Jessie James Decker Net Worth- How Did She Achieve Success Despite Setbacks?

Jessie James Decker

Jessie James Decker was recently seen in a popular dance show. The country singer remains out of the limelight for many months and then makes a powerful comeback, either through the release of a music album or by participation in some reality show.

Jessie is a popular singer as well as a reality TV icon. She ventured into the music industry when she was only 15. But she was able to attain success years later. For her, the breakthrough was a deal with Mercury Records.

If we talk about her personal life, then Jessie is married to Eric. Eric is part of the National Football League. The pair is a popular one and have made appearances in a few reality shows. 

Despite being active on reality television, Jessie’s love for music has not dwindled. She has released a few music albums. Some of the popular albums include Comin Home (2014) and Blackbird Sessions (2017)

Jessie James Decker net worth
Jessie is a popular singer as well as a reality TV icon.

Jessie was able to achieve success with her popular music albums. She got an opportunity to work with Warner and signed a deal with them in 2020. Jessie also had plans to go on a tour in the same year, but the plans had to be abandoned due to the pandemic.

Early Life & Inclination Towards Music 

Jessie is not from America. She was born in Italy in 1988. Jessie’s dad was a part of the US Air Force. Since her family had a military background, she wandered across various states. 

jessie james decker reddit
Her popular albums include Comin Home (2014) and Blackbird Sessions (2017)

Jessie has been attracted to music since childhood. According to her family, she started singing when she was just two. Her voice won the hearts of all. Later she began singing in public. She would frequently participate in talent competitions and win them easily. 

Jessie’s Journey Was Full Of Struggles

But despite her talent, it was not easy for her to grab major deals. She would frequently visit Nashville to get some more opportunities. Unfortunately, she had to face rejection from major music labels in Nashville. But she did not let this affect her from pursuing her dreams.

jessie james decker tour
Jessie had to face rejection from major music labels

She started making connections and contacts with famed music producers. After receiving rejections from major labels, she was lucky enough to find Carly Valance, the owner of the Yellow Dog Music label. Valance offered to guide James. Finally, James commenced her journey and started recording several songs. 

One of her songs caught the attention of David Messi. He was a record executive who was immediately impressed by Jessie’s voice. He told about her a popular music label, L.A REID.On his insistence, REID called James for an audition. The young girl managed to clear the auditions and got a contract with mercury records.

Clash Of Opinions 

But it was not exactly a defining moment for Jessie. There was some conflict of opinion and clashes. Basically, the music label wanted Jessie to sing like Britney Spears. But she was not happy with this suggestion. She desired to record a  song based on country music. So due to this clash of opinions, Jessie’s album could not receive much appreciation from the critics.

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Jessie and her husband, Eric

Her debut album had elements of fusion, but it was also biased toward pop music. The album tried to balance both country and pop music, but in the end, it failed to strike a chord with the audience. But despite all this criticism, one of the songs manage to secure a rank in the top 40 charts.

Jessie Left Disappointed 

Jessie was left disappointed due to the reception she received for her debut album. She felt that her talent was not acknowledged properly by the record executives who were hellbent on achieving their own desires. But despite this setback, Jessie soon started touring across the Middle East. She was accompanied by popular entertainers like Kedrock and Carlos. The trio was performing at various locations.

jessie james decker married
Jessie is enjoying her married life these days.

Now Jessie felt that it was time to release her second album. Though the fusion of Pop and Country music in her first album was met with criticism, she made the decision to stick with the same style in her next album. But since she was always influenced and inclined toward country music, she decided to put more focus on country music. 

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Jessie plans to begin touring soon.

Jessie decided to get in touch with an independent country record label. She released a number of singles which were mostly based on country music. JC achieved success with the release of Comin Home. 

This song which was released in 2014 on iTunes, worked really well. It managed to attain the top spot on iTunes. Finally, after lots of setbacks, it was time for Jessie to celebrate success. Her song featured in the top five on music charts.

The success also paved the way for collaborations with other artists. Soon she was collaborating and singing with famous musicians like Austin John. Both churned out a track together in 2016

Jessie’s Plans To Return Back

Despite achieving success, Jessie started to venture away from her music career. She would remain inactive for several months. In 2017, Jessie was roped in to be part of a YouTube-based advertising campaign. Jessie was not much active from 2017 to 2019.

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Jessie and her husband are a powerful couple.

Fans eagerly awaited her comeback. Finally, in 2019 Jessie announced that she would be venturing into a new journey in her music career. She was going to release a new music album very soon. This left the fans excited as they were eagerly awaiting her to come back.

But unfortunately, she did not release any music. In 2020 she revealed that she had now signed a new deal with Warner. A tour was also on the cards, but due to the pandemic, it was canceled. Jessie tied the knot with Eric in 2013. Eric used to play for NFL at that time. Soon the couple was expecting their first child. The couple is parents to 3 kids.

Jessie’s Net Worth

Jessie’s Net Worth is estimated to be around $10 million. Jessie made most of her money through her albums and career as a musician. She resides in a plush mansion located in Tennessee with her husband, Eric. Jessie also earned a good amount from her reality show which lasted for almost three seasons. The popular country singer is a businesswoman too.

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Jessie was recently seen in a reality show.

She has always been obsessed with high-end fashion. Hence she started her clothing line with designer Kora Rae. Her clothing line Kittenish is quite a success. Jessie is making money through her Youtube channel and sponsored posts on her Instagram account. Jessie’s husband, Eric, also has a net worth of around $10 million. 

Jessie’s Return To Reality Shows 

jessie james decker in dancing with stars


Jessie returned back to reality TV when she became part of the very popular dance show – Dancing With The Stars. She gave some remarkable performances but got eliminated last month. 

After elimination, Jessie revealed that she was surely left disappointed with the elimination. She desired to reach the finale. But again, she is elated with the new experience. Jessie, who has been out of TV for a long-termed her comeback as life-changing. 

Now let us tell our readers that Jessie had no prior dancing experience. But still, she managed to rock the show with some memorable dance performances.