Christine McVie Net Worth 2022: Career, Bio, Personal Life, And More

Christine McVie is an England-born professional singer and musician. She belonged to English citizenship and is a very famous personality in the music and entertainment industry. She was born on July 12, 1943. Now, we are going to discuss the Net Worth of Christine McVie.

We are also going to discuss her Age, Height, Weight, and many more details about the artist. Christine McVie has gained plenty of fans throughout her life and also earned a good amount of money through her professions.

Christine McVie’s Net Worth In 2022

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Christine McVie has a total net worth of $105 million as of 2022. She has raised her multi-million dollar empire by sheer hard work and the correct use of her talents. Christine McVie was born in England, and she is English by birth. She has gained fans from all over the world and earned a good amount of money through her profession.

Christine McVie obtained her multi-million dollar net worth through her sheer hard work. Unfortunately, after having a blasting career in the music industry, she left her fans and followers in deep grief. She died on November 30, 2022. She was 79 years of age at the moment she died. Without her, the Fleetwood Mac will never be the same.

Christine McVie Net Worth 2022
Christine McVie in a suit (Credits: Christine McVie’s Instagram)

She joined the British-American rock band in the year 1970. She was 27 years of age when she joined the sensational band. She was mainly a singer and the keyboardist of the band. She also sang many solos and released many albums as well.

She was born in Bouth, a village in then Lancashire. It is located in the Lake District, but now it is situated in Cumbria. Here is a list of all the information about Christine McVie. The list will contain Christine’s Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, and More.

Christine McVie 2022 Profile

Name Christine McVie
Net Worth $105 Million
Profession Singer, Keyboard Player
Date of Birth July 12, 1943
Date of Death November 30, 2022
Age 79 years old
Height 1.75 m

Christine McVie’s Personal Life

Christine McVie was born on July 12, 1943. She is currently 79 years of age. She was born in a small village in Lancashire. It is currently known as Cumbria, and it is situated in the Lake District. She was born there, but she grew up in an industrial town named Smethwick.

It was situated in Sandwell, which is a metropolitan borough. She was brought up in the Bearwood area of the town. She was the daughter of Cyril Percy Absell Perfect, her father, and Beatrice Edith Maud Perfect, her mother. Her father was in the profession of a music lecturer and a professional violinist in concerts.

He was a lecturer in music at the St Peter’s College of Education. Her father also taught violin at a school in Birmingham. The school’s name was St Philip’s Grammar School. Her mother was a psychic and a faith healer. Her grandfather was also an organist in a very famous church in England, Westminster Abbey.

Her parents introduced her to the piano and encouraged her to play it. She was just four years old back then. But she never really took the study of music seriously until something happened after some years.

Christine McVie Net Worth 2022
Christine McVie with Stevie and Bill Graham in San Francisco (Credits: Christine McVie’s Instagram)

She was only eleven years of age when Philip Fisher reintroduced her to music studies. Philip Fisher was a school friend of Christine’s elder brother. Philip was also a local musician back then. He ignited the flame inside McVie to start studying music once again.

Then she continued to study music and her classical training until the age of 15. She was not finding any “kick” in her classical training. So she switched her musical center of attention to the rock and roll genre. She developed an interest in rock and roll after her brother, John, brought back a Fats Domino songbook with him to their home.

It should also be noticed that she was also influenced by The Everly Brothers in her early years. She then married John McVie in the year 1968. But their marriage didn’t last for long, as they filed for divorce and officially declared their split in 1976. But they remained professional partners after their breakup.

Then after 10 years, she married Eddy Quintela, a professional songwriter and keyboardist from Portugal. They tied the knot in 1986, but unfortunately, this marriage was also called off, and they divorced in 2003. She was suffering from a short illness for some time. And this is what caused the death of the Fleetwood Mac star. She died at the age of 79.

Christine McVie’s Career

Christine McVie Net Worth 2022
Christine McVie singing (Credits: Christine McVie’s Instagram)

She was widely famous as the singer and keyboardist of Fleetwood Mac. Apart from Fleetwood Mac, she was also a part of the Chicken Shack, which is a blues band. It was formed by Andy Silvester and Stan Webb, her friends from her art school. She was a background singer and a keyboardist in the band. She joined Fleetwood Mac in 1970 after marrying her ex-husband John McVie.

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