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August Alsina’s Declaration Of Love – Everthing You Need To Know About His New Partner

Who is August Alsina's Current Partner
Who is August Alsina's Current Partner?

Two years after the “Entanglement” controversy with Will Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, August Alsina currently appears to be in a new relationship. While fans could not get over what August Alsina claimed two years prior regarding the entanglement issue, August Alsina supposedly has a new partner who may belong to the LGBTQ community.

August Alsina, the American singer who has been working really hard in the music industry since he released his first song in the year 2007 at the age of 14, has always been in complex relationships. His love life has never been sorted, as he always caught himself in love–related issues.

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett first refused to acknowledge that August ever dated Jada Pinkett when August Alsina claimed that they had a romantic relationship and that Will Smith had given him permission to date his wife. However, she then acknowledged that they were in a relationship, calling their relationship ‘an Entanglement.’ In the year 2020, August also released a song titled “Entanglements,” in which he made reference to his relationship with Jada Pinkett Smith, which drew the attention of the fans.

August Alsina’s new relationship news recently surfaced, shocking his fans and stimulating them to learn more about his enigmatic love life. The internet was shocked on November 21, 2022, when August Alsina revealed his new partner, who appears to be homosexual or bisexual. August Alsina’s love life is currently the topic of conversation as everyone has got so curious about his new partner and his sexuality.

August Alsina Revealed His New Partner On The TV Show

The names Jada Pinkett Smith, Miracle Watts, and Kayla Phillips are among the most amazing and beautiful women romantically linked with August Alsina from Hollywood and the music industry, according to who’s dated who. Because August Alsina has always appeared to be straight and no one has ever suspected his sexual orientation, discussions about August Alsina’s sexuality are currently sweeping the internet.

A mystery man was introduced by August Alsina at the conclusion of “The Surreal Life” on VH1 on November 21, 2022. He first began talking about love, and when a man sat down next to him, August gave him a bear hug while declaring his love for him.

August Alsina and his boyfriend

August Alsina and his boyfriend

August said that his love showed up in a new way. He continued by saying that he wanted to share and honor the person whom August loves, and that person also loves him back. The person that August loves inspired him a lot about love and healing. In addition, August claimed that his love goes against how most people perceive love and that, for this reason, he wants to show it to the world. When the man arrived, August said, “I love you,” and gave him a hearty hug.

Fans were so happy to know that August has finally found his love, but at the same time, they were shocked as well because, unknowingly, August declared who is his current partner and how much he loved him.

Also, fans are really curious about August Alsina’s sexuality now because he has never dated a man previously. However, the good news is August Alsina declared his love in front of the whole world, and he is seemingly spending a great time with his new boyfriend; that is what fans always wanted for August Alsina, to find the love he deserves.

Who Is August Alsina’s New Partner?

As fans were so excited about knowing who is the gorgeous man who hugged August Alsina, saying I Love You, they managed to find out everything about the mysterious man, La Zu. August Alsina’s two albums, ‘yeah- yeah’ and ‘2 AM’ were altogether launched with La Zu under the name Za Pack. August and Zu both adorably embrace their duo name ‘Za Pack,’ which they also mentioned in the bio of their Instagram.

August Alsina's Boyfriend La Zu

August Alsina’s Boyfriend, La Zu

Additionally, August Alsina even posted a picture with La Zu mentioning him in the caption, saying, “thank you for showing genuine love and lacing me.” It also seems that August Alsina calls him his bro. AugustAlsinaa has frequently posted about La Zu on his social media; however, he always called him ‘bro’; that confused fans about their actual relationship.

It is very exciting to learn that August Alsina is dating someone who supported him during his darkest moments and is now working alongside him during his brightest, even though everything still needs to be made clear from August’s viewpoint.

Let us wait for an update from August Alsina while celebrating his new and happy love life, and let us hope that he will soon clarify the situation and explain how it all began.

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