Who Is Cheryl Burke Dating After Divorce With Her Husband?


On Valentine’s Day, the majority of individuals cuddle up with a box of chocolates and their significant other. Cheryl Burke did the exact opposite on Valentine’s Day this year, though. Her three-year marriage to Matthew Lawrence was the subject of the day’s proceedings to divorce him. After more than nine months, it has been reported that their divorce has now been legally formalized, bringing a difficult chapter to a close.

Cheryl Burke

For those who don’t know, Cheryl Burke is a famous American dancer, model, and TV personality who became well-known after winning ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. Burke, a professional dancer who has over 25 years of experience and several championships, danced her way into the hearts of millions of people on the iconic ABC television show Dancing with the Stars. Burke is an Emmy nominee. She was the first professional woman to win the tournament, as well as the first to do it twice.

She attracted media interest once more when she was selected to replace the legendary reality series Dance Moms’ original coach. A six-year-old dancer who later began performing professionally in the Bay Area began taking ballet classes. She started training in both conventional and Latin ballroom dancing after winning the ballroom dancing talent contest. So Who is Cheryl Burke dating? Is there anyone who has caught her interest or not? Let’s find out!

Cheryl Burke’s Divorce With Matthew Lawrence

When Matthew’s brother, Joey Lawrence, participated in season three of Dancing with the Stars, Cheryl and Matthew initially connected there. They dated for around a year, but their relationship ended. They reconnected with one another year later, and they were married in 2017.

Sadly, Matthew and Cheryl’s marriage only lasted a short time, and divorce has taken up the majority of 2022. The professional dancer from Dancing with the Stars filed for divorce in February, giving January 7th as the separation date. They essentially had one nice week in 2022 before everything started to go south.

Cheryl Burke, Along With Her Then Husband, Matthew Lawrence

In her divorce petition, Cheryl stated that the two parties’ issues were unbridgeable. She comprehends that she has consistently guaranteed that she is very easy to be read by her fans, she endeavors to be, and she understands there isn’t exactly a straightforward method for telling her fans that her marriage was finishing, she said on Instagram when she first broke the news to her followers. She added that she hoped her followers could get that she was requesting solitude and understanding and would not be making any additional comments at this time.

The time soon comes for Cheryl to say goodbye to Matthew forever. The divorce is official now, according to court records, and the ex-lovers appear to be keeping things amicable. They intend to uphold their prenuptial covenant. There won’t be a fight over how to divide the assets, and none of them will get spousal maintenance. There is still one issue, though, and that is the ongoing custody dispute over their dog, Ysabella.


Is Cheryl Burke Dating Anyone After Her Divorce?

At this point, Cheryl Burke is dating nobody. “It’s simply my Frenchie and me,” the 38-year-old said when she was getting some information about her dating life post-split from Matthew Lawrence. She said she had been level-headed now for quite some time, and with that comes self-reflecting. She’s simply figuring out how to cherish herself and truly figure out how to be separated from everyone else rather than desolate. She believes she really must lay out that relationship with herself, so she doesn’t progress forward with that equivalent example of men and connections.

The Dancing With the Stars proclaimed during the first episode of her Burke in the Game podcast that she isn’t yet ready to dip a toe in the dating pool subsequent to seeking legal separation from her alienated spouse Matthew Lawrence in February. Following her divorce, numerous concerns surfaced, but one, in particular, stood out: Is Cheryl Burke dating anyone?


It appears that she isn’t ready to let any men into her life. Cheryl, however, is more concerned with how she may “grow” so that she will be able to date once more in the future. She has no idea how long this process will take, nor does she believe it is necessary. The 38-year-old said that it’s crucial for other women to know “they’re not alone” if they’ve just ended or divorced from long-term partnerships. Cheryl said that she is not only not prepared but also not interested in meeting new people.

In the interactive podcast Burke In The Game, which Cheryl just started, viewers will get to pick when she dates. She stated that the questions she poses are entirely up to the viewers. But Cheryl Burke is finally ready to date again after her separation from Matthew Lawrence. The former Dancing with the Stars participant recently acknowledged that she would eventually need to “start moving out of my comfort zone and out of this place” in order to start dating again.