Is Mark Ballas Married? Everything We Know About BC Jean

A Sweet marriage! When Mark Ballas and BC Jean (real English name Jean Kelson) met, they formed their own band before falling in love. “We met the singer last night at his friend’s house. It was a great party with singers and musicians,” recalled the professional dancer to Rough Magazine in March 2022 after meeting him. He barely listened.” And he thought he liked what he heard.”

After the first meeting – They did not understand Jean’s singing style – the two swapped instruments and immediately hit it off. After several years of dating, Ballas got engaged in November 2015, Us Weekly confirmed. A year later, “he married a dancing couple in Texas. I had the honor of being the best man at my brother’s wedding.”

In front of friends with Julian Gough and Balls, Theodore Gough posted on Instagram that he found love today under a beautiful oak tree in front of his family. “Like mayonnaise, tall and proud at once. Always stick together. Stand firm and dig your roots deep enough for every storm and always stay strong and high in the sky.”… and have fun together. Year. Good “Oh, I love you.”

Mark Ballas and BC Jean

Who is Mark Bellas’ wife?

Alexander Jean’s music goes through a love story that changes with the next chapter. “I still can’t tell you how I feel, my life is always stronger with you, and you won my heart,” the two-time mirror ball champion wrote on Instagram in November. Note: “I never laughed with you, never enjoyed the world, time, nature, and life like you.”

“It keeps me guessing and makes me smarter every day,” he said. You make me a better person, and I can’t imagine life without famous monsters, and you know I’d be afraid of the ocean if I didn’t care. … Tell me I love you a little. I promise to say this every day of my life.”

BC Jean comes from a musical family, and she came from a strong musical family and said her grandfather worked with Broadway Wise Perry Como and Fred Waring. Dad also played the trumpet.

Mark Ballas & BC Jean on their wedding day

“I started making music at a young age,” Jean told BroadwayWiz. “When I was five or six years old, I used to write poems secretly at night to express my feelings and tears.” A love story. My poems become poems.” I started singing when I was 13 years old, and she made me sing, and then I started studying. I learned to play the piano at a young age.

For her and Mark Ballas, it was love at first sight. In an interview with Reef magazine, the couple opened up about their first meeting with each other at a party where Blass sang one of Jean’s songs. “He can’t see me. He can only hear me.” Jin said. “And I think he liked what he heard.”

Ballas said, “When I got there, the whole room was watching this girl on stage, and she killed it. Her voice made me feel like Janis Joplin. I was stunned.” After exchanging numbers, the couple quickly developed a rapport, and Jean said, “I realized we had great chemistry on and off stage.” They finally became involved in music in 2015 when they formed the band, Alexandre Jean, a combination of their middle names.

He wrote one of Beyoncé’s biggest songs. Gene is not only a talented musician but also a talented songwriter who wrote “No I Was a Boy” for Beyoncé. Jean, who wrote a song about a personal breakup, told Songwriting magazine that she originally wanted to record the track herself, but when Beyoncé heard the demo, she wanted it on the album.

“I wrote from such personal experience. I never thought someone else would want to sing about my ex-boyfriend!” Jean told the publication. “So I said, ‘Tell him to thank you,’ but he said, ‘No, you can’t have him. He must have this song!’ Next thing I know, Beyoncé is singing, and I’m signed to Clive.” Davis’ label, J Records.”

Mark Ballas. Credits: People

Jean and Ballas share an adorable dog named Hendrix and regularly share their photos on social media. He sees Mark Ballas as his muse. Speaking to PEOPLE and their music, Jean mentioned that she and Ballas inspire each other a lot when creating new work. He said, ‘We are admirers of each other. If one goes down, the other takes them up.”