Who Is Marty Morrissey’s Long Term Girlfriend? Are They Planning To Get Married Soon?

Who Is Marty Morrissey's Long Term Girlfriend? Are They Planning To Get Married Soon?
Liz Kidney, Marty Morrissey... Guests arrive on the redcarpet for the TVNow Awards at The Mansion House, Dublin, Ireland - 22.05.10. Pictures: VIPIRELAND.COM *** Local Caption *** Liz Kidney, Marty Morrissey

It’s difficult to believe Marty Morrissey, who has been in the spotlight for years, can still get away with keeping things private with his longtime girlfriend, Liz Kidney, but till now, he has managed to do so. Marty has kept the couple’s identity a secret, but he previously disclosed that they first met in 1995 when she was employed by Cork City Council.

Irish sports broadcaster and television host Martin Morrissey works in the mainstream press. For RTÉ Sport, he frequently hosts high-profile sporting events like the Olympic Games and the All-Ireland Senior Football Championship.

Morrissey was born in Mallow, County Cork, although he was reared in the Bronx, New York, where his parents had jobs. When he was ten years old, the family moved back to Clare, the county of his father’s birth, in Ireland. They made Mullagh their home. Morrissey later continued his education at St. Flannan’s College and further studies at University College Cork (UCC), where he initially pursued a three-year medical degree before changing to microbiology and physics.

Morrissey made his broadcasting debut in 1988 when he joined a local TV station “Cork Multi-Channel.” He relocated to London briefly thereafter to work for WH Smith’s Lifestyle Channel. He became the News Editor of the brand-new Clare FM neighborhood radio station in 1989. He went back to Cork in 1990 to work for RTÉ’s local radio station there. In 1994, he relocated from Cork to RTÉ’s TV Sports Department.

Marty has provided commentary for a variety of athletic events, although his specialty is Gaelic sports. He currently hosts Saturday Sport on RTÉ Radio 1. He was a seasoned main eventer and interviewer on Pro Box Live. Then in 2018, he switched from the sports field to the ballroom dancing stage by competing on RTE’s Dancing With The Stars.

Marty claims that along the way toward becoming a broadcaster, he considered being a priest, started as a bus driver, and nearly became a physician. But achieving his goal of competing in Dancing With The Stars was difficult.

Marty Morrissey Opens Up About His First Relationship

Marty Morrissey has acknowledged that his first girlfriend dumped him because she was “fed up” with him participating in sports while he was a college student. When the RTÉ reporter was barely 19 years old and attending University College Cork, they became romantically involved. However, he was too preoccupied with playing football and did not focus on their developing relationship, and things ended for them.

Meet Liz Kidney: Marty Morrissey’s Long-Term Girlfriend

Although Marty and Liz Kidney have been together for a while, they like to keep their relationship private. The pair first met while she was employed by Cork City Council in 1995, and tensions quickly heated up between them.

She doesn’t complain, the commentator stated. He further added that she is a thoughtful, kind, and sincere lady, and she has a pure heart. Marty talked openly about his and her love for one another and how they manage their relationship, but he would not say whether or not they intended to wed.

Although she dislikes being in the spotlight, Liz occasionally makes an appearance on the red carpet to celebrate her beau. Due to his hectic work schedule, the former Dancing with the Stars participant has openly thanked Liz for her compassion and cooperation with him.

The RTE Presenter claimed that he had no worries about not tying the knot and that they are quite content together.   You never know what the future holds for them, he continued. “Now I won’t go down the personal way, absolutely not,” Marty told the Irish Sunday Mirror. “But let’s just say good days. You never know. Let’s see what happens.”

In another news and, well, This one might divide opinion: sports commentator Marty Morrissey thinks he charms women. Marty freely admits that the assertion is purely centered on self-promotion when he appears tonight on Angela Scanlon’s Ask Me Anything on RTÉ One but claims that ladies seem to gravitate toward him.

The RTÉ reporter has made jokes about becoming a sex icon and claims that this is how he has always been. No one believes him when he claims to be a sex symbol, he stated. On his RTÉ Player show, where he conducts live celebrity interviews from his garden shed, the Clare native was additionally referred to as a “flirty rascal.” Marty remarked that he enjoys socializing with others and is thrilled by the overwhelming response he has received.

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