Is Meghan Markle Pregnant? Here’s Everything We Know

Is Megan Markle Pregnant? Here's Everything We Know

The attendance of Meghan Markle at the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II has raised eyebrows. The Duchess of Sussex, who attended the late Queen’s funeral in a black suit and cap, is shown in pictures from the procession sporting what appears to be a pregnancy bulge.

Jesus Enrique Rosas, a body language specialist, used his Twitter to spread the assumption about Meghan’s pregnancy during a conversation with The News. Several royal enthusiasts are speculating if the Duke and Duchess would try for a third child like Harry’s elder brother Prince William.

Despite having much to celebrate with the birth of their second child, Meghan and Harry have been asked about their long-term family goals. Will they attempt a third child, or is their family already complete? Meghan and Prince Harry are dedicated parents who strongly shield their kids. After Meghan had given birth to Lilibet, they discussed what it was like to be parents.

Are The Duke And The Duchess Of Sussex Planning For A Third Child?

Is Meghan Markle Pregnant? Here's Everything We Know

In a July 2019 interview with Dr. Jane Goodall for Vogue Magazine, Prince Harry assured her the couple has to have only two children. Harry added that he has always felt that the location and time are borrowed, and he wants to leave something greater for the following generation.

Archie and Lilibet are Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s two children. Since the Queen’s demise, the kids have not joined their parents at any royal events and have largely been steered out of the limelight by their parents. Because of the couple’s actions over the past few weeks, many fans think that a pregnancy announcement is imminent. Upon hearing that the couple was having their third child together, a fan excitedly commented about it.

Another user commented on Twitter, saying that Meghan appeared pregnant and that she seemed great at the funeral of her late great-grandmother. Other users who commented on the post concurred.

Additionally, the Duchess has been open about her tragic miscarriage experience. The Duchess of Sussex revealed that she miscarried a child in July 2020 in an open letter that was printed in the New York Times. The Duchess stated that losing a child “means bearing an almost excruciating sadness, experienced by many but talked about by few.” She added that she and Prince Harry shared their agonizing experience in a group of 100 to 200 women who have experienced miscarriage. Although this suffering is quite prevalent, talking about it is still taboo, shame-filled, and perpetuates a cycle of lone mourning, she concluded.

According to a royal specialist, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are not considering having a third child. As per royal analyst Kinsey Schofield, the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle and her spouse Prince Harry are not considering having a third child. Days before Kinsey’s comments, a source told Closer that it would seem good if the couple had another member to their family. Meghan apparently told Harry that she believed having another child would strengthen their relationship. But Kinsey Schofield doesn’t think having a third kid is likely.

Archie And Lilibet’s Royal Titles Are Up For Decision, But The Palace Is Trying To Stall

Is Megan Markle Pregnant? Here's Everything We Know

The promptly publicized modifications for the King’s other son and his family in the wake of Queen Elizabeth II’s death stand in marked contradiction to the delayed announcement of the titles for the Sussex children. The kids of one of the King’s sons, such as Archie and Lilibet, become “royal highnesses” honorifics and princes or princesses upon the accession of a new sovereign to the throne, in accordance with rules established by King George V in 1917.

The royal spokespersons have provided some puzzling quotes in press briefings after being inquired about when the ruling about titles will be made; one of them reportedly said, “the future is an amazing thing,” according to the Daily Mail, Buckingham Palace has repeatedly stated that it won’t be answering that question.

During press conferences, when questioned about why Archie and Lilibet’s titles hadn’t been changed on the royal family’s official website, the King’s spokespersons dismissively stated that they were awaiting more information from an unnamed party. As said by a spokeswoman, they will be updating the website once they acquire information on the matter, as mentioned by the Sunday Times. Even the heading of the Press Association’s article from September 10—”Palace waits for information on Archie and Lili’s titles before website change “—suggested that the choice would be made by an external authority.

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