Is Rapper BG Getting Released From Jail? Is His 14 Year Sentence Term Finally Ending?

Rapper BG is currently serving a 14-year sentence in prison. He has been in jail since 2009. BG’s bail petitions have been constantly rejected. But then, why is he trending these days? Social media is abuzz with a rumor that he’s all set to be released early. Is there any truth behind this rumor?
Rapper BG’s 14-year-long sentence will be ending in April 2024. So how is he getting an early release? Did he file for some bail plea that got accepted? We have the answer to all your questions as we reveal the true facts behind these rumors.
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Is Rapper BG Really Out Of Jail?

The truth is that Rapper BG is not getting out of jail right now. Basically, BG’s good friend, Birdman, provided an update about the rapper. This update led to these rumors that he would be getting released early. Birdman posted on his Instagram that his old friend will be released from jail very soon, and they are going to reunite finally.
Now let us tell you that Birdman is someone who has been trying to get BG out of jail for a long time. This true friend has been advocating for an early release of BG for a long time. But his efforts have not succeeded because the judges rejected  Rapper BG’s pleas again and again. But how did BG land in jail in the first place? What was the crime he committed which led to this rigorous sentence of 14 years?
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Rapper BG and Birdman

Why Is Rapper BG In Jail?

The incident dates back to 2009 when Rapper BG was driving back from his partner’s home. He was apprehended at a traffic stop by the Orleans police. When the police checked his vehicle, they discovered three firearms in the vehicle. After more investigation, they discovered the shocking truth that two of these firearms were stolen.
So Rapper  BG was having illegal possession of weapons. He was immediately arrested and put on a trial. It was shocking for fans to know about it because BG had been gaining popularity during that time. His albums were getting popular and were huge hits.
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BG was earlier part of the Hot Boys group, but he later left the group due to some financial distress and conflict among the members. But that did not stop him from gaining success. He was getting fame and popularity as a solo artist.
So when the news of his arrest became viral, fans were in shock. Some suspected that this was a ploy. And it was just an attempt to defame him. But when Rapper BG  himself pleaded guilty to illegal weapon possession as well as tampering with witnesses,  it became clear that he had committed a grave crime.

Has Rapper BG Been Released From Jail?

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Rapper BG has tried extensively to get out of jail. But all his efforts have failed. And the recent news of him getting an early release is also mere speculation based on the post of Birdman. Rapper BG whose real name is Christopher Noel Dorsey, has filed 2-3 motions to get a release.

The first one was filed in February, where he mentioned how he could become a victim of  Covid-19 due to his pre-existing health conditions. But the judge didn’t approve the petition by stating that there were not enough compelling reasons to ensure release on compassionate grounds for Rapper BG.

Rapper BG again filed for an early reason in June, and it was rejected. Now it was clear that there was no way for Rapper BP to escape from jail before completing his sentence.

Birdman’s Efforts To Get BG Released

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Birdman has proved to be a true friend of BG.
Birdman has given an update about Rapper BG’s early release, but right now, he is still lodged in jail. A letter written by  Birdman earlier this year garnered an emotional response. In the letter written to the judge of the case, Birdman advocated the early release of BG.
Birdman wrote that BG’s release would be beneficial. He has gone through a lot of ups and downs. When he shares his experience with another young man, then that will definitely help them get on the right path. A lot of youth get misguided, and BG can provide them with an essential message, as BG does have that kind of impact and influence.
Before this, BG had made attempts to get an early release from prison; during the Covid pandemic, he filed a petition stating that his health could get worse in jail. Therefore he should be released keeping his health issues in mind. Like the judge rejected his plea stating that there was no neglect on the part of prison officials that would affect his health. Hence there was no reason to release BG on moral or compassionate grounds.
Birdman had visited Rapper BG a few days back. Birdman put a thought-provoking caption stating that people will talk a lot about you. They will take digs at you but keep in mind that you are solid as a rock.

How Did Rapper BG Attain Success?

As of now, there is no confirmed update about Rapper BG’s early release. BG is a popular rapper who entered the pop industry in the late 90s. His album Chopper City was a huge success. It helped him earn lots of fame as well as popularity. After this, he didn’t really stop and continued to release many albums.

BG was a part of a popular group-The Hot Boys. The group comprised three other local rappers. The group’s released albums were a big success. The main breakthrough for Rapper BG came when he signed a deal with Cash Money Records. One of the most popular songs on Rapper BG’s album was Bling Bling. This song remained a chartbuster. The term Bling Bling was, in fact, added to the Oxford Dictionary. It was slang meant for various forms of opulence through expensive stuff, cars, jewels, etc.

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So Rapper BG  was doing really well, but the 2009 incident brought a halt to his career. The sentence, which was dubbed as too harsh by his fans but appreciated by the lawmakers, remained a topic of debate for long.

Can We Expect To See Rapper BG Out Of Jail Soon?

As of now, Rapper BG is not out of jail. But if we look at Birdman’s account, then we do think that he will be out of jail soon. Birdman has been running here and there for a long to get his friend released from jail. And the latest update by Birdman has given a ray of hope to the fans of the popular rapper that he will be out of jail soon. Well, only time will reveal the true facts.