Alyssa Milano Creates Online Storm Over Her Tweet- Who Is She And What’s Her Net Worth?

Popular American actress Alyssa Milano has invited wrath for herself due to her recent tweet. Alyssa has always been known for being quite vocal, and she doesn’t mince her words at all. But this drama has created a huge stir, with people bashing her for her ignorance and ill-hatred for an influential personality.

Alyssa posted a tweet targeting Elon Musk. Elon is indeed one of the most trending and powerful people in the world right now. After becoming the owner of Twitter, he has managed to rile up many people. Alyssa Milano happens to be one of Musk’s critics who have been left disappointed with Musk’s takeover of Twitter.

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Milano’s tweet was her announcement of the decision to trade her Tesla for another car. She has accused Musk of being a white supremacist. And it was against Milano’s principles to be a consumer of a company that aligns with hate and prejudice for others. Well, everyone can have their own opinion. So what really invited online trolling for Milano? How could a simple decision change her car create a social media storm?

How Did The Drama Unfold? 

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Alyssa Milano’s controversial tweet has triggered many people

On November 26, 2022, Alyssa  Milano tweeted that she was giving back her Tesla. She was trading it to purchase an electric Volkswagen. The popular actress, who has been part of iconic TV series like Who’s The Boss, Mistresses, Charmed, etc., turned Twitter into a battleground with her tweet.

Milano further added that she is surprised how advertisers could be buying space on Twitter. While she didn’t directly name Elon Musk in her tweets, she mentioned it clearly that Tesla was aligning with hate and white supremacy. This business model of hate is garnering them success which was extremely disappointing.

The tweet has got more than 55k likes and 7k retweets. But the main drama is unfolding in the replies. Upon writing this article, the tweet got nearly 70k replies. People are mostly blasting Milano. People started accusing her of being a hypocrite and merely doing selective criticism.

Is Alyssa Milano Being A Hypocrite?

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People are replying to her with hate and trolling. But many are trying to educate the reality. Though Milano was quick to ditch Tesla for a Volkswagen, she missed a crucial detail. Milano failed to go through the history of Volkswagen.

This car company commenced operations in Germany in 1933. The Nazi rule was at its peak at that time. Adolf Hitler laid the foundation of the company. Volkswagen was often described as Hitler’s pet project.

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So Alyssa Milano should have done more research before taking this decision. Her decision sounds hypocritical and out of hatred for Elon Musk. Well, detaching from a business that is promoting white supremacy, according to Milano, but at the same, promoting a product that was the pet project of Adolf Hitler does sound amusing.

Who Actually Is Alyssa Milano?

Alyssa Milano has acted in several sitcoms. This American actress gained popularity in the 1980s due to her sitcom, Who’s the Boss? She won a dedicated fan following due to this sitcom. Afterward, she went in to star in multiple television shows and telefilms.
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Other memorable works of hers include the sitcom Romantically Challenged. She also did a few films like Hall Pass and My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend. Her last popular show was Insatiable (2018-2019).

Alyssa Milano’s Net Worth 

Alyssa Milano’s Net Worth is around $10 million. Since she was a popular TV star, so she got paid a handsome amount for her stints on TV. For instance, Alyssa was paid around $90,000 per episode for the Charmed series. So by the end of all the seasons, she had raked in almost $2 million.

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In 2017 she got into huge trouble when she came to know that her accountant had messed up things. Milano thought that her finances were well managed, and as a result, she didn’t pick up too many offers. But later, she got to know that due to her business manager and accountant’s mistake, she was in huge debt.

Milano sold her West Hollywood home to make up for the financial loss she faced. Right now, things seem to have stable for her. She lives in a plush property in California. She bought this in 2001 for almost $1.6 million. She is also the owner of a condo in Los Angeles.

Alyssa Milano’s Viewpoint

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Milano, in a media segment, revealed the reason for her immense hatred towards Elon Musk. She said that Musk had been accused of sexual misconduct. She feels rattled to know that she paid millions to purchase a product of such a person. The hypocrisy was killing her. That’s why she couldn’t drive Tesla anymore.

Milano says that most billionaires annoy her. But she has a special hatred for Elon Musk, especially after he acquired Twitter. He bought Twitter to spread his propaganda and destroy the bluebird. Why couldn’t he spend the $40 billion on something productive? Imagine the positive outcomes if these billions of dollars went to UNICEF and helped them fight issues like hunger etc.

Milano’s view is true to a certain extent. Musk could have given thought to utilize the money for something productive. The world is reeling under so many issues. And the money could have perhaps helped to deal with at least one of them. But again, do we, the public, have a say on how an individual should be spending his personal wealth?