The Truth Behind T.I. And Tiny’s Shocking Divorce

Following six years of marriage, rapper T.I.’s wife, Tameka “Tiny” Harris, officially filed for divorce. According to court records acquired, Tiny submitted the paperwork on December 7 in Henry County, Georgia. King, 12, Major Philant, 8, and Heiress Diana, 9 months old, are the couple’s three kids.

The two were married in 2010 in Miami Beach, Florida. Zonnique Pullins is Tiny’s older child from a previous relationship; she was born Tameka Cottle. Messiah, Domani, and Deyjah are among T.I.’s other children from past relationships. T.I., real name Clifford Harris, has several kids overall.

The hip-hop duo recently made an appearance on an edition of Jada Pinkett Smith’s Red Table Talk, where they talked about their marriage, what led Tiny to call off the wedding in 2017, and how they were able to get back together.

The couple’s visit to Red Table Talk last week was divided into two interviews, the second of which was released on Monday (December 2). When asked what led to her getting a divorce two years prior, Tiny, a musician and reality T.V. personality, replied,

“When I would never get him to answer. Nothing was working, so he simply said, “I’m going to move. However, I want to move. T.I. claimed that when he first returned from prison, he had to adjust to how things had changed.

Do Tiny and T.I. still have a relationship?

For someone in their field, over ten years of dating composers T.I. and Tiny is a very long period. They’ve been together for about ten years, and they have kids. Just before the release of his debut record, the couple began dating.

At that point, Tiny had three platinum recordings under his belt. Even before he became famous, Tiny trusted her partner. Both the couple’s children from prior relationships and their two children were born before they got married.

“When I returned, everything was upside down. I had thought that we would start right away and go right back to where we had been. Before returning home and not being in the same circumstance as before, I must go through a period of acclimatization.

“I had to go and look for ways to make yourself feel respectable and respectable once more since it left me feeling less than, and so that led to stuff,” T.I. said as Tiny was beginning to feel uneasy. Before admitting that T.I. was used for “managing situations but also getting stuff his specific way at times,” Tiny continued, “What he’ll be attempting to convey is, I went as well as I discovered my voice.”

Are Tiny and T.I. still married?

There is still love between T.I. and Tiny. From a prior relationship, Tiny had a beautiful daughter Zonique, while T.I. had a daughter and two sons from two different marriages. T.I. was given a one-year prison term, and he served little under seven months of that time before being moved to a halfway home.

He got engaged to his longtime love after being released from prison in March of the following year. In July 2010, after getting married and departing on their honeymoon, they were detained once more for ecstasy possession.

“Once I was standing with my own two feet, I thought I ought to have a voice too, and that speech was just a little different from what he was accustomed to. I believe the problem was brought on by that.

Tiny said, “It wasn’t because I was being outrageously disrespectful, but more because I felt like I was under house arrest too while T.I. was. You were unable to move. You were unable to move anyplace. Even though I was already in the house and acting like I was on probation, he received the impression that I wasn’t the lady he had left behind because of my less timid voice. And I do not want this.

T.I. and Tiny have been together for how long?

Tiny and T.I. received parole releases, but T.I. was returned to jail for breaking the conditions of his bail. Through it all, Tiny remained with her spouse, and in 2016, they had a third child. The infant was given the name Heiress.

Tiny ended the marriage, although there were rumors of adultery on both sides nine months when they had an Heiress. The couple did not divorce, however, because they eventually found each other again.


They both discussed their commitment to work on their marriage in an interview with Jada Pinkett-Smith on Red Table. They learned that T.I. felt out of control and wandered off because of this. He thought that while he was in jail, his wife had grown increasingly independent.

He had the impression that she was neither the woman he had left behind nor the one he had desired, according to Tiny. If I teach her this, she’ll pay attention and follow my instructions. He then went in search of someone to whom he could say, “Hey, don’t move.” I wasn’t her, so don’t say that I. After all, was said and done, they concluded that they did not want to discard their shared history.

T.I. or occasionally Tip is Clifford Joseph Harris Jr.’s more popular stage moniker. He is an Atlanta, Georgia-born rapper, record executive, and actor. One of the hip-hop musicians with the most career sales is him.

Along with Gucci Mane and Jeezy, he is also credited with helping to establish the subgenre of trap music. In 1999, he signed with Arista Records, his first significant record company. He signed with this company, and in 2001 he released I’m Serious, his debut solo album.

Tiny was then informed by T.I. that having a voice was not as important as how she used it. The rapper went on to say that his wife had a chance, and had she wanted to, she could have raised an issue.

Tiny didn’t exactly appear to concur with T.I.’s statement that “you may have muted yourself.” When the topic of what drew them back together came up, T.I. remarked that while he had enjoyed his time with several other ladies when he was dating Tiny, no one could compare to the personal experiences he and Tiny shared.

Additionally, the 39-year-old rapper stated that he did not want to start over and recreate what he had already created with Tiny. Tip said, “I returned him because he changed and felt like he was genuine about working on our relationship,” and Tiny responded, “I returned him because he changed.”

Also disclosed by the pair was their attendance in counseling, which Tiny said was “wonderful” for them. “I believe that therapy is a fantastic approach to building bridges. She taught us many methods to communicate with one another,” Tiny added. And letting go of the past,” T.I. remarked.

A defamation case is brought against them in Los Angeles.

Investigations into the Atlanta family in California and Georgia are being demanded by a representative for a group of women who claim that musician T.I. and his spouse Tiny drug and assaulted them.

More than 30 “women, survivors and witnesses,” who claimed to have information on “forced drugging, rape, intimidation” and kidnapping against the couple, whose actual names are Tameka Harris and Clifford Harris, contacted attorney Tyrone A. Blackburn, according to a statement released on Sunday. According to Blackburn, the allegations date back more than 15 years.

Blackburn filed a defamation complaint against Tiny, T.I., and one of Tiny’s closest pals, hairstylist Shekinah Anderson, in L.A. County Superior Court on Monday on behalf of Sabrina Peterson. Using Instagram in January, Peterson was the person who first accused T.I. In 2009, she said that he threatened to shoot her while placing a handgun on her head.

A few days later, she said online, “What began off as a comment transformed into a calling! “There are too many victims for me to turn away! I had no idea how so many women he had injured, and I had no idea why I had finally spoken up. Nevertheless, I’m grateful I did.

He said that although he wasn’t about to let everyone into his bedroom to voice their opinions on what he and his partner did or didn’t do, he would say this nonetheless. Every action we’ve taken in the past has been voluntary and with the consent of adults who share our interests. Along with Gucci Mane and Jeezy, he is also credited with helping to establish the subgenre of trap music.

In 1999, he signed with Arista Records, his first significant record company. The Harrises responded to Peterson’s “appalling” claims by saying they “had had trouble with this woman for over a decade” in a statement provided by their media professionals to the AJC in February.

If the charges persisted, they vowed to take a right legal measures. T.I. and Tiny began dating in 2001 and got married in 2010, not long after the rapper (also known as Tip) had served his year-and-a-day federal prison sentence for weapons-related offenses. T.I. is the stepfather to Tiny’s daughter from an earlier relationship. Together, they have three children: two boys and a girl. From previous partnerships, he also has a daughter and two boys.

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