Sammie Okposo Passes Away At Age 51: How He Nearly Died Two Years Ago

Sammie Okposo passes away at age 51
Sammie Okposo passes away at age 51(credit: News-Fresherslive)

A well-known gospel performer named Sammie Okposo has passed away. Okposo, 51, is said to have fallen and died early on Friday. Months after becoming embroiled in an adultery controversy, the well-known musician passed away. Hillary Vincent, his project manager, called our correspondent to check the details.

He answered questions with, “Yes, it’s true. It happened earlier today. Vincent chose not to elaborate further on the singer’s passing because he gave no additional details. According to unreliable online sources, the musician allegedly slumped before being declared dead.

How Gospel Singer Sammie Okposo Passed Away?
How Gospel Singer Sammie Okposo Passed Away? (credit: Genius Celebs)

What happened to Sammie Okposo?

According to recent reports, Sammie Okposo, a popular gospel performer in Nigeria, has died. Details of this horrific tragedy are still hazy. He slipped, nevertheless, and passed away on Friday at the age of 51. Do you recall how Sammie Okposo’s marital issues made headlines a few months ago?

Later, the Wellucrooner apologized to his admirers and others for betraying their confidence, pledging to be a better person. Three years ago, the Delta State-born music singer came dangerously close to death when his car’s propeller shaft detached as he was driving.

How Gospel Singer Sammie Okposo Passed Away?

They were informed about it by a person close to the musician. He claims that Okposo passed away on Friday, November 25 morning. On Thursday, almost 15 hours before the most recent information, the musician shared a vintage photo of Sammie Okposo Praise Party on his verified Instagram feed. The circumstances surrounding his death were still hazy when this report was submitted.

How did he survive a fatal accident two years ago?

The music legend, who was raised in Delta State, almost avoided dying two years ago once the propeller shaft of his car separated when it was traveling through Lagos’ Third Mainland Bridge. Okposo reassured his supporters that he was well and that the evil ones’ plot had failed for the nth time. According to his account:

The music legend, who was raised in Delta State, almost avoided dying 2 years ago once the propeller shaft of his car separated
The music legend almost avoided dying two years ago once the propeller shaft of his car separated (credit: Within Nigeria)

I have a really BIG God who is always at my edge to defend me, the man wrote, and it’s something to boast around and witness of the miracle-working holy spirit. He had previously thanked, praised, and worshiped God for saving him from death on Saturday, May 16, 2020.

Sammie Okposo Biography

On May 30, 1971, Sammie Okposo was brought into the world in the Nigerian state of Delta. His father encouraged him to pursue an accounting career when he was younger, and he came from the Delta State of Nigeria.

But when he began playing the piano at the age of nine and experienced the adrenaline of completing his assignments, his love for music truly took off. When Sammie Okposo was ten, he performed at the church’s piano. He supposedly had a family connection to Mr. and Mrs. Adefarasin, the main pastors of House on the Rock Worldwide.

sammie okposo biography
Sammie Okposo biography(credit: How Nigeria News)

Early Life and Education

In Delta State, where he was born, Sammie Okposo grew up with his siblings. His dad wanted him to become an accountant when he was growing up. In Delta State, which is in the South-South region of Nigeria, he finished his primary and secondary school.

When he was nine years old, he first expressed an interest in music, and his love of the piano intensified this enthusiasm. Sammie Okposo was chosen to serve as the regional church’s authorized pianist when he was ten years old.

Ozioma Okopso and Sammie Okposo are blissfully married
Ozioma Okopso and Sammie Okposo are blissfully married(credit: plat4om)

Wife, Children & Personal Life

Ozioma Okopso and Sammie Okposo are blissfully married, and their partnership is blessed with gorgeous children. On January 24, 2022, Sammie Okposo apologized to his spouse Ozioma in writing on his Instagram handle. The woman, known only as African Doll, accused him of leaving her the day before while she was carrying a kid.

The gospel entertainer announced to his audience that he would take a vacation from his ministry to focus on healing and seek forgiveness. His social media accounts were first deleted, but he restored them back a short while afterward.

Sammie Okposo Career

After deciding to enter the Nigerian film industry as a soundtrack producer before pursuing music production, Sammie Okposo formally began his production business in 1992. His newest album, “Unconditional Love,” which has hit songs like “Welu-Welu,” helped him gain notoriety in 2000. Sammie produced music, wrote psalms, and served as the Founder of Zamar Entertainment.

2004 saw the release of Sammie’s debut album, Addicted. Sammie has worked on gospel and soul music projects with many other musicians. In addition to being the SOPP concert series curator, he has performed frequently in North America, Europe, and Africa.

He co-wrote the hit gospel song “Follow You” with renowned gospel vocalist Marvelous Odiete. Grammy Award-winning guitarist Kevin Bond released his greatest recent album, The Statement (2018). Top gospel performer Sammie Okposo from Nigeria is believed to have a net worth of $1 million.