Is The American Journalist And Attorney Savannah Guthrie Currently Pregnant?

Savannah Guthrie Pregnancy
Savannah Guthrie

The journalist and legal attorney Savannah Guthrie was born in Australia. Even at the age of 50, she continues to be the best anchor that everyone enjoys listening to. At the moment, Savannah Guthrie works for NBC News as an anchor and a legal correspondent. Savannah Guthrie’s career as a journalist and legal attorney, as well as her personal life, has always been filled with excitement and fame.

Guthrie is very skilled at happily shocking her fans when it comes to her personal life, and in this particular instance, Savannah revealed the biggest news of her engagement, marriage, and her two adorable children, and that’s why her fans always look up to her for the new good news about her all over the internet. Her pregnancy news is something that always created happy enthusiasm among her fans. Is she, however, expecting a child once more?

Inside Savannah Guthrie’s married life

As Savannah has always been up to the mark when it comes to her profession, during her married life also, everything with her and her husband till now seems perfect. Her frequent social media posts show how much they love and adore each other and their children. Fans also find themselves in a happy and encouraging feeling when they look at Savannah and her family.

Savannah Guthrie and her husband Michael
Savannah Guthrie and her husband, Michael

Like many, even Savannah took time to get connected with the love of her life. She was previously married to Mark Orchard, but unfortunately, they parted ways. Subsequently, in 2008, Savannah Guthrie romantically connected with Michael Feldman.

Guthrie and Feldman then dated for about 4-5 years and dropped a huge bomb of them getting engaged. Consequently, they also got married in the year 2014. Nine years into their marriage, Savannah and Guthrie welcomed their two precious children, Vale and Charles.

Savannah and her husband, Michael, Warmly Welcome their two adorable children.

In 2014, when Savannah and Michael were living a happy life of togetherness, they also gave birth to their first daughter, Vale Guthrie Feldman. She is currently nine years old and the oldest child of Savannah and Michael. Vale was born in the year August 2014, when Savannah was nearly 43 years old.

On vale’s recent birthday, Savannah posted her picture on Instagram, mentioning in the caption that she is proud to have a daughter like her. She also said that Vale soars her heart with pride, and she does thank God every single day for blessing her with a daughter like Vale.

Savannah Guthrie with her two children
Savannah Guthrie with her two children (Credit: People The Beautiful Issue 2019)

As Savannah and Michael were really looking forward to having a second child and a sibling to Vale, after so many hurdles and difficulties because of her age, Savannah finally got pregnant. In the year 2016, the couple, with their daughter Vale, invited their second child, Charles, whom everyone calls Charlie adorably. Currently, Charlie is seven years old in the year 2022.

Savannah always looks forward to sharing updates about both of her children on Instagram and her other social media handles. She is very expressive when it comes to her children and her loving husband. Her words of full love justify how much she loves and adore her family.

Savannah Guthrie – Pregnant or Not

After Vale, when Savannah and her husband were wishing to have a second child, they were really concerned about their ages. Hence, they considered IVF to have a sibling to Vale. Before welcoming her second child, she went through 2 rounds of IVF and faced miscarriages. But then God blessed the couple with an adorable kid like Charlie.

Savannah Guthrie Family
Savannah Guthrie’s Happy Family

Savannah opened her heart in front of the world and bravely talked about what she has gone through in the past and how she is truly grateful for Charlie and Vale, who always make Savannah smile. As of now, Savannah is more than happy with her family, and she is not really expecting more. So, Currently, Savannah Guthrie is not expecting a child.

As her life is already filled with loads of happiness and blessings, all the fans should celebrate what she has and should always adore her happy family pictures the way they always embrace. Now that you know that Savannah Guthrie is not pregnant let us wait for the new exciting updates from her about her children and her married life.

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