Kelly Rowland Net Worth 2022: How Did She Get Rich?

Kelly Rowland

American actress, singer, and tv personality, Kelly Rowland. Simply Deep, Kelly Rowland’s first studio album, sold more than 3 million copies worldwide and debuted at number one on the UK Albums Chart when it was released in 2002. Most people are curious about Kelly Rowland’s net worth. 

Thus, this page has been updated with new information. Some people may be interested in finding out more information about the lives of the celebrities they like. Kelly Rowland’s revenues from her music career, as well as her company profits, have been used to calculate her net worth.

Kelly Rowland’s Earnings

On her several social media profiles, including Instagram and TikTok, Kelly Rowland has more than 20 million followers. Kelly Rowland is contacted by companies to market their goods on her social media platforms. Kelly Rowland may get up to $100,000 for each of these sponsored or brand promotion posts. 

Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland has made nearly $4 Million from these brand sponsorships during the last 12 months.

What Is The Net Worth of Kelly Rowland?

American singer, songwriter, actor, and television personality Kelly Rowland has a $30 million net worth. Kelly Rowland earns millions of dollars from Spotify and other music businesses as music royalties. She is most known for being a part of the legendary American R&B girl group Destiny’s Child, which sold more records than any other female group in history.

Kelly Rowland Initial Years

Kelendria Trene Rowland was given the name Kelly Rowland on February 11, 1981, in Atlanta, Georgia. She is Doris Rowland Garrison’s and Christopher Lovett’s daughter. Her mother separated from her drunken, abusive, and PTSD-afflicted father when she was six years old. 

She relocated to Houston with her mother, brother Orlando, and herself. Beyonce Knowles, a friend and future bandmate, and her family welcomed Rowland into their home in 1995.

Destiny’s Child

Beyoncé Knowles and Kelly Rowland played in the early 1990s band Girl’s Tyme, and they even participated in the Star Search talent competition. Despite losing, they persisted in giving performances at community gatherings, including weddings and festivals, while also showcasing their singing and dancing skills.

They appeared at record company auditions and were originally signed to Elektra Records but were eventually released. The group had a record contract with Columbia by 1997 under the name Destiny’s Child, and Matthew Knowles, Beyoncé Knowles’ father, was in charge of managing it. 

With the release of their multi-platinum second album, The Writing was on the Wall, in 1999, the band finally experienced success. Many of their most well-known tunes, such as “Bills, Bills, Bills,” “Jumpin Jumpin,” and “Say My Name,” were included on this album. The latter went on to win Grammy awards and eventually became their most popular song at the time. 

Their song “Independent Women Part 1” was included on the Charlie’s Angels album in 2000. The track’s popularity propelled the women to become overnight celebrities. Survivor, their third album, debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard charts when it was released in May 2001. The number one instant smash “Bootylicious” came from this album. 

Over 12 million copies of Survivor have been sold globally as of today.

Career As An Individual

In 2007, Rowland released Ms. Kelly, her second album, which included the global successes “Like This” and “Work,” after the breakup of Destiny’s Child in 2005. The No. 1 dance track by DJ David Guetta is “When Love Takes Over.” featuring Rowland in 2009. Rowland also hosted the first season of The Fashion Show in 2009. 

Rowland’s third album, Here I Am (2011), produced the worldwide top-ten smash “Commander” and the US R&B/Hip-Hop No. 1 single, “Motivation,” and it was inspired by the song’s widespread popularity that she decided to experiment with dance music. After a wardrobe malfunction occurred at a performance in New Jersey in 2011, the singer gained media attention. 

Kelly Rowland

For a short moment during the accident, the singer’s chest was seen. In 2011, she served as a judge for The X Factor UK’s eighth season, and in 2013, she was appointed to the third and final season of The X Factor U.S. 

Talk a Good Game, Rowland’s fourth album, was released in 2013 to favorable reviews and a debut at No. 4 on the Billboard Hot 100. It marked a return to Rowland’s R&B origins. In addition, Rowland has worked with many other musicians on a variety of songs, including Lil Wayne and Big Sean, as well as Nelly on the smash song “Dilemma.” 

Whitney Houston and Janet Jackson have been named as Rowland’s two main inspirations. Along with Mariah Carey, Beyonce, and Sade, she has been mentioned as an influence. Rowland has had nine singles in the UK’s top 10 and other recordings that have topped the charts as a solo artist in the United States.

Acting Career Of Kelly

With a cameo appearance in the comedy The Hughleys in 2002, Kelly made his acting debut. After that, she had brief appearances on Eve and Girlfriends as well as other UPN programs. She portrayed Martha Reeves of Martha & The Vandellas in the 2003 episode of the NBC miniseries American Dreams. 

The group’s popular song “Nowhere to Run” was covered by her. In the 2004 horror movie Freddy vs. Jason, Kelly made her big-screen debut. She portrayed Kia Waterson as one of the main characters. 

Despite receiving poor reviews, the movie took the top spot at the domestic box office with a massive $36.4 million in its opening weekend, earning a total of $114 million globally. In 2005, she made her big-screen comeback by starring with Duane Martin and Shemar Moore in The Seat Filler. 

Will and Jada Pinkett Smith oversaw the film’s production. In 2006, The Seat Filler was immediately released on DVD after playing at a select few film festivals. Rowland contributed vocals to two tracks on the soundtrack. Rowland had a 2008 Sex and the City movie audition, but Jennifer Hudson won the part of Louise.

Kelly starred in a supporting role with Chris Brown and Gabrielle Union in the movie Think Like a Man in 2012. Rowland received Ultimate TV Personality for her work on The X-Factor at the 2011 Cosmo Ultimate Women of the Year awards. Additionally, she received the Glamour Women of the Year award for TV Personality of the Year.

Kelly Rowland’s Personal Life

Kelly Rowland

In 2011, Rowland and Tim Weatherspoon, her manager, started dating. While in a broadcast on The Queen Latifah Show in 2013, she announced their engagement. On May 9, 2014, they exchanged vows in Costa Rica. She invited her old Destiny’s Child bandmates as guests. Their first child, Titan Jewell Weatherspoon, was born to Rowland in November 2014.


1. who is Kelly Rowland?

A well-known American singer is Kelly Rowland. As of right now, Kelly Rowland, 41, has been alive since her birth on February 11th, 1981.

2. Just how much money is Kelly Rowland worth?

A $12 million singer from America, Kelly Rowland has a successful career. 11 February 1981 marked Kelly Rowland’s birth.

3. How much weight does Kelly Rowland have?

American singer Kelly Rowland, who is popular, is 58 kg heavy. In the article mentioned above, learn more about Kelly Rowland.

4. What is Kelly Rowland’s height?

The 1.73 m tall singer Kelly Rowland is from the United States.

5. Kelly Rowland’s age is…

11 February 1981 marked Kelly Rowland’s birth. Forty-one years old Kelly Rowland is.

Conclusion –

One of our generation’s most recognizable Hip-Hop stars is Kelly Rowland. In the most famous girl’s group to date, Destiny’s Child, where she rose to stardom alongside Beyoncé Knowles, Rowland became a female icon in the music business. Rowland has established herself as a real triple threat despite having a long and successful singing career. 

Rowland went on to carve out a successful acting career for herself after Destiny’s Child split in 2005, appearing in both popular television programs and motion pictures. She has also used her renowned musical abilities to coach contestants on several foreign seasons of The Voice and X-Factor while continuing to be an activist for the poor. 

But just how much money has Rowland made over her career? Kelly Rowland’s current estimated net worth is $30 million. Despite Beyoncé Knowles’ $400 million net worth, she is still Destiny’s Child’s second-richest member.