Who Is Larry Lamb’s Wife? Everything We Know

Larry Lamb is a well-known actor and radio host in the United Kingdom. For his memorable appearances in BBC series including EastEnders, Gavin & Stacey, and New Tricks, the 75-year-old artist is well known. He was also a contestant on I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! in 2016. Owing to his long career, he is much loved by fans throughout the world.

Since the seasoned actor has worked on British television for many years, people have naturally been quite interested in his personal and family life. Unfortunately, all three of Larry Lamb’s marriages—which he had—ended in divorce.

He has dated other women throughout the years following his unsuccessful marriages, but none of the relationships resulted in marriage. Here is all the information you need to know about Larry Lamb’s prior relationships.

Larry Lamb and His Failed Marriages

Larry Lamb wife
Larry Lamb

Anita Wisebey was Larry’s first spouse. Both of them got hitched young. In 1958, Larry married Anita in London at the age of 21. Later, during a media interview, Larry revealed that he wed Anita after they learned she was expecting. At the time, he believed that marrying her would be the proper decision.

Sadly, the couple’s marriage did not last long, and they quickly filed for divorce. Larry had left the nation following his first divorce. During his time in Germany, he met American nurse Jacquie Parris while working at a gas station. After Anita, she ultimately became his second wife. The second time Larry got divorced, this marriage also ended in a quick divorce.

The third wife of Larry Lamb was Linda Martin. In 1979, the pair exchanged vows. At the time Larry began his acting career, Linda was a well-known Irish singer. This marriage, in contrast to his prior unions, lasted for more than fifteen years. However, the couple finally called it quits and filed for divorce in 1996.

Women Larry Lamb Had Dated

Larry dated a couple of additional ladies in between his unsuccessful marriages and divorces. In the 1970s, Larry and Lady Colin Campbell had a short-lived romance that lasted for around six months following his second divorce.

Lady Colin Campbell has authored seven novels on the British Royal family, sometimes known as Lady C. The biography named Diana, Princess of Wales, has outperformed the others very well. In 1996, following his third divorce, Larry began dating Clare Burt. They were together for over 20 years, even though they never got married.

Larry Lamb and Marie Hugo

Larry began seeing Marie Victorine, a French artist who went by the name Marie Hugo, after splitting with his longtime lover Clare Burt. Following their breakup with Clare, Larry and Marie were sighted together in 2016 in various locations.

Larry Lamb’s Children

Larry Lamb wife
Larry Lamb and George Lamb

Three daughters and one son, born to various spouses, are the offspring of Larry Lamb. Anita, his first wife, gave birth to his first kid. Her name is Vanessa, but they don’t have a good connection. Larry acknowledges that his only encounter with his first child was when she was a baby. After Larry and her mother divorced, they never met.

After all these years, her whereabouts were just recently discovered. An inquiry revealed that Vanessa was now residing in Murcia, Spain. It appears that Larry now has a granddaughter who is enrolled at an English university. In front of the media, he freely states that he now regrets leaving his daughter behind at the moment.

Thankfully, he gets along considerably better with George Lamb, his second child, than he does with his first. The third wife of Larry, Linda, gave birth to George. Larry and George get along well as a father and son, and they are frequently seen together. George pursues a career in entertainment, just like his father. He is presently employed as a TV host.

In 2012, the pair even shared a screen on the ITV program The Parent Trip. Eva Mathilde and Eloise are two kids that Larry has with his longtime partner Clare Burt. Following in her parent’s footsteps, the older daughter Eloise has also entered the entertainment industry. For a very long time, Larry Lamb has enjoyed a very prosperous career in the entertainment industry.

But he has seen ups and downs in his personal life. He allegedly said in a few interviews that because of his parents’ challenging upbringing, he sometimes felt unable to love people. Despite having a difficult upbringing, Larry spent most of his time in front of the media in three unsuccessful marriages and other committed relationships with other women.

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