Inside Coleen Nolan’s Relationship History – Why Did She Burst Into Tears While Talking About Her Love Life?

Coleen Nolan
Coleen Nolan

One of the most charming members with a melodious voice of the English Nolan sisters group, The Nolans, Coleen Nolan, is currently 57 years old. She, with her sisters, won people’s hearts back in the 1980s by producing the best music pieces that, even today, no one can’t stop listening to.

Coleen Nolan has also served as a continuous panelist in the ITV’s talk show Loose Women since 2000 till today. Currently, on the show, she made a heart-touching confession about her love life that left her fans in tears.

As she did not reveal the name of the one, who she was talking about, fans started wondering about her previous romantic relationships.

So here’s the curated list of all men whom Coleen Nolan has dated.

Coleen Nolan and Shane Richie (1990 – 1999)

Shane Richie, the handsome actor, and Coleen Nolan, an attractive singer, met back in the late ’80s, and after going out for some time, they romantically connected and started dating. Coleen and Shane’s relationship was one of the most glorious ones at that time, and because of their romantic relationship, their fanbase increased drastically.

In the Year 1990, they decided to plan a big, luxurious wedding. However, they suddenly eloped to Florida and tied the knot.

Coleen Nolan Husband
Coleen Nolan’s Husband, Shane Richie, and their children

As a result of their passionate relationship, they also welcomed two of their sons, Jake and Shane Jr.

Even though everything was going on very well between them, their sudden news of divorce shocked their fans, and Ultimately, it turned out that Shane was cheating on Coleen, and as a result, Coleen and Shane parted ways and got divorced after two years of their separation in 1999.

Coleen Nolan and Ray Fensome (2005- 2018)

After getting divorced from her first husband, Coleen Nolan found a new man whom she dated for years. She started dating Ray Fensome in the late 90s, and their love led them to have a daughter named Ciara.

Coleen Nolan and Ray Fensome dated for about 4 years, and on Nolan’s 40th birthday, they got engaged in the year 2005. Subsequently, in the year 2007, they also tied the knot.

Coleen Nolan and Ray Fensome
Coleen Nolan and Ray Fensome with their daughter Ciara

However, they decided to call it quits and obtained a divorce in 2018 after experiencing some unavoidable problems during their marriage.

They also assured their followers that they would always be each other’s best friends and that they would always co-parent and adore their daughter Ciara.

Coleen Nolan and Michael Jones (2021- 2022)

Coleen Nolan found the person who quickly stole her heart while swiping right and left on Tinder without placing any expectations or hoping for any luck.

Michael Jones, who also recognized Coleen because of her worldwide fame, was not sure if he should swipe her or not; however, eventually, he did and then went on a 6-hour date at the Pub with Coleen.

Coleen Nolan and Michael Jones
Coleen Nolan and Michael Jones

Coleen Nolan, a singer, and Michael Jones, a logistic executive working at the supermarket, kept their relationship private for 6 months, as they met several times before the covid lockdown.

Subsequently, in the year 2022, after dating for about a year, they announced their break up. Coleen stated that they would remain close friends, and she is also looking forward to finding someone new in the future.

Coleen Nolan Opened Her Heart Out About Her Past Relationships

As a panelist in the ITV’s show Loose Women, Coleen often gets a chance to discuss her love life and personal life on screen with her co-stars and her audience. As she always shared her happy and intriguing memories of her life with everyone, it was odd of her when she burst into tears while sharing about her past relationships.

She did not mention anyone’s name whom she dated or married previously, but she shared how it was for her to be in love with her previous partners. She said that she loved them more than they did, excusing their no-so-good behavior towards her.

She said that she loves being in love, but it seems that during her past relationships, her feeling of unworthiness never made her feel okay being in love, even though she always tried her best.

Coleen Nolan Loose Women
A still from Loose Women

Everyone who was watching her after her emotional speech was moved by her and wanted to comfort her for whatever challenges she may have to face in life.

Later during the talk, she also mentioned that the one whom she met became happy and led her to change her perspective on unworthy love.

She said that this time she met someone whom she pushed away a lot, but he kept coming back for her. Coleen also mentioned that she is finally feeling worthy of love and being in love with him is a marvelous experience for her.

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