David Faustino’s Net Worth Earnings Career Real Estates And More

David Faustino Net Worth
David Faustino

A native of the United States, David Faustino resides in Los Angeles and works as an actor, rapper, and voice actor. Throughout his remarkable career in the city of Angels, David has been in several popular comedies and motion pictures. Although David has been involved in the business since the early 1970s, Married… with Children has been his most successful project to date. The program ran on Fox Network from 1987 through 1997. Together with O’Neill, Katey Sagal, and Christina Applegate, David’s co-stars on the popular sitcom had a breakthrough chance.

David Faustino is well-known in the business, and many fans recognize him for lending his voice to the Avatar character Mako. He has accumulated a sizeable wealth as a result of his long career working in many sectors of the industry. Here is a detailed description of his financial information and sources of income.

David Faustino’s Net Worth

David Faustino Net Worth
David Faustino

As of 2022, it is reported that David Faustino has a net worth of 6–8 million US dollars. The skilled person is actively engaged in several industry areas, working on successively successful projects. His net worth is thus anticipated to only rise in the future.

David Faustino Earning Factors


David Faustino Net Worth
David Faustino in The Modern Family

David Faustino’s extensive experience in the sector serves as his main and current source of income. He has made multiple sitcom appearances. Benson was the comedy where he made his television debut in 1976 on the ABC network, while Married… with Children was his most popular show.

He has also appeared in several other productions, such as Blossom, Burke’s Law, The New Addams Family, One on One, RoboDoc, Killer Bud, Modern Family, Not Another B Movie, and MADtv. All of these tasks guaranteed him a steady stream of income, whether in the form of weekly checks or one large payment.

David frequently performs as a voice actor. He has provided the voices for several well-known characters from shows, including The Simpsons, King of the Hill, and The Family Guy. Additionally, he provided the voice of Mako in The Legend of Korra. He has also performed in several live theatrical productions, including A Christmas Carol and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.

David has made several brand-related appearances in advertising and, in 1992, went under the stage name D’Lil to release the rap album Balistyx. In 2010, David launched his indie record label, Old Scratch. He formerly served as the host of the Old Scratch Radio radio program.

Real Estate

David Faustino knows how to invest and increase his hard-earned money. The well-known actor has made several notable real estate investments. The Los Angeles home in which he presently resides was his first significant real estate purchase. He paid 592,000 US Dollars in 1995 for the mansion, which is now valued at close to 3–4 million US Dollars.

In addition to his home in Los Angeles, he also owns several other properties, including ones in Hawaii, Aspen, and Cabo San Lucas. These other resorts are all well-run by staff members.


Married… with Children is, without a doubt, David’s most lucrative endeavor to date. Apparently, unlike the famous star cast of the legendary program Friends, the cast of the well-known sitcom doesn’t receive any royalties from the show. Even though the program has already made over a billion dollars in royalties, the cast, including David, has stated that they don’t receive any of that money because the sitcom was then under a cable deal because Fox wasn’t yet a network.

But David has also starred in a lot of other comedies. His engagement in all of his little and large undertakings thereby ensures a respectable stream of royalties over time.


In 2004, David married Andrea Elmer, another actress. But after three years of marriage, the couple decided to call it quits and filed for divorce in 2007. He asked for no payment of spousal support after the divorce. David is presently dating model and influencer Lindsay Bronson. It has been speculated that the couple is engaged. Ava Marie Faustino and Cassius Bronson Faustino are the names of David and Lindsay’s two children.

David had to go to treatment after being previously detained for possessing marijuana illegally.

Rapper, voice actor, and popular television personality David Faustino still has a long career ahead of him. He is expected to continue to earn consistently in the future thanks to his efforts in all facets of the industry.

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