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Lady Susan Hussey’s Net Worth and The Reason Behind Her Sudden Resignation

Lady Susan Hussey Net Worth
Lady Susan Hussey with Queen Elizabeth II

Up until recently, Lady Susan Hussey had been working for the British Royal family for a very long period. She was one of the royal staff who was closest to the late Queen Elizabeth II. King Charles III reinstated her position upon the death of the Queen this year. Lady Susan Hussey served as Queen Elizabeth II’s right-hand woman and was also the godmother of Prince William.

A few days ago, she resigned from her honorary position as a result of an incident involving racism. The British Royal family has a history of being involved in racist actions, and their immediate reaction this time shows that they don’t wish to carry on the ugly legacy.

People are speculating as to Lady Susan Hussey’s net worth after working for the British Royal family for so many years after she retired from her position as a member of the staff at the age of 83. Her true net worth may astound many online users because the numbers are far lower than what most of us had anticipated.

Lady Susan Hussey’s Net Worth

Lady Susan Hussey Net Worth

Lady Susan Hussey

In 1960, Lady Susan Hussey began serving the aristocracy. She has been present for several events that have taken place within the British Monarchy over the years. She spent a lot of time in the Balmoral Castle with the late Queen, with whom she was extremely close. She was a member of the British Royal family’s staff with the longest tenure until her resignation on November 30, 2022.

She frequently had the task of helping the newlywed members of the Royal family. She was the distinguished Woman at the Bedchamber. She arrived with Queen Elizabeth II at Prince Phillips’ funeral in 2021 and was there at the late Queen’s funeral in September of this year. Lady Susan Hussey’s post on the British Royal Staff was reinstated once Prince Charles III became king.

Lady Susan Hussey

Lady Susan Hussey

According to estimates, Lady Susan Hussey is worth around USD 1 million. These numbers may be lower than many of us may have anticipated for someone so intimately connected to the British Monarch. We lack information on her income over the years. Therefore we are unsure exactly how much she was paid during her sixty years of service.

Lady Susan Hussey’s only source of income is her work as a staff member for the Royal family. We can only assume that after spending so much time working in the Royal family, her pay might be at least somewhat more than the average. On the other hand, Marmaduke Hussey, her husband, could be wealthier than she is. He previously served as the head of the Board of Governors for the British Broadcasting Center. Thus, this is a possibility (BBC).

The Reason Behind Lady Susan Hussey’s Resignation

Following a racist incident a few days earlier, Lady Susan Hussey resigned from her position on November 30, 2022. According to accounts, Lady Susan Hussey and Ngozi Fulani, the CEO of Sistah Space, were both there throughout the event. The latter received an invitation to Buckingham Palace for an occasion that Queen Consort Camilla had planned. The purpose of the gathering was to talk about and debate violence against women.

Following the occasion, Fulani revealed the contentious racist incident that Lady Susan Hussey had perpetrated against her on Twitter. It was obvious that Fulani was referring to Lady Susan Hussey in her post even though she first withheld the identity of the person engaged in the event and had only referred to her as Lady SH.

She disclosed the interaction she had with the defendant and characterized it as racist conduct. It was revealed that Lady Susan had spent minutes questioning Fulani about her ethnicity and country of origin. Fulani had said that she was a British national and that her parents had immigrated to England in the 1950s in response to the person’s questions, but the woman persisted in wanting to know more about her ancestry. She was being questioned about her precise place of origin by a woman who guessed she was from Africa or the Caribbean.

Lady Susan Hussey Net Worth

Lady Susan Hussey

In response to her tweets and statements, British Royal authorities reacted quickly and swiftly stated the situation. They expressed their grief over the occurrence and indicated that the guilty person had stepped down from the position.

Similar situations have been experienced by the British Royal family in the past. Simply put, Lady Susan Hussey is the most recent name on that lengthy list.

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