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The Tragic Death Of Sean Taylor- How Did This Young NFL Star Die?

Fans of Sean Taylor have been pouring tributes to the young player on his 15th death anniversary. But they were left disappointed with the unveiling of his memorial. The Washington Commanders who unveiled the memorial could not live up to the expectations of the fans. It has been 15 years since Sean Taylor left the world.

It was supposed to be an emotional moment as Sean’s memorial was to be revealed in front of all. But it has left fans, and lovers of Sean disappointed. In fact, many are lashing out at Washington Commanders. So what really went wrong?

The young and enthusiastic boy was just 24 when he was shot dead in 2007 in a burglary attempt. Taylor was regarded as one of the finest gems that the NFL produced. He would be appreciated for his agility, strength, and hard-hitting abilities. His death was shocking, and the whole nation gathered to pay tributes to the star.

sean taylor miami

Fans attend the memorial installation of Sean on his 15th death anniversary.

Sean Taylor Early Life

Sean was often named the top County prospect. His skills were unmatchable. He was short-tempered too. He got so enraged with his opponent, and his one move ended up knocking off the boy’s face mask and helmet. Sean kept on winning laurels due to his skills. Soon he got the chance to become part of the Florida All-Century team. It had the finest players from high schools in Florida.

 Career On A Go

sean taylor redskins

Sean’s skills were unmatchable.

His career kept on progressing with time. He got the chance to become part of the Miami National Championship team. Sean’s expertise lay in the nickel and dime defenses. Sean performed very well in the Fiesta Bowl. As a result, he got the chance to become part of the All-Big East team.

Sean was selected to become part of major teams. But Sean’s eyes were set on the bigger goal-join the NFL. He was a finalist to bag the Jim Thorpe Award. Sean’s successful play continued in 2003 as he managed to pick 10 passes and engaged in amazing defense tactics.

sean taylor killers

The death of Sean was heartbreaking for millions across the country

Sean was supposed to join the senior season, but he decided to skip it as he was inching towards his major goal- to enter NFL.

2004 NFL Draft

Sean got the opportunity to enter the 2004 NFL draft. He grabbed the honor of being the first player from Miami Hurricane to enter the draft. He performed very well in the NFL games. He grabbed an $18 million dollar deal with the Redskins. He was a star player for the Redskins. They finally had a hero who could make them win matches easily.

Sean was called Meast by his teammates. This nickname was coined to express that he was literally half man, half beast. He actually instilled fear in the opposition. Whenever he would be on the ground, he would turn the middle field into a battleground. As if no one should dare to enter his territory. Now he wasn’t only a headhunter. His hits were always focused on the goal.

Death Of Sean Taylor 

Sean was at his home when he was attacked by four intruders. They fired bullets at him. One of the bullets pierced his femoral artery. Sean had to go for the match as it was the weekend, but due to an injury, he was advised to rest. The burglars did not expect him to be at home.

Sean was quickly taken to the hospital, and medical intervention commenced soon. Since he had lost too much blood, he had to be operated upon. Though the surgery was a success, Sean went into a comatose state.

why was sean taylor killed

Fans are pouring tribute to Sean Taylor on his 15th death anniversary (Credits-NFL)

Scans revealed that he had suffered a brain injury due to extensive blood loss. It was on November 27th, 3:30 Am, when the tragic news of the young football sensation Sean Taylor’s death was announced.

Sean’s death was a shock for everyone. His football skills were top-notch. This Hall Of Famer had a unique aura and presence that would always be cherished by fans, coaches, and everyone else.

Who Were The Killers Of Sean Taylor? 

Sean’s murder sent shockwaves all across. The agencies jumped into action immediately and arrested the four men involved in the crime. These men- Venjah, Eric, Jason, and Wardlow were nabbed soon and charged with several crimes. Out of four, at least 2 confessed to their brutal crime. A year later, another suspect, Timothy Brown, 16, was arrested.

sean taylor family

Eric was the one who fired the killing shot.

Initially, there was confusion regarding the real killer. But police finally found out that it was Eric whose shot killed Taylor. After the jury was convinced about this, they announced 57 years imprisonment for Eric.

The media and public were building pressure to announce the death penalty, but Eric was only 17 when he murdered Sean. Hence he could not be sentenced to the death penalty. He was sentenced to life imprisonment later.

Why Are Fans Unhappy With The Tribute?

Sean taylor tribute

The memorial, which has now become a subject of criticism

Fans are calling out the owner of Washington Commanders, Dan Synder, for scoring brownie points by using cheap marketing tactics. Someone like Sean doesn’t deserve a cheap and ugly-looking mannequin. Many are expressing their anger on social media.

One user tweets that this weird mannequin cannot be termed as a permanent memorial installation. It is an insult to Sean Taylor’s legacy and all his fans.

Others said that they desired to see a life-sized and well-crafted statue of Sean. The statue should have demonstrated any of his favorite defense tactics in the football game. But it seems like the Commanders just randomly got some stuff and put it together to term as a memorial.

Well, the anger among fans is genuine. Someone like Sean deserved much more. Let’s see how the Commanders franchise will handle this situation and may even plan to build a new statute.

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