Who Is I Am A Celeb Star Seann Walsh’s Partner? Here Are All The Details


There have been a lot of controversies since I’m A Celebrity returned with a brand-new season. For this year’s series, the program welcomed a fresh group of well-known characters to the Australian jungle. The ITV show occasionally has a latecomer or two, and in this episode, it was comedian Seann Walsh and former health minister Matt Hancock.

What is known about Seann Walsh’s love life, and who is Seann Walsh’s partner in light of the 2018 scandal? For those who don’t know, when those images of Seann Walsh and his professional dancer Katya Jones surfaced in 2018, the entire internet was utterly stunned.

Seann Walsh (Credits: Freshers LIVE)

Seann and Katya were seen kissing when Katya was still married to Strictly pros Neil Jones and Seann was in a relationship with Rebecca Humphries, respectively. What’s worse is that. Rebecca’s birthday was the same day when the photographs were taken. Seann was rejected by Rebecca after she saw him kissing Katya on a wild night out as she was waiting at home to celebrate her birthday.

While Seann refused to accept responsibility and instead blamed his connection with Rebecca, Katya instantly apologized to her spouse, fellow professional dancer Neil Jones. But eventually, there is no longer any animosity between him and his ex-girlfriend Rebecca Humpries.

Who is Seann Walsh’s Partner?

Currently, Seann Walsh and dance instructor Grace Adderley are dating. Since 2019, 36-year-old Seann has been living with 30-year-old Grace. Grace began dancing at the age of six and began professional training at the age of sixteen.

Seann Walsh With His Girlfriend

After graduating from dance school, she performed in Jack and the Beanstalk at Watford Palace Theatre before embarking on a global dancing career. This includes dancing in 16 Indian-produced films and appearing on stage in Turkish theatres. She has also performed as a dancer on cruise ships and traveled the west coast of America with a circus as a showgirl.

After teaching in secondary schools and dance studios, Grace is now a full-time teacher in the UK. Her dancing specialties include tap, jazz, modern, hip hop, jazz, belly dance, and Bollywood. She also has a penchant for choreography.

She composes on her site: “In the wake of functioning as a full-time artist for an extremely extensive stretch from one side of the planet to the other, I as of now teach dance and performance full-time at a secondary school. In addition to training women up to the age of 70, I have choreographed several performances for kids aged 3 to 18″.

Is Seann Walsh’s Partner Pregnant?

It is believed that the two started dating in 2019. Despite keeping their relationship’s specifics hidden, Seann and Grace are anticipating their first kid in February. As per Metro, Seann uncovered the pregnancy to everyone by means of an Instagram live when he was doing a gig in Stamford, Lincolnshire, at that point. His companion said, “So you’re going to be a father? When he said, “Im having a child.”

Seann’s companion said, “That’s troubling,” to which Seann just answered, “Yeah.” Unbelievable was Seann’s answer to this. That’s the worst answer yet; everyone else has been so kind. He made it plain that his friend is a father, and he continued by warning him about the challenges of being a parent, stating, “You’re going to have a lot more problems.”

Grace Adderley, Seann Walsh’s partner, has even stated that she won’t go online because she doesn’t want to see harsh remarks about him. But the soon-to-be mother is hopeful that after his time in the Australian wilderness, people will start to recognize the comic for the devoted husband that he is.


The comedian was entangled in the maelstrom of the “Strictly curse” when he made an appearance on Strictly Come Dancing in 2018. Despite the fact that she was married at the time, he was once photographed sharing a kiss with professional dancer Katya Jones. Grace is concerned that those who are watching Seann on TV will once again scrutinize him online because Seann’s notoriety has followed him into the jungle, according to the Mirror.

All of the responses from friends, family, and coworkers have been quite encouraging, she claimed. “I don’t want to look online because it upsets me if someone writes something bad, and he can’t read it anyhow, so all I am doing is hurting myself.” Grace was also questioned about if the Seann we are witnessing in the jungle is acting exactly as he does at home or whether everything is just a performance.

It seems as though he’s similarly as happy at home. Grace answered: ‘Seann is in a real sense chuckling constantly, and in light of the fact that his giggle is so loud even the neighbors informed me, ‘gracious we truly miss hearing Seann snicker toward the beginning of the day.’