Who Is Liam Neeson Dating? Everything You Need To Know!

who is liam neeson dating

Who has not heard the name Liam Neeson? We are sure everyone has heard this name, whether it is kids or youth. In case you have not heard this name, let us introduce you all to him. Liam Neeson is one of the most famous actors of all time all over the world. He is also known for his outstanding work on stage. In The Irish Times list of Ireland’s 50 Greatest Film Actors, he was placed in seventh place, which is a very big deal for actors. He was also appointed to the post of Officer of the Order of the British Empire. This happened in 2020.

Liam Neeson: Early Life and Career

who is liam neeson dating

Liam Nesson was born on June 7, 1952, to Katherine “Kitty” Neeson and Bernard “Barney” Neeson in  Ballymena, County Antrim. Katherine was a cook, while Bernard was a primary school caretaker. He was raised through the way of Catholicism, and he was named after a local priest. He also has three sisters. He went to  St Patrick’s College, Ballymena. According to him, his love of drama started here.

He grew up as a Catholic in a Protestant town, and this made him cautious. He recalls that sometimes, he would even feel like a second-class citizen there. However, he was never made to feel inferior to them.

After his education was completed at the University, he did various casual jobs. Meanwhile, he also attended a teacher training college for nearly two years. His first film experience was in 1997, when he played the role of Jesus Christ. After three years, he worked with Stephen Rea, Mick Lally, and various other actors.

He was offered the role of  Oskar Schindler in  Schindler’s List. He was cast for the role in December 1992 after he passed the audition. He has been seen in various movies. Some of these include Memory, Silence, A Monster Calls, The Marksman, The Haunting, Known, The Next Three Days, Run All Night, Darkman, Made in Italy, Gangs of New York, Chloe, Operation Chromite, and many more.

In his career, he has won many Awards, such as Chicago Film Critics Association Awards for Best Actor, Evening Standard British Film Awards for Best Actor in 1996, and many more.

Who is Liam Neeson Dating?

In 1993, he met actress Natasha Richardson and the couple married soon. They had two sons together. However, fate was not in her support as Natasha died from a severe head injury. Till then, he has not been in a serious relationship with anyone. However, he has been seen on casual dates, but it would be wrong to say that he was serious with anyone.

However, in 2016, rumors began that he had been dating someone when he confessed in an interview that he was dating someone incredibly famous. However, he did not reveal her name, saying it would affect her image, popularity, and personal life. He never took her name at any point. Since then, his name has been linked to every famous actress in Hollywood, from January Jones to Twilight star Kristen Stewart. His name was also linked with Susan Sarandon.

who is liam neeson dating

However, Liam called his name, being linked to Kristen being the most senseless act. After that, he ended all the rumors about the mystery girl telling the media that the statement made by him was nothing but a joke. Although his publicist said, he was actually dating someone. This statement becomes the spark to keep the rumors of his dating life alive in the media. The actor’s name was also linked to one of the most successful businesswomen, Freya St. Johnston, as they have been going on and off since 2010. Although, there was news of them being separated. The reason behind this separation was Liam’s choice to be with his sons for the maximum time. He also believed that it was too early, as it had been only three years since his wife’s death.

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