Tegan Quin And Sara Quin: The Queer Partners

Tegan Quin And Sara Quin
Tegan Quin And Sara Quin

The Canadian indie pop duo, identical twin sisters Tegan and Sara, led a band formed in 1998. The pair started writing songs when they were 15 years old. The first song that Sara wrote was Tegan Didn’t GoTo School Today. The duo made their debut with the song Under Feet Like Ours in the year 1999. That was the beginning of their music industry career; after that, they gave most of the indi pop hits, which the fans appreciated. 

The twins created a new record with Mom + Pop Music, reuniting them with Michael Goldstone. In 2006, Michael first signed the duo to Warner Records before departing for indie music. Tegan and Sara are open gay couples and are married.

Tegan and Sara are in a different direction in their personal lives, which they think might affect their professional life. They even look forward to making solo music albums in the future, which they had not considered in the early stage of their career. Further, Sara has a new role and responsibility as a mother. 

Queer Mom: Sara Quin of Tegan and Sara

The Canadian indie pop singer Tegan Quin’s band partner Sara Quin welcomes her son with Stacy Reader. Sara Quin posted a photo with the newborn without showing his face on the official Instagram account of the band. She captioned him as “My #crybaby,” indirectly announcing the duo’s upcoming 11th album, Crybaby

Tegan Quin And Sara Quin

Sara mainly discussed her parenting and the freedom she should give her son. As a teenager, Sara had all the privileges and wanted her son to have the same. But on the other hand, she also wants what is best for her son and to guide him with the proper parenting by teaching him what is wrong. 

The Series: High School

Tegan and Sara did most of their albums together. Tegan mentions that Sara always helps her to improve her work, to which Sara responds by calling herself the “house-flipper” of the Tegan and Sara band. However, in an interview with the People, Sara said that she wants her son, Sid, to have the same freedom she had in her teenage. She also shared her new Amazon Freevee series, High School. The series was released on October 14, 2022. 

Tegan Quin And Sara Quin

The High School series features the Tiktok stars Seazynn and Railey Gilliland, who play the teenage version of the duo Tegan and Sara. The duo relieved their teenage through the series as it has their evolving taste for music, their life’s ups and downs, and their sexuality in high school. The series is a high school drama and will show most phases of the twins’ life. 

Tegan Quin And Sara Quin
Seazynn Gilliland and Railey Gilliland

Sara Quin further stated that their parents were always busy in their teenage years and did not have time for the twins. Tegan and Sara were mostly unsupervised by their parents, which was why they were so adventurous and had freedom. She also mentions that maybe that was why they were independent entrepreneurs and followed their passion. 

The high school days were a roller coaster ride for the twins, where they discovered their sexuality and began writing and recording songs together. In 1998, Tegan and Sara signed a contract with PolyGram Records, and they were just 18 years old. The agreement, in the end, led them on tour with Neil Young. They also won awards for their music which include the Juno Awards. 

Growing Up as Queer Twins

In an interview, Tegan and Sara shared their views on being twins and what they experienced throughout their life. Tegan said that their most interacting times were not just high school but also the experience of being twins from birth till this day. She also said that having a twin is powerful, as they share their face, birthdays, and even common interest, but at some point, it was a terrible inconvenience.

Tegan Quin And Sara Quin

Sara shared her experiences on her sexuality and mentioned that she found it out in elementary school, even before Tegan did, and kept it personal as she was ashamed. She also said that being homosexual, she started to have feelings for girls in high school and was scared of what will Tegan think when she found out.

So, high school was a breaking point for Sara as she was also afraid that Tegan would be gay too, and she would have to protect herself and Tegan. However, time flew, and now the twins can proudly put their sexuality before the world. They founded the Tegan and Sara Foundation in December 2016 to advocate for economic justice for women belonging to the LGBTQ community.