All You Need To Know About SK Cheating Scandal- Are The Allegations True?

The popular couple, SK and Raven, from the reality show Love, Is Blind, have parted ways. Raven Ross and Sikiru SK Alagbada met each other on Love Are Blind. They instantly fell in love with each other. The couple managed to gain a dedicated fan following. Both got engaged in Season 3.

Though SK refused to marry Raven still, there was a hope that both would settle their differences and start a new phase of their relationship. But things took an ugly turn soon as SK was about to get involved in a cheating scandal, accusations, and much more. And now the cat is out of the bag. Raven and SK put up Instagram stories stating that both have finally ended their relationship.

It all started a few days back when Tiktok started buzzing with cheating allegations against SK. 2-3 girls on TikTok claimed that they had been cheated by SK. The girls had no idea that he had done some reality show earlier and even had a girlfriend. Though initially, Raven and SK dismissed the rumors. But those rumors did leave a lasting impact as Raven decided to break up. The couple had got engaged in Season 3 of the popular Netflix show. 

Love Is Blind Netflix
SK and Raven met on Netflix’s Love Is Blind

What Was The Official  Statement By Both?

Raven and SK broke up just 11 days after the new season of the popular reality show Love Is Blind premiered. This breakup was disclosed by both Raven and SK through a joint statement posted on their Instagram accounts. The statement stated that both felt disheartened to tell everyone that they were now heading toward a breakup. The news left their followers amused, and they desired to know more. 

Raven Ross Partner
Raven and SK had their differences throughout the show.

But the statement further added that since there were many legal proceedings going on, they won’t be able to furnish any other details. At such a moment, all they desire is privacy. Both thanked their fans for forever following and believing in their love story. Though they are parting ways now, their journey was amazing, and they desire to extend their gratitude to all those who were a part of it. Their statement concluded with a thank you for all the love and support they are getting from everyone.  

The Role Of TikTok In The Cheating Scandal

Many people were quick to disclose that the reason behind this ugly breakup was some recent TikTok videos. These videos that started surfacing recently revealed that SK had fooled and cheated on Raven. He was already committed before he entered Love Is Blind. Now how did these rumors begin to generate? What turned the lovey-dovey bond of this duo into an ugly mess?

 Well, a few days ago, a Tiktok user took social media by storm when she revealed that she and SK were dating each other before he went to Love Is Blind. The user @emmawho9 even posted screenshots of her conversation with SK and a screen recording of a conversation between the two on Instagram. This didn’t really impact Raven and SK much. Raven then posted a now-deleted video stating that rumors are futile. She has full faith in her man and will stick beside him.

sk cheating scandal
The reason behind this ugly breakup was some recent TikTok videos

New Allegation Surfaces 

But it didn’t end there. Soon another user who goes by the username  @hannahbethstyle made some more shocking revelations. She put up a video where she told her followers that she and SK were in a relationship in 2019. Though their relationship ended soon, they started dating each other again during the summer of 2021.

SK tiktok expose videos
SK is accused of cheating Raven by 2-3 tiktokers

Now it is worth mentioning Love Is Blind concluded at the same time. So if we believe these allegations, SK went back to his ex immediately after wrapping up Love Is Blind. Furthermore, the user also showed a few photos and screenshots to prove her point.

She told her followers that SK had repeatedly assured her that he and Raven weren’t dating each other. They were only good friends. She also claimed that SK went on a trip with her. SK disclosed to her that he had done a reality show (Love Is Blind) for money only. He got into a fake relationship on that show.

SK was clear about the fact that he did it all for money only. The TikTok user and SK went to several destinations together, and he always maintained that what all happened on the show was an illusion. He entered into a relationship with Raven for money only and never had any feelings for her. All these TikTok videos have been deleted now.

Sk and Raven breakup reason
Raven has deleted all pictures of SK from her Instagram

What Was Raven’s Reaction?

People have been curious to know Raven’s reaction to all this chaos happening around. Well, right now, you won’t find any trace of SK on Raven’s Instagram feed. She is regularly engaging with her followers and replied to a comment that she had literally dodged a bullet (referring to SK). She also acknowledged that SK’s tactics were surely the biggest plot twist ever.

Initially, Raven didn’t post anything too clear to describe her relationship status. She was spending most of her time doing pilates and putting up stories about the same. But a few days she did put up a story with three prayer emojis. If we talk about her Tiktok account, then her latest video was all about the importance of couple counseling. So Raven was posting cryptic content already.

Perhaps she wanted to let her followers know that they’ll be parting ways. Now SK’s social media has been silent. He hasn’t provided any information or clue about it. Perhaps he doesn’t seem too vested in this. People felt that it was just a misunderstanding between both. But now, it is all clear and out in the open for the public to judge and interpret.

Why Sk refused to marry Revan
SK had plans to shift to California for a duration of two years

Why Did Differences Emerge?

The very popular Netflix series tracked the story of this couple’s struggle with several issues like intimacy, time clash, etc. The distinction in the culture of both families was also a major problem. The couple’s biggest challenge was handling the woes of a long-distance relationship.

SK had plans to shift to California for a duration of two years as he had to pursue his Master’s degree. Raven was hopeful that the couple would be able to solve this hurdle. But Raven was not ready to bear another surprise by SK. In a shocking twist, SK made it clear to Raven that he won’t be marrying her.

Their relationship was full of unanswered questions. It would be pointless to pursue such a hollow relationship. Once the show ended, it was revealed that despite SK’s refusal to marry  Raven, both were still continuing a relationship.

Popular love is blind couples
SK made it clear to Raven that he won’t be marrying her.

Did Both Of them Fake a Relationship?

Some section of viewers of Love Is Blind feel that both of them were faking their relationship from the very beginning. The change in SK’s behavior was visible to many fans. In the reunion episodes, it was a moment of happiness for fans when they saw both SK and Raven were cordial and still together. But the hopes of a happy ending crashed with the rumors of the recent cheating scandal that has taken everyone by surprise and amusement.

SK’s Latest Statement 

SK had remained silent and didn’t really speak about this scandal. But yesterday, he has finally broken the silence over the cheating scandal. SK has revealed that he is all set to pursue legal action against all those girls who put accusations against him. He stated in an Instagram story that he and Raven left the show as distinct personalities who moved on with their usual lives. He further added that the journey of the couple was full of hurdles and hiccups.

Shows like love is blind
It would be interesting to see if SK is able to prove that all these accusations are false.

But despite all this, they had this unique emotional connection. It was this unique collection that helped them stay as friends even after the show ended. All the allegations that have recently surfaced are false, and they are being misrepresented to spread hate against him. The only purpose of this cheating scandal is to pull him down with malicious intent. He would be taking proper action against the accusers. 

What Happens Next?

It is surely not pleasant news for fans of Love Is Blind. Raven and SK were the most popular couple of the season. They became fan favorites instantly. Hence when all the rumors about the cheating scandal surfaced, people were left quite disappointed.

Now it is yet to be seen if SK is able to prove that all these accusations false and that he was always loyal to Raven. Raven would also be clearly waiting to see how things proceed, as she was the one who tried her best to keep the relationship afloat even when SK refused to marry her.