Did Machine Gun Kelly And Megan fox Break Up? How Did They Fall In Love With Each Other?

Love birds Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly have managed to grab the attention of the media and public for a long. These two are famous for their unusual tactics and especially their PDA. They entered into a relationship in 2020. These two have been through many ups and downs in their relationship. Both love to indulge in PDA, which they display at multiple events, as well as on their social media accounts. Recently fans have been speculating about their relationship status. They desire to know whether the couple has broken up or still going strong.

Well, Megan and Kelly’s relationship has always kept the rumor mills buzzing. Though both of them got engaged earlier this year, things aren’t too good between this fiesty couple. Multiple sources have reported how the couple is facing compatibility issues. But at the same time, Megan and Kelly debunk the rumors either by appearing at an event together or posting lovely comments for each other on their social media. Both are busy individuals, and it is expected for them to face issues in their relationship.

Megan Fox Current Boyfriend
Megan and Kelly’s relationship has always kept the rumor mills buzzing.

Megan’s Breakup With Austin 

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly crossed each other’s paths in 2020 when they were shooting for Midnight in the Switchgrass. Both the co-stars started to develop a liking for each other despite the fact that Megan was already married to Austin Green. After a few months, both started making frequent appearances together. The media and the public started speculating about their relationship. These rumors started turning true when Austin Green disclosed in his podcast that he and Fox were heading for a breakup.

Megan Fox Ex Husband
Megan Fox and Austin Green had been married for 10 years.

The couple, who had been married for 10 years, have three sons- Journey, Noah, and Budhi. However, it was widely believed that the reason for this breakup was Fox’s growing closeness with Kelly. But Green made it clear that neither Kelly nor Fox were villains. Even before Fox met Kelly, Green and Fox’s marriage was full of troubles. He has been living separately from Fox since 2019.

Megan And Kelly Enter Into A Relationship

But the media wasn’t really buying Green’s explanation of this messy situation. According to multiple sources, Fox and Kelly were growing fond of each other with the passage of time. They had hectic work schedules and consequently started spending time with each other. Soon their friendship took a romantic turn. Both started spending even more time together and began to date each other officially. The couple would often be spotted showing PDA during any event. Both would travel together to the sets. They were spotted together at the airport while leaving for Puerto Rico to resume shooting their project- Midnight in the Switchgrass.

Megan  Calls Kelly Her Twin Flame

Fox and Kelly have been often termed as the twin flame couple. Now how did this term actually originate? It was during a podcast when Fox termed Kelly as her twin flame. She was engaging in a conversation with  Susan Miller during the podcast. Fox further explained the term stating that whenever she is in a room with him, she can feel that energy and vibes. A twin flame should not be confused with a soul mate.

Megan Fox Partner
Fox and Kelly have been often termed as the twin flame couple.

According to Megan, a  twin flame is when a soul has reached a height where it could be easily divided into two distinct bodies. Fox expressed it with joy that they both were actually two halves of a single soul. This revelation was seen as an official confirmation of Kelly and Fox’s relationship. The couple is known for indulging in frequent PDAs. They have been captured at multiple award functions and events, flaunting their love for each other.

Megan And Kelly Are Engaged

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly got engaged in January 2022. They disclosed this news as both posted a heartening proposal video on their Instagram accounts. Congratulations poured in soon for the lovely couple. Megan dressed in a gorgeous bralette and skirt brimmed with joy as Kelly proposed to her. They stood under a banyan tree and were surrounded by candles all around them.

Megan Fox engagement ring
Megan flaunts her engagement ring.

Megan explained in her post that the particular place held a lot of significance for both of them. They would often sit there preparing for the hardships of the future. The atypical place filled them with positivity to face the challenges of life. Megan’s engagement ring soon became the talk of the town. Kelly selected a stunning ring that was comprised of diamonds and emeralds. The value of ring is priced at $300,000. Kelly surely wanted to ensure that he made the event memorable for Megan.

How Did The Breakup Rumors Surface? 

Both Megan and Kelly are known for their PDA. Since they started dating, both kept on commenting on each other’s posts and regularly updating fans about their love life. So when Kelly suddenly made disappearance from her feed,  the fans were left amused. Someone who would post quirky pictures of her steamy love life stopped it all of a sudden. However, the ardent fans of the couple had started observing cracks in the relationship much earlier. During the American Music Awards, Kelly was not with Fox.

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly Breakup
Megan and Kelly often indulge in PDA.

He walked the red carpet with his daughter from one of his previous relationships. Kelly and his 13-year-old daughter rocked the carpet as they posed with all smiles and joy on their faces. Kelly became a father when he was merely 18. Though the father-daughter duo impressed everyone on the red carpet, fans were quick to notice the absence of Fox. Speculations started arising on social media soon. The fact that Fox chose not to accompany Kelly for such a big event surely raised many eyebrows. 

Megan Snubs Kelly

The rumors of their break up surfaced once again during the 2022  Daily Front Row Awards. When Kelly leaned forward to kiss his lady love, she appeared to resist it. Fox appeared completely uninterested and unimpressed by Kelly’s gesture. It was quite an awkward moment for Kelly as he realized that Fox had snubbed her in front of all. Kelly tried to take control of the awkward situation by laughing it off. But this incident did strengthen the rumors that everything was not well between Jennifer’s Body actress and her boyfriend, Kelly.

Is Megan Fox married?
Megan snubbed Kelly at an event.

What Do Sources Say?

According to sources,  Megan and Kelly will be tying the knot very soon. There is no denying the fact both have suffered many ups and downs in their whirlwind relationship. But both are trying their best to sort out all their problems and get to the position they are standing in today. Many people believe that Kelly isn’t mature enough. He still acts like a teenager, and Fox is having trouble dealing with him. 

Megan Fox latest update
Megan and Kelly are still in a relationship.

Infact at one point, Meghan was done with him, and things turned quite sour between both them. But despite all the hardships, they are still very much together. They get indulged in arguments but are quick to move on. Well, this sounds quite true as whenever the public assumes that both have finally ended their relationship, they appear together in some event. 


Latest Update On Their Relationship

Megan and Kelly’s relationship has seen quite a lot of turmoil. But at the same time, whenever people assume that the couple is all set to part ways, they surprise everyone by appearing together. Megan generated buzz on social media last month when she posted several selfies. The focus of these selfies was the many rings on her left hand. Now fans quickly noted that Megan wasn’t wearing the most important ring- yes, her anniversary ring.

Are Meghan and Kelly in love with each other?
Megan and Kelly’s relationship has gone through many ups and downs

While Megan was busy flaunting those beautiful rings on her hand, she ditched her engagement ring. But this cannot be seen as any confirmed sign of their breakup. Megan and Kelly both appeared together in the same month during the TIME100 Next Gala in New York City.

So we can say that the couple seems to be sailing through tough times, but they are managing it well and not heading for any breakup as of now. Turmoils are part and parcel of every celebrity couple’s life, and Megan and Kelly are no different.