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The Reasons Behind Zac Mirabelli And Elizabeth Weber’s Breakup After Love Island USA

The reasons behind Zac Mirabelli and Elizabeth Weber's breakup after Love Island USA
The reasons behind Zac Mirabelli and Elizabeth Weber's breakup after Love Island USA(credit: Nicki Swift)

During the first season of Love Island USA in 2019, fans fell head over heels for Zac Mirabelli and Elizabeth Weber. The duo decided early on not to pursue any other candidates in the villa after being partnered up on the first day. From then on, they kissed first, started referring to one another as “babe,” and even started talking about their future as a couple outside of Love Island USA.

In one of his confessionals, Zac stated, “I feel like we connect and have a solid understanding of one another. I believe that everything that happened was what needed to occur at the proper time and location”. In the end, Zac proposed to Elizabeth, and the two later admitted their love for one another before being named the victors of Love Island USA.

According to E! News, they broke up before the end of 2019 despite dating for many months. The breakup was mutual, and we parted ways amicably, Zac said on his Instagram Stories, according to TV Shows Ace.

The native of Chicago went on to explain that they had grown apart, saying, “We simply wanted different things, and it wasn’t fair to either of us to continue on a road that no longer benefited us or our divergent interests.” Read the couple’s comments regarding the split below, including why they didn’t find life outside the villa as simple as they had anticipated.

The journey of Zac and Elizabeth on Love Island

The journey of Zac and Elizabeth on Love Island(credit: Monsters and Critics)

The journey of Zac and Elizabeth on Love Island

We first met Zac Mirabelli, 22, of Chicago, Illinois, and Elizabeth Weber, 24, of New York City, on the inaugural season of “Love Island” in the United States. On their first day in the villa, the two noticed each other and, just after a period of prolonged conversation, decided they wanted to get together.

Later, during an appearance with People, Zac immediately acknowledged his feelings for Elizabeth, saying: “Just purely on physical attraction, I knew right away that she was the female I wanted to couple up with. I ended up being her kind of guy, too.

And they remained bonded! Zac and Elizabeth decided to stay together even after they were offered the chance to get back together after some time had gone, and they ended up being the only pair to remain with their original day-one picks. Since they were always together, Zac and Elizabeth won over many admirers.

They appeared to be a match made in heaven thanks to their date nights, private chats, and the fact that they rarely engaged in conflict with the other islanders. Additionally, as their bond became more robust and Zac formally proposed to her, things only got better for them.

Zac and Elizabeth were declared the season one winners of "Love Island"

Zac and Elizabeth were declared the season one winners of “Love Island”(credit: Distractify)

With 25 participants, the couple established themselves as the first devoted couple. Additionally, before the show came to a close, they met their significant other’s family and expressed their actual feelings for one another.

After the audience votes were added, Zac and Elizabeth were declared the season one winners of “Love Island,” with Elizabeth taking home the $100,000 grand prize. Although she couldn’t have succeeded without her lover, she chose to divide the prize money with him.

Do Elizabeth and Zac still have a relationship?

They’re no. Even though the program had concluded, Elizabeth and Zac remained together for a few months before they broke up in December 2019. Elizabeth and Zac agreed that the entire experience had been bizarre because they had never anticipated falling in love on a TV show.

As a result of returning to the real world from the idyllic island and needing to maintain a long-distance relationship, things had to be adjusted. The couple traveled back and forth to spend time with one other for a while, appearing to be quite content. When they suddenly announced their breakup in December 2019, their relationship had been progressing positively, and they had even discussed moving in together.

Do Elizabeth and Zac still have a relationship?

Do Elizabeth and Zac still have a relationship? (credit: Distractify)

Despite their breakup, it doesn’t appear that there is animosity between the two. Additionally, it doesn’t appear they have begun dating anybody else in the few months since they split up. The only modification is that Zac started working as a model in earnest. He said that Ford Models New York had signed him in March 2020 and that he was excited to start this new phase.

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