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Who Is Aisha Hinds’ Real-Life Partner? Full Info

Aisha Hinds

The highly brilliant actress Aisha Hinds has acted in a number of films and TV shows. She is well renowned for her outstanding work on a number of programs, primarily those centered on crime and law enforcement. No matter whether you’ve seen her on the screen or not, you’d be interested to read about this woman’s fascinating past.

Her followers have been wondering one thing for a long time: what kind of sexual orientation is she? and many people are curious whether she is married or not. To find out whether Aisha Hinds is married, Read about Aisha Hinds’s personal life and work!

Aisha Hinds: Who Is She?

Television, movie, and theatre actress Aisha Jamila Hinds. Several television pro programs have performed minor parts. In addition to Detroit 1-8-7, she has had appearances in True Blood, The Shield, Invasion, and Under the Dome. In the historical drama film All the Way, she played Fannie Lou Hamer in 2016. 

Aisha Hinds

Assault on Precinct 13 was another film in which she appeared. Her role in the WGN America historical drama Underground as Harriet Tubman was cast.

Aisha Hinds’ marital status

Aisha Hinds, an actress, and Silky Valenté, a businessman, were married in a civil ceremony. In a lovely ceremony on the Isle of Spice, she wed him on May 21. Aisha and Silky reportedly had their wedding in St. George’s, Grenada, according to certain accounts. At the resort Silversands Grenada, a star-studded wedding ceremony was held. 

DeWanda Wise, Kellee Stewart, Alano Miller, and Yvonne Orji were among the notable guests that attended. A luxurious and eye-catching boat outing with the bridal party was part of the fun-filled weekend. Fantastic bridal photography was taken there.

Age Of Aisha Hinds

New York City welcomed Aisha Hinds into the world on November 13, 1975. Having turned 46. Aisha Jamila Hinds is her true name. Television, she started her career in 2003 with NYPD Blue. The Shield cast her as Annie Price in a 2004 episode. 

As part of Crossing Jordan, she performed. In It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, and Boston Legal, she has played several roles. She has starred in the television shows Cold Case, Stargate SG-1, Crossing Jordan, and Desperate Housewives. In Crossing Jordan, she portrayed Asmina Chol.

Families of Aisha Hinds

In the city of New York, Aisha Hinds was born. Parents of Grenadian ancestry are Aisha and Aisha. Due to her reclusive lifestyle, we were unable to find out anything about her parents. Nothing about her relationships has been disclosed by her.

Although she uses social media often, nothing is known about her siblings. Her nails are seldom painted, and she doesn’t keep any hair. In line with her feminism, Aisha has a distinctive style. She considers one of the numerous characteristics that identify her to be how she looks.  

Who is Silky Valente?

Silky Valenté is an event presenter, TV personality, and company entrepreneur. His Twitter profile indicates that he is now or has previously been associated with Sound Proof International, The Block Association, The Collective, and The Block Association. 

In addition to other things, Silky is referred to on the website of The Block Association as an “in-house event host, Renaissance person, & certainly the most entertaining man in any room.” Additionally, he serves as a master of ceremonies for official or entertaining occasions.

Meet Nigel Walker (a.k.a. Silky Valenté), the real-life boyfriend of Aisha Hinds!

Aisha met Nigel Walker (also known as Silky Valenté) in 1992 via her closest friend Jalene, claims Munaluchi Bride magazine. She was just a teenager at the time, so she was probably thinking more about dating than marriage. Aisha informed the newspaper that she had been “walking along Church Avenue in Brooklyn with Jalene” on that particular day.

He was standing there as the two of them passed in front of Nigel’s mother’s salon. Nigel pointed at Aisha and remarked, “Oh, you brought me, my wife,” to Jalene. They exchanged numbers, and sparks soared, but nothing happened for over 30 years.

Aisha Hinds' Real-Life Partner

Nigel proposed to Aisha on her birthday, November 13, 2019, after the two had reunited in 2019. They hadn’t even spoken about marriage that day, so obviously, Aisha had no clue a proposal was on the way. Even the kind of ring Aisha preferred eluded Nigel’s knowledge.

Nigel conducted himself normally on that fateful day, acting as calm as the opposite side of the pillow. Aisha couldn’t keep track of his travels since she was mired in Season 4 of 9-1-1 production. However, Nigel had a clever idea in mind.

He used Aisha’s birthday as a justification to take her on a short getaway to the Beverly Hills Waldorf Astoria. (It’s crucial to emphasize that this occurred when COVID-19 was under lockdown, so Aisha was particularly ignorant.)

She spent the whole day working on the day Nigel arrived, and Aisha’s friends shocked her when she met him for lunch at the hotel. Sadly, Aisha continued to believe that everything was a part of her birthday. 

Nigel had booked cocktails on the hotel’s rooftop for later that evening, and it was there that he proposed to Kate in front of all of their friends and family. Until the magnificent conclusion, when Aisha said “Yes,” she was unaware.

What kind of wedding did Aisha Hinds have?

The couple chose a 2022 wedding date to protect themselves from the COVID-19 pandemic. Nigel and Aisha spoke while discussing their uncompromising principles. According to Aisha, it was crucial for the wedding to reflect and celebrate the two of them. Respecting the couple’s Grenadian background, Nigel preferred a more traditional wedding.

To honor their shared passion for Grenada and to give their guests a taste of a holiday, the wedding event was held there. By highlighting Grenada’s natural beauty, they also want to “give back” to the locals and maybe inspire them to visit again. The wedding weekend included events like “boat trips in themed costumes,” making it more of an experience than an occasion.

They made sure to include Grenada’s spirit in the event at every step. Aisha even collaborated with the Grenada Tourism Board to ensure that every aspect of the event was as distinctively Grenadian as possible, from the music and cuisine to the clothing and dancing. We wanted to show our visitors everything that strengthened and nourished our love, Aisha stated.

Aisha Hinds Career

When “NYPD Blue” premiered on ABC in 2003, Aisha Hinds made her acting debut as Carla Howell (this could even be the show where she mastered the art of keeping secrets). Before “Assault on Precinct 13,” her first significant part on the big screen didn’t come until 2005.

Aisha Hinds

She played Miss Jeanette in the fantasy drama series “True Blood” on HBO from 2008 to 2010, where she appeared in only 8 of the 80 episodes that the show was made up of and was based on the books by Charlaine Harris.

In the ABC drama series “Detroit 1-8-7,” which aired in 2010, she played the role of Lieutenant Maureen Mason. As she started portraying the lesbian Carolyn Hill in the Steven Spielberg television series “Under the Dome,” 2013 turned out to be a crucial turning point in Aisha’s career.

Rumors about Aisha Hinds’ lesbianism

Is Aisha Hinds gay? was raised as a result of the actress’s secrecy and the absence of information on her relationships with any guys. Her portrayal as a woman in a lesbian relationship in “Under the Dome” is one of the hints that may have hinted to this truth.

People who still have prejudices against homosexual women point out that Aisha has a rather masculine appearance, which may mean that she favors women over men. Aisha is notorious for keeping her past relationships and dating preferences a secret.

Because of her lesbian position in the series and private lifestyle, it is unclear if she really loves women or whether this is merely an assumption. The actress seems to be single and is now enjoying the finest period of her career. Whatever rumors there may be about Aisha Hinds, one thing is for certain: she is a terrific actress who can provide a stellar performance in whatever part is assigned to her.

Conclusion –

Aisha Hinds is an American actress who is best known for playing Henrietta Wilson in Fox’s hit drama 9-1-1. She is also well known for playing Harriet Tubman in WGN’s Underground and Carolyn Hill in the Stephen King adaption television series Under the Dome.

Hinds has achieved success in her personal life in addition to her job, as seen by the engagement she announced to her longtime boyfriend in November 2020. Aisha Hind has a USD 3,000,000 net worth.

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