war against the Autobots. And it seems their victory is very certain. To have an edge in the war, Optimus Prime resurrect Sentinel Prime so that their team will have a more experienced leader. But it didn’t work out. Hope you liked the article. Have a great day ahead.:)