Who Is Scott Mills’ Partner? Here’s Everything We Know About Him

Scott Mills’

The subject of Scott Mills’ Partner caused a significant uproar on the internet a long back. As a result, everyone wants to know if he is dating someone. For fans who don’t know, Scott Mills was born on March 28, 1974. He is a British radio DJ, television broadcaster, and actor best known for hosting his own program on BBC Radio 1. Scott Robert Mills has also served as a United Kingdom commentator for the Eurovision Song Contest semi-finals.

When Mills was 16 years old, he started working as a DJ on the Power FM radio station in his hometown of Hampshire after inundating it with demo cassettes. During his formative years, Mills went to Shakespeare Infant School in Southampton and Crestwood College Secondary School in Eastleigh. His current location is London.

Scott Mills

Mills’ parents are divorced, although they periodically make an appearance on the program. In an effort to quell rumors from the press, Mills came out as gay in 2001. On the broadcast, deflective remarks are occasionally made, and Mills regularly complains that he doesn’t have much luck with the ladies. In an interview, he said that all he wanted was to be accepted as a typical gay man who appears on radio and television.

For 2010, Mills was ranked number 12 on The Independent on Sunday’s Pink List. The year before, Mills was ranked as the 50th most important gay man in the United Kingdom. Who is Scott Mills’ partner, then? But first, let’s find out more about Scott’s professional background.

In addition to his radio work, Scott has made several television appearances, both as himself and as a character. He acted as Paul Lang, a reporter, in many episodes of the BBC medical program Casualty between 2006 and 2007. He also made an appearance in the BBC Scotland soap drama River City after praising it on his radio show.

Scott Mills, Along With His Partner, Sam Vaughan

In 2008, he portrayed a policeman in the Hollyoaks soap series on Channel 4. In shows like Mastermind, Supermarket Sweep, Children in Need, Most Haunted, and Never Mind the Buzzcocks, Mills has appeared.

A fellow BBC Radio 1 DJ named Edith Bowman appeared in the music television program The Pop Years, which featured Scott as its narrator. He has anchored prominent programs such as his own program, Reverse-a-Word Pilot, and the BBC’s Wednesday night National Lottery draw (which aired on the radio show). On Living, he told the tale of Dating in the Dark. He served as the host of Upstaged on the recently revamped BBC Three in February 2008. He broadcast a TV program based on his radio program called Radio 1 on Three on BBC Three.


Who is Scott Mills’ Partner, Sam Vaughan?

Sam Vaughan is Scott Mills’ partner. They are both engaged in a romantic relationship and are now dating. Sam’s age and place of birth aren’t exactly well-known facts. Sam’s Instagram bio states that he is a UK brand manager for Nation Broadcasting. He started working for Global Radio as a marketing coordinator in 2014.

scott and sam

Afterward, he started working as a broadcaster for Bridge FM and Nation Hits, two South Wales radio stations. He began as a local station employee and worked his way up to become a national radio SPI executive for seven years before accepting a position as a brand manager.

Currently, he has more than 7,400 followers on Instagram, and he routinely posts cute images of him and Scott with their dog Ted. The pair has an Instagram account for Teddy the Cavapoo, their canine companion.

How Long have Scott Mills And His Partner Been Dating?

On October 25, 2021, RJ Scott Mills, 49, and Sam, his longtime companion, announced their engagement. In a post to his 1.2 million Twitter followers, Radio 1 RJ announced his engagement. After four years, he expressed his happiness in writing that they were engaged over the weekend.

He claimed that he had never intended to get married, but that changed when he met Sam, his better half. Sam is aware of this. He loves everything about Sam since he supports him in so many ways and makes him happy all the time.


He claimed he sensed Sam might be something unique as soon as they met, and it is (after a slow start). He is overjoyed to know that they will have countless more wonderful moments like the ones they have already had. He went on to say that he truly loves him.

“The beginning of eternity,” as uploaded on Instagram by Scott Mills’ partner, Sam. “The love of my life proposed to me on Saturday, and of course, I accepted! I’ve had the most wonderful four years and am eager to carry on with our trip. I never imagined finding someone who shares my obsession with Sky News, and I can’t wait to call him my husband”, he continued.